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About this Blog

I’m Chris Reid, and I have been riding snowmobiles since the 60’s and working at Yamaha Motor Canada for the past twenty five years in snowmobile product planning, development and marketing. Prior to lucking out and landing a ‘dream job’ developing sleds with a truly excellent company, I owned and worked in dealerships in the BC Interior. I have had the good fortune to ride snowmobiles in seven different countries and in practically every kind of condition imaginable. I stopped counting my trips to our factory in Japan after the fortieth stamp on my passport and currently maintain the position of National Manager, Product Planning and Research here at Yamaha Motor Canada. More recently, taking on the role of snowmobile product planning management for North America.

The purpose of this blog is to give me an opportunity to talk about sleds with you and affording me the privilege of sharing some of my insights regarding what goes on behind the advertising and hype. As explained in our Terms of Use, it is not the purpose of this blog to address customer service and warranty issues. We have clear procedures and a system to take care of the mechanical stuff – please visit our Customer Service Section for more details. I should also note my comments here are based on my own personal opinions. Yamaha Motor Canada is an independent distributor for Yamaha snowmobiles and while we work very closely with other distributors, my comments often reflect a Canadian perspective.

No conversation is effective unless it is two-way. I welcome your questions and comments. All you need do is click on the ‘leave a comment’ button at the end of each post and I’ll do my best to read and respond.

So, like the fine print says, keep it deep and real, don’t ask me to look up the ring end gap for your Inviter or beat on me because you baked your hy-fax on Kevlar Lake and I’ll try to keep the lid on the corporate white-wash bucket.

Cheers CR