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April 19, 2016

Simply Searching

Sled Talk has been a terrific project which has enabled me to share many experiences and insights, which I have been privileged to be a part of, during my career with Yamaha. It has also demonstrated the opportunity and value for large corporations who engage their customers on a more personal, transparent and conversational plane.

The social sphere has changed a lot since I started and things are moving forward at a frantic pace. Connectivity and the flow of information is expanding at an unbelievable rate with the internet taking over the number one position as your primary purchase influencer.

Marketing agencies and big corporations (including our governments) are scrambling to monetize the web and control the content. Companies like Google and Facebook are writing programs to track and profile our every move online. Whether you know it or not, your on-line experience is being tweaked closer to your ‘hot buttons’ with every click.

Part of this transition is the ‘opening-up’ of the corporate marketing process to social networking. The integration of blogs, forums and friend sites into their traditional vehicles is making more and more information available to you and on a more personal level. I see it as a kind of global ‘coming of age’, for the social inter-web.

So where does that leave Sled Talk and me? Good question. There are new ‘apps’ and opportunities for engagement on the horizon that quite frankly, I find overwhelming.  Remember the scene where Indiana Jones is running out of the cave with the huge boulder rolling on his heels…

I’m told in the new social world, people no longer want to read more than a couple of lines. It’s all about ‘rich content’ / video. This presents an entirely new challenge – how to ‘video’ blog. I realize it’s hard to sort through my archive to find old stories of interest. To make things a little easier, I have re-categorized all the posts on Sled Talk and changed all the titles from the ‘creative’ tongue-in-cheek to words that better reference the content.

It is quite apparent from the comments I have received, the most popular posts have been the model development stories of the different sled projects I have worked on. They are all filed together now and will be easier for visitors here to find, just scroll down the right column to ‘categories’. The stories, like the sleds, remain timeless.


cheers  cr




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9 Responses to “Simply Searching”

  1. Eric Cyr says:

    How long a new Phazer with a 100hp engine, why not return the Exciter!

  2. Steve Roberts says:

    Yup I guess that internet thing will stick around.
    Funny how your blog started out so out of the blue ,in the peripherals , tongue in cheek as you put it, now is center stage on many corporate and government platforms…….
    May multply your career possibilities and oportunities … Good
    May improve available info sharing between all parties….. Good
    May increase mainstream following … Good
    May become a finger on the corporate but scratching hand …… Oh oh
    Your intuitive writing style, the ” secret inside scoop” , the away from
    Mainstream media aspect are all personal touches coming solely from you.
    See the titles of articles …. Your Tongue in cheek , changing ….maybe Already morphing ….assimilating … No I didn’t say that….
    A lilttle c inside of a circle protects some things … Your brand if you like
    Like good music ,sometimes buffering the corporate record label influences from the recording studio keeps the beat thumping pure Rock
    Just sayin….

    haha, thanks Steve, that was deep! Your insights may take wing… cr

  3. Kevin K says:

    I agree with your thoughts on the changes that the internet has created. However I also enjoy your posts and quickly read them each time you post. Unlike the corporate sites that of course are deeply marketing the products your site provides much deeper analysis and observations. I just purchased the new Sidewinder L-TX SE and traded in a perfectly good 2015 Apex XTX that I really loved. Sites like yours provide the information that is trusted and makes the purchase decision much less risky. Keep it up!

    Thanks Kevin, it’s been a slice! cheers cr

  4. Yellowknife says:

    You sound like the senior management team at the CBC 😉

    Never forget that what’s old will become new again. All of this click-bait crap is fading fast. We’re changing from stories titled with key words for search engine’s (cause less and less people are searching for news in google) and we’re naming the web-page links of the web stories with the key words instead while trying to use ‘hooks’ in our story headlines to catch readers. Readers? Don’t I work for a broadcaster? Oh, yes, times sure are a changing is right, still waiting for that boot to hit me in the ass. We’re playing catch-up probably just in time to be left behind on the next revelation. That was a bit of a rant, but the connection is, there is a large audience who doesn’t have attention deficit disorder needing their information in 2 sentences, in fact i’d argue there is a growing audience for real depth because so much of what’s out there already is only surface deep. The key is topics of interest for the audience you want to serve. Snowmobilers are in love with snowmobiles, so you can write as many lines as you want and we’ll still be drooling for more. Short and snappy is overrated. In depth and detailed are where the hooks remain in place and you can take your time reeling in. We all have our own favourite blog post or piece of info that keeps us coming back here for more too. Your connection with your ‘audience’ is strong, and the good news is, you aren’t doing it for the ratings like so many out there. That keeps it honest and demands respect. Rich content is better consumed over a 5 course meal. If all we had to do was swallow a pill to feel full, eating would be pretty boring. Looking forward to what’s cooking next on the CR Blog.



    Thanks YK, you make some really good points, I hope the pendulum does swing the other way soon. I’ll cook up an extra special blog post for you next! Will look forward to your response 😉
    cheers cr

  5. Mark says:

    Thanks for all your posts!
    Good reading for All Yamaha Sleds!
    I just wish these Canadian winters would come back the way they were in the 1970s!


    Sorry Mark, that is one I can’t help you with but you should consider you were closer to the ground back then so it looked like a lot more snow 😉 cheers cr

  6. snoguzzler says:

    I’ve read every post. Couldn’t begin to tell you which was my favourite. You keep doing what you’re doing Please!!There is way too much of those graby headlines with no content out there. This is the steak and the sizzle! THANKYOU!!

  7. John says:

    Hi Cris

    Thanks for answering my questions here.
    How did the spring order program go with the
    Sidewinder, did it hurt Viper sales much?

  8. maggiefox says:

    Chris, thank you so much for the warm mention. I am still so proud of the cutting edge work we did together – and while it’s sad to see it come to a close, it’s rewarding to see how much the blog and community have grown.

    Lots has changed over the years, and I wish you the very best on your next chapter!

  9. Bill says:

    It’s never too late. BRP are hiring.

    Just saw an upgrade on DOO to $40. What a great Canadian success story. We need more like this.

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