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April 15, 2016

Spec Update

There is a little confusion surrounding the difference between the Sidewinder R-TX 129 LE and L-TX 137 LE models in the rear skid frame area.

Last year the 129 LE mirrored the Arctic Cat ‘RR’ which included some heavy duty bits in the skid, bigger cross-shafts, beefy rails etc. Along with special geometry and premium shocks calibrated with a distinct lean towards racing.

Based on market feedback, it was decided to calibrate the ‘RR’ model with a more ‘real world’ approach. The sled offers more bump compliance for longer days in the saddle, yet still maintains a high level of durability. The skid frame design, geometry and components are now common to all the other models. The shock calibration reflects its aggressive positioning but is not as harsh as last years setting.

This set-up has been carried over from the 129 LE to the 137 LE. The only difference in components is relative to track length. In case you wonder, the Arctic Cat RR models reflect the same direction.

I confirmed the question regarding tunnel protectors on the Sidewinder. None of the sleds come with tunnel protectors. However the new tunnel strip heat exchangers have been designed to serve double duty as the protectors. You only need to add three short aluminum pieces to the rear most cooler and you’re good to go.

Hope this helps, remember the sleds we have in the field are not final with some components mocked up from last years parts bin.

Cheers cr

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6 Responses to “Spec Update”

  1. Mr T. says:

    So the only difference between the RTX and the base model now is the shock calibration?

    Negative. There are other premium bits compared to SE / DX and the shocks themselves are top shelf. cr

  2. John says:

    Thanks again for keeping us up to date with specs on the sidewinder, any idea of build dates yet? Great video on Arctic Insider site, 2017 ZR 9000 vs 2016 ZR 9000 in half mile race.

    John I answered your question along with a couple of others above. cheers cr

  3. Mark says:

    Hi Chris,

    Thanks for the updates! You have answered all my questions.
    Saturday morning! Now off to help re-deck some sled bridges before the spring weather “kicks in”.
    My last ride of year was weeks ago.


  4. Don says:

    My question might be a little premature but since I’ve got a SW LTX-LE on order I’m wondering if you could let us know when the sleds that guys have pre-ordered might show up at our dealers? Do the early order sleds ship before the dealer floor models? Just curious since I’ve got some add-ons to put on the sled and would really like to hit the snow ready to go. I can understand if it’s too early in the game for an answer……that’s cool.
    Thanks for all of your info so far.

    Hey Don, it’s a simple question that has a somewhat complicated answer. There are several factors that determine the manufacturing timing. Generally the first BOM to be issued will get built first. The BOM’s (list of parts required) is released when final model development is complete and validated. Some models may require additional testing or calibration so the BOM is delayed. The parts procurement is triggered by the BOM timing and manufacturing schedules follow suit. Sidewinder engines are being shipped in July and some BOM’s are already being finalized. Manufacturing is scheduled to begin in August at which point unit shipping will commence. Dealerships should be receiving their first allotments by mid-September. I can’t say today what order the models will be built in and the 9000’s are run at the same time which has a bearing on the order as well. The LE models are special and basically ‘built to order’ so no adjustments are required due to dealer bookings and quite often their BOM’s are among the first to be issued. Everyone should have their machines before the snow flies this year unless something unforeseen happens. Hope this helps!

    cheers cr

  5. Bob R says:


    Thanks for writing such an insightful column. What are you thoughts on a 4th wheel kit for the LTX-LE?

    Bob R

    Hey Bob, definitely if you are going to stud your track and not a bad idea for peace of mind. I have been told that if you loose a wheel bearing, with only two rear tires, you are dead in the water. The fourth wheel kit adds a nice bit of insurance, especially if you are doing longer rides. I know of one dealer who installs on every unit they sell. That said, I have not personally ever had an issue with the stock set-up. cheers cr

  6. Martin P. says:

    Hi cr

    Today I seen a prototype sidewinder in my dealer. One thing have surprise me about this new sled. I was looking to how I can reach the chain case tensionerand I can’t figured out how we will be able. On viper, we have to remove muffler to make this job. But, on the sidewinder, no coupling parts are between the muffler and the exit of the turbo. I hope the final version of sidewinder will have a collar to easylly remove the muffler to make some ajustement on chain case easier.

    Do you know about it ????

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