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April 13, 2016

Too Little – Too Late

IMG_2009I arrived at my cabin this past weekend to find the lake with some open water in places. Several inches of fresh snow hid the fact we had already lost our base and beneath the skiff of white was spring. Saturday was the predetermined date to remove the Six Star bridge that connects our lake to the OFSC trail system. It’s a big job to remove the decking and timbers, capable of supporting a full size groomer but its part of the deal with the MNR IMG_2030(government) to have trail access. By the time we were done, mother nature in a cruel ‘in your face’ turn, went and refroze the lake and tightened up the snow as much to say ‘never count me out’!

IMG_2013About 20 guys showed up for the work party aboard quite an assortment of machines. ATV’s were the most abundant but a few poor buggers arrived on muddy sleds that quickly froze into brown blocks of ‘snirt.’ Brad rustled up a big feed of baked beans and burgers over an open fire and we all had a good time lamenting the season that wasn’t, once the work was all done.

Fortunately the conditions are still holding good in the west. I’ll be heading to the airport in another couple of weeksIMG_2025 for what is sure to be my last ride of the season. Most of the guys I talked to on the weekend are way down on mileage this year and it is showing in the industry sales figures for the first couple months of the year. I have seen inventory levels worse in past seasons but there is no doubt in my mind that we’ll be riding another rough trail this fall.

Some questions have come in on the comments side which may be best answered here:

Did the turbo engine come before the YXZ? Interesting question, chicken or the egg… I don’t think there was really a first or second. The concept was to build an engine platform that could be customized for a given application. The crank-shaft is common to all four motors but there are many individual parts that are unique to each.
I guess you could say that we were developing the turbo concept over a longer period of time and the short block followed along. Both the YXZ and Sidewinder engine early proto-typing started with a Nytro based engine (as did the Viper) and all the requirements for both applications came together in the final layout of the 998. I have no idea where the Waverunner version fits into the equation. Really it was a lot of joint work that came together in the end to yield three distinctly different engines sharing common parts, actually four when you consider the new Vector/Venture 1050’s.

Will the new YSRC roller secondary fit on the Apex? Short answer- no – the jack-shaft is a larger diameter. This is the same between Nytro and Apex. Therefore the new clutch would fit on a Nytro and a Viper but not the Apex/Vector (without extensive modification.)

I am still waiting to confirm the Sidewinder skid frame components on the R-TX LE (129) versus L-TX LE (137) and which models (if any) will come with tunnel protectors. I’ll answer when I know – in the meantime there is a very interesting post over on Totallyamaha explaining some key points on all the new track lengths and pitch. If you haven’t seen it, I’d say it’s worth a read. Kevin did a great job on researching the subject.

So back to Mother Nature – enough already, you blew it when you had the chance. Now lets get on with spring!

cheers cr

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One Response to “Too Little – Too Late”

  1. Mr T. says:

    Chris from what you are saying, I can put the new roller secondary on my Nytro! Awesome!

    Yep, but I don’t know what the assembly cost is… might be cheaper to bolt on a hair dryer 😉 cr

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