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November 13, 2015

Friday the 13th

And I’m beat. Was down in Atlanta this week with our whole snowmobile team. We had some really good meetings smothered in fine southern hospitality. Didn’t get home until late last night and faded fast into a funk this afternoon  which lead me to my browser and the sled forums. It’s always a good reality check to read what some of our customers are thinking. And its a bit disconcerting to think that I’m not the only one, I know a lot of you folks on here are reading the same threads. I’m not going to confirm or deny how big 17 (or 18) are going to be but I can say we are going through some tremendous changes internally that are sure to be reflected in our products and how we will do business going forward.

Not at liberty to go into any detail but there are a lot of balls in the air right now and I’m genuinely excited by the anticipation of them being caught, (hopefully in the end zone). Jon and Tanaka are headed overseas in a couple of weeks to tighten up some plans. Then we are getting together early in December to ride on the newest of the MY 17 proto-type products. The dates are set for some in-season market research with visiting engineers and our marketing team are working hard to tighten up the go-to plan for end of February.

As if that’s not enough, we are going through some major change to our business administration and IT systems here in Canada to offer greater communication and support for our dealers and customers.

So when I read comments about BNG and ho-hum product launches, I  take a deep breath and look around.

And I don’t see anyone here snoozing ;))

cheer cr

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