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November 29, 2013

‘Tis The Season

I don’t want to jinx the deal so I am typing this with fingers crossed but winter has apparently arrived! There are now some trail systems officially open in the UP Michigan and Quebec, several local ski hills are planning on opening this weekend in my neck of the woods and Randy is hitting the slopes in Revy tomorrow. I am really hoping no one gets too far ahead of themselves and does something silly, after-all it is still only November. Think twice and ride safe, especially on these early outings…

Our test team has returned home for US Thanksgiving from Alaska where they successfully ran durability on the first batch of production machines. It is kinda nice to know someone has already logged on over 4,000km! By all accounts everything is proceeding according to plan. The sleds will be completely disassembled and inspected for signs of wear or malfunction, reports will be written and reviewed then steps taken as required in a continuous cycle of refinement. The next stage will see field engineering focus on the 2015 model line calibration and validation, this won’t stop until the last flake of snow has melted next spring.

For those who ride in the mountains or may be planning a first ascent this season, you should take a look at this article which I found in SnoWest magazine.  Avalanche awareness has measurably increased and is having a positive effect on the safety of riders on the slopes but the danger still lurks. ISMA (our industry association) in conjunction with avalanche experts boiled down these five important points to take with you on every ride. Avalanche Safety for Snowmobilers.

I hope all of you in the USA are with you families this weekend, sharing in Thanksgiving.

Here is another peek at the animation we are working on to help explain the Performance Damper system. It won’t be long now and we’ll have some sleds to try with these magic sticks installed. Cheers cr



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17 Responses to “‘Tis The Season”

  1. Pat the rat says:

    Impressive technology,looks like pd might be the next big thing,we already got over a foot of the white gold,most lakes are frozen,i have logged 50 km on the new venture,i’m in love with the sled already,the comfort level compared to my vector is night and day,and eps is like magic,i know you had lots to do with bringing eps to the snow so a personnal thank you for this great feature,chow

  2. Yellowknife says:

    Good stuff! 4,000 km’s?!?

    I have some catching up to do. Building the unit in the A.M. Filming the build. Then i ride.

    Clothing video 1 rendering as I type. 😉


  3. Niklas says:

    Is the pd going to be availible for the viper, is it being testes by the race teams if not, why? Anyway cool to see yamaha åt duluth, great with isoc having ustream broadcasting so fans all over the world Can Watch, i know im going to, and egen i dont have a yamaha in the race im going to Watch the sweeds över there, i know its harder too broadcast cross country and hillclimb but would be fun to Watch live anyway im following the raceshow ön youtube keep up the Good work.

  4. Carl says:

    This video really explains it well. Only step left is to experience the proof in the pudding.

    I don’ want to appear sinical here. Seems like Yamaha are pushing these PD heavily. I am not complaining as I am intrigued since you first mentioned it. Could it be that the patent filling for these (20 years) are expiring soon and Yamaha is trying to maximize there ROI at this last stretch?

    Naw, that’s not my understanding. I’m the only one pushing them now because I can. Normally we would keep secret until released and available but I got permission to discuss here. The patent is tight but as they say, there’s more than one way to skin a cat 😏 cheers cr

  5. Sean wood says:

    Thanks for the video, certainly shows how the Pd enhances the ride. I really like the simulation of reduced darting. However as another poster wrote, the proof will be in the pudding. I too was curious about the patent. Appreciate all your insight and yes, winter appears to be here. The river is completely frozen, five weeks ahead of any other year that I recall.

  6. Yellowknife says:

    2014 Snowmobile Season: Episode One: Outlast Clothing Introduction;



  7. Jerry Darvell says:

    Hi CR I want one if you need a test sled I’m game 08 apex 40 th. Would love to try this out.

  8. Jamie says:


    Feel free not to post my comment just please have a look at this link.


  9. scott says:

    The Deltabox chassis flex front to rear of the animated sled got my attention. My Vector chassis flexed so much that my motor repeatedly hit the front of the tunnel. Eventually some of the rivets attaching the tunnel to the bulkhead started working loose and I had to replace a few. I think the best thing Yamaha has done in the past 5 years is to have Cat build their chassis. I hope that partnership continues to grow. It’s very good for both companies.

  10. SteveK says:

    Chris, Seems like the outlast technology might be applied to gloves, with the hand warmers and the like. Any talk of that?

    It was looked at but the samples provided by our supplier didn’t meet our approval. We will try again for next season.
    cheers cr

  11. CraigB says:

    Will there be any accessory seat for 2015 with the BNG and PD for the Vector to increase ride height for ones wanting less of a traditional seating? Or will the center of gravity be adversely affected? Push button reverse I guess would be the only other complaint about the sled out there after darting(PD will address). Keep up the great work on refining the items that matter most and utilizing tech already developed (ie EPS, PD, Vespel)

  12. Yellowknife says:

    Episode Two – the new sled – 2014 SRViper X-TX SE



  13. jerry skebo says:

    Hey CR good to see your still alive. Been a bit of time, missed your quick wit, nice. I have a 2000 srx 700 w/1500k that loves ottawa river handle bar sessions, great sled (almost vintage). Thanks for everything bud.

  14. Niklas says:

    Are you gonna skin Cat? 😉

  15. Brandon A says:

    This is off topic however, after reading thru the previous blogs the subject of Yamaha’s direction on two strokes was never really answered. You stated that your direction is clear thru 2017 however, does that direction include a new two-stroke? Or is it in the plans/discussions at all?

  16. Nathan B says:

    Might explain why we have issues with exhaust donut wear issues

  17. Low Slung says:

    Finally picked up my 2014 phazer RTX yesterday at my local dealer.Love the sound,look,and ultra high quality finish.Very compact feel to it.As for the vipers I looked at well?Plastic was improved over the prototype but the idler wheel bearings were made in Taiwan,deal breaker.Find it funny on a certain sled forum some folks can,t understand why the viper is around the same wet weight as the nytro,something I knew before it hit the showroom.Pretty sure last years USCC trick nytro front end along with the 128 skid could arrive in under the wet weight of the new viper on a current nytro.Glad I got my authentic Yamaha,not a sled with the heart of a lion in lambs skin.

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