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November 18, 2013

The Other Side of Sleddin’

CL bridge 1I thought I would share a story of the past weekends adventures. It was all about snowmobiles but nothing to do with my job or this industry. I loaded up my Kodiak with fuel, chain saw, hand tools and set out with my daughter and a group of like minded individuals to brush out several miles of snowmobile trail en route to an old bridge that has linked our lake to the main trail system in years past.

The Six Star snowmobile club supplied a large lift of rough-hewn hemlock, which was all hand bombed on board and barged down the river to the waiting cribs. At one point we had over twenty people, packing lumber, tugging pry-bars, swinging hammers and wielding saws as the old bridge deck was slowly replaced. I didn’t know many of the people I was working with but the spirit and camaraderie we shared was clearly apparent in the conversations surrounding local sledding, grooming, our clubs, and the volunteers who make the trails happen – I worked my a$$ off and it felt really good!

The last spike was banged home right at dusk. ATV’s packed up, hands shaken with a few ‘see ya on the trails…’ My day ended with my family CL bridgeand some ‘new’ friends at the cottage, chicken wings, beers, a warm fire and some good conversation. This is a part of snowmobiling that has its own rewards. The sense of community and accomplishment that follows the effort of contributing to your local trails or riding area. I hope that you also have a chance to experience the kind of satisfaction that I know I will have every time I cross over that bridge this winter…

Cheers cr


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7 Responses to “The Other Side of Sleddin’”

  1. Pat the rat says:

    Very nice to see a bunch of people getting together and helping out our sport that we desperatly love,specially someone like you taking the time from a busy work schedule to get your hands dirty,i’m also active volunteer with my club,installed over 50 stop signs with steel posts yesterday and been doing it for 10 years +,when the snow fly’s and the groomers break trail for the first time,then i hook up my sleigh full of signage to the vector and pack every post 1 by 1 for 30 km,very hard work but like you said,so rewarding when riding and seeing all the signs up for everyone to follow,good work boys and girls

  2. Steve. Roberts says:

    Hey that’s great, the volunteer spirit in the clubs needs to be rejuvenated time to time. I’m sure you added some with your presence. The competitive spirit of brand loyalty and the co operative spirit of the clubs is a part of what makes snowmobiling a unique recreation.
    There is nothing that feels better than being able to contribute to something you love.
    Teach that to our young members and we will survive with succession, if not it will be the same ol dogs doing all until the end.

  3. Yellowknife says:

    Thumbs Up!!

    Now where’s my snow???? I’m skating on the lakes instead of sledin’ on them!! As fun and cool as that is…


    May I recommend Dupont Hyfax for your rink sessions? cheers cr

  4. Larry D Lagergen says:

    It’s always nice to see people rally together and take the time out from today’s busy lifestyles to accomplish such a task. Sharing a great passion is one thing sharing it when there’s a vast amount of hard work ahead is always more difficult to achieve. That was a huge project which looks absolutely amazing, they should be extremely proud of that accomplishment as many will enjoy the fruits of their labors. Much can be said for this blog CR as we all enjoy reading and following what’s happening in Yamahas World, your our back stage pass to some insight and we appreciate all your efforts that you put into this blog….Great Story btw.


  5. Iveyrider says:

    We who have been riding since the mid to late 60’s already have a great appreciation and connection to the sport. But being a club member and a part of these sorts of outings really amplify “The other side of Sleddin”. Cudos to all who try and make a difference.

  6. Hans says:

    I have ben reading all the comments and must agree that belonging to a club and helping to build something like this is very satisfying. I would also like to make mention of all the unseen hours that would go into a project of this scale behind the scenes. As all of our trails run across either Crown land or Private property there a lot of negotiations that go on to get to the building stage. If anyone has ever had to deal with government they can tell you that before anything is signed a lot of paperwork must be completed. Thanks to all the people in the background that had a vision and would not let red tape stop them.

  7. Bosco says:

    Chris, please shed some light on the compatibility of the DuPont Slides with non fully clipped tracks, looks like we got your selves some confusion. Thanks !

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