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November 1, 2013

PD Animation

Got a taste of the Performance Damper animation video we are working on so thought I would post it here ahead of the game. And only a day late for Halloween!

PMD_Pitching 3Mb

The quality is pretty lo-res compared to the master file but you’ll get the idea. We will have two more parts with an audio track in the final version.

cheers cr

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12 Responses to “PD Animation”

  1. John says:

    Will these be available for the Viper? I tried the demo at the show and I was impressed.

    Not the Viper this year, down the road? more than likely!
    cheers cr

  2. Carl says:

    “Revs your heart”

    Did I miss something or is this Yamaha’s new tag line?

    Depending on price but I would love to install these on my Apex. Not sure I like the rear one being exposed like that. I guess there no other place to place it?

    Most astute observation Carl … YES we have a new tag-line – ‘Rev’s Your Heart’ is our new global mantra, coming to a magazine ad near you 😉

  3. Daranello says:

    Interesting, but wouln’t adding mass to the far ends have a negative effect on handling vs. the gains in suspension performance?

    Why not use some carbon fiber, its both light and strong?

    (we both LOVE mountain biking and there is a noticeble differnce between aluminum and Carbon fiber bike with the same specs)

    I’m sure this has been debated, would love to hear Yamaha’s views

    Technically, you are correct, we certainly dont want to add mass. The dampers mounted weigh approximately 1 pound each, the benefits should outweigh the small penalty. Carbon fiber is a whole other discussion… comes down to ‘strong – light – cheap’ you can only have two 😉 and yes, it has been, is being, debated. Cheers cr

  4. Pa Sledhead says:

    Nice, Price it right and get them to the dealers. I’ll give them a try.

  5. Jason says:

    Neat little video
    But I think maybe more people would be interested in
    In the carbon fibre topic.
    This I can see yamaha doing in the near future
    As they must be watching the car and bike market
    Have success with it only nature carbon fibre
    Hits the sled market (factory built ) as long as yamaha
    Can keep price below the current Apex price.

    Revs your Heart I can just see this stirring the pot at Ski–doo
    Keep up the good work CR.

  6. snoguzzler says:

    I watched the video and can’t help but think that the sled is flexing front to back yet we are mounted the dampers sideways. Wouldnt it be more beneficial to mount them front to back?
    I hope the new logo grows on me, I cant say I’m in love with it yet.

    Don’t take the vid to literally, the point is the sled is full of movement, most of it high frequency re vibrations (shaking) that resonate throughout the frame to the point of affecting handling. I am looking forward to a joint test in December to really evaluate the effectiveness on our sleds. I’ll post my findings and personal opinions once I fully experience.

  7. Ike says:

    Really don´t see the point on this damper. Atleast on our side of the pond. The groomed trails are so few and far between here, so ANY extra weight is just not good. Added extra weight on both ends of the sled just seems all wrong. I know the snowbuildup is probably worse (under tunnel exhaust)add-on, but why just not make the sleds better from the start?

    Or does this app really make the sled so much better?

  8. SteveK says:

    Chris, So now that you are representing a combined US and Canada snowmobile product why is it that only Canadians have new Vipers. Lots of them up there, none down here. Did we do something to you?

  9. Hans says:

    I would just like to make a comment on Ike’s comment. The way that I interperate the video in my mind I would think that the rougher the terain the more effect that the dampers would have on making the sled more manageable. This is only my take from the video, please chime in.

    That does stand to reason Hans, the validation reports I read showed the biggest benefits in the rough stuff during cornering. I am really looking forward to putting some time on these in the near future so I can make my own decisions… cheers cr

  10. Brady says:

    I just have one question. Are we going to see a new mountain sled soon? Just yes or no would suffice. Thanks, Brady

    ah hem .. maybe 😉 cr

  11. Ryama says:

    I’am making the assumption these will be available as a kit to install on a Apex. My question is when, and what price point are we talking here?

  12. trailcruizr says:

    Just a friendly reminder Chris (and everybody else) that snowmobile trails were never meant to be one’s personal snowX track. If you’re lifting ski’s in the corners you’re going too fast.

    Join a club!

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