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August 20, 2013

Cryptic Promise

Well I had two good weeks with family at the cottage, been back for two days and already the time off seems a distant memory. In my absence, quite a bit has transpired. I will be heading for the airport tomorrow to meet with one of our most senior engineers and learn more about some new technology I sampled last spring in Japan.

We have decided  to apply the system to snowmobiles and I have been asked to develop the information foundation for communications purposes. We don’t plan to have this in production for at least another year but in a real change from the norm, we will be testing it in the market this winter without the regular veils of secrecy that surround most prototype projects.

I have always wanted to  offer some new development information on Sled Talk before going mainstream within regular communications but have always been thwarted by official embargo dates and the evil eye of our internal protocols. This time, I believe I’ll have the opportunity to offer a ‘you heard it here first’ story, before seeing it on our web-sites or in the media…

So what is this new technology you wonder? Well it is interesting, controversial and somewhat hard to describe. That said, it definitely works according to my ‘bun-o-meter’. I intend to elaborate early in September, once I have the opportunity to really gain the understanding of how and why it functions as it does. So it’s off to the airport I go. Stay tuned!

cheers cr

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