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January 2, 2013

Happy 2013!

A belated best wishes to you for the New Year!

Today is my first day back at work since the 21st and man, could I use a swift kick-in-the-butt to shake off the ‘holidays’… on that subject, here is a little gift that I received from one of our guys. I have this perched in front of my monitor and it serves to keep me focused (well that is the intent), no further explanation required or forthcoming lol

I didn’t get much snowmobiling in over the holiday as the lakes aren’t tight and trails around the cabin aren’t yet open. On the bright side, I was able to get some trail time on the mountain bike (thank you Santa-me for the new, all carbon ride) and it is looking good for the season to go full green in the next few days. Reports out of Quebec are amazing with excellent snow conditions which spill into eastern Ontario.

Pete sent an encouraging email this morning. right now the whole country is below freezing and 99% snow covered. I can’t remember when was the last time the whole dang country

was experiencing winter. Not meaning to jinx the direction but this is very cool (pun intended).

The rest of this week will be spent getting ready for a meeting of the minds as we have several guests coming from YMC on Monday. We will be working on snowmobile planning all week and the idea is to get them out on the trails weekend after next.

We had a major internal announcement this morning which I thought I would share. YMCA, like YMUS, is essentially, a wholly owned subsidiary of Yamaha Motor Company. Since our companies inception in 1973, we have always had a Japanese president. Our corporate staff is comprised of both Japanese ATP’s (assistant to president) and Canadian VP’s, who lead the decision making protocol, responsible for the success of the company.

Well our current president, Mr. Hank Fujita has announced his return to Japan this month and his appointed successor is one of our current VP’s, Mr. Peter Hastings. Peter is the first Canadian president of Yamaha Motor Canada! This posting is both a sign of faith and trust from the mother ship and is another indication of new Yamaha corporate philosophy as we evolve to continue moving forward in the North American marketplace and around the globe. Congratulations Peter!

In closing, the OFSC circulated a media release from our provincial police which most certainly applies to all snowmobiler’s, regardless of where you live and ride. Again, I know you guys don’t require the lecture but here’s the blurb, as a wise man once said… you can teach a little common sense, but you can’t fix stupid! Be safe. OPP_OFSC BePrepared MR FINAL

cheers cr


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25 Responses to “Happy 2013!”

  1. Magnus says:

    Hi Chris! Oh so here we go again, the internet is full of rumors of whats coming in 2014. Its funny though, to read about peoples expectations and wild guesses:) Why not announce an competition there the ones who comes closest in there predictions wins something cool:) my guess is……a new sled?

    Hey the way I figure it, if you haven’t heard a good rumor by lunch… start one!! cheers cr 😉

  2. Niklas says:

    Hello,and thanks for this great blog, lots of good info, but we need some fuel for the rumors!!!

  3. scott says:

    Dang! I was hoping you could drop some hints about what’s coming for the 2014 models. Back during the intro of the Phazer and Nytro you guys would release a photo of the sled that created all kinds of speculation. I don’t know if thats a good or bad thing? I bet your marketing dept probably has it all figured out for what’s the best approach.

    Now that the suit Polaris filed against BRP was stayed, does that have any impact on Yamaha for some new suspension innovations?

    I can’t win on the ‘give us a hint’ game. Kinda damned if I do and damned if I don’t, to make matters worse there are more people (inside) than ever concerned with what is or might be said on the internet by individual employees with respect to Yamaha. The ice seems to get thinner as the medium becomes more powerful…

    To answer your question, there is no connection between our engineering development and the patent issues between Polaris and BRP. Doesn’t affect us at all.
    cheers cr

  4. DNR says:

    Thanks cr. Great post and musings. “Like” the counter to prepro. It’s 12:40 your time so I’m gonna start a rumour. oh and I hope you get some deep stuff to bust, soon.
    All the best.

  5. Bob Hogg says:

    All CF bike..must have been a good boy last year..maybe post a photo next time.

    WOW..that is Yamaha trust..
    I can’t think of any other company owned from Japan that has done that.

    It’s great to see your product perpetual enthusiasm.

    I was one of the first of a small group of employees that moved from Fred Deely to Yamaha Canada when Yamaha took over operations in Canada.

    One life long memory I will cherish (privilege) was of travelling with 3 Yamaha engineers for the entire summer visiting dealers.(yes..a stupid move to quit too early)

  6. Larry D Lagergren says:

    Hey CR……Welcome Back
    Congrads to Mr. Peter Hastings Im sure he will be a amazing Representative 4 Yamaha.
    Yep 2014 stuff will ALWAYS BE WHAT IT IS….WHO KNOWS…lol
    Maybe a NEW 4 Stroke SRX….Bring Back The MAGIC!!!…..I’m In 4 That
    Cheers CR

    Hey Larry… You are right, we could use a little magic!!

  7. Mark says:

    Hi Chris,
    Happy New Year to you!
    Helping my club with getting the trails ready with my Yamaha 450 Kodiac ATV until there is enough snow to get out the Nytro. I’m glad I put the hand warmer on the bars.

    Nytro’s are looking good on the USXC circuit with the the “Yamaha Race Show” on U Tube. The rumour here is a 2014 Nytro with a supercharger straight from the factory.
    Any truth to this rumor??
    Cheers for now,

    Hey Mark, can’t comment on getting blown from factory! 😉

  8. Yellowknife says:

    I am eagerly awaiting the dealer show. I plan on sneaking into Jason or Doug’s suitcase. One of the 3 I have may be going up for sale – I don’t know what’s coming but I am hoping for an offering that will suit my needs!

    Happy New Year!

    … so what track length is it going to take to keep you happy? cr

  9. 7 skulls says:

    Great to see a new blog entry CR.
    My outlook on 2014 is simple: new chassis + lighter weight = spring order
    spring order + work = no time to ride
    Enjoy the CF bike. Even got some of that stuff on my yfz, aftermarket of course.

    Thanks Skulls… I like your formula 😉 cheers cr

  10. Low Slung says:

    Happy new year Chris.I remember reading the first edition of the 10 years of yamaha four-stroke sleds 2 years ago http://www.yamaha-motor.co.jp/global/consumer/4st-snowmobiles-10th-anniv/edition1/tech-talk/ One thing that stood out was project leader Takuji Nakano quote”Thanks to the yamaha advantage we have built up over the last ten years,I believe we are now ready to pursue purely,lightweight high-output performance”. Is yamaha ready to backup this tall order?Or will the specs(weight?) create fizzle instead of sizzle?

    Hey LS, I will be with Tim (Nakano) next week as he is coming here for a visit. I will be sure to remind him of this statement ;). I can’t answer your question directly but I will say the times were different when he said those. That was just prior the recession and Yen per dollar yield we have been experiencing. That said, the spirit and intent is still very much alive. cheers cr

  11. Yellowknife says:

    Funny you ask about track length. The funny thing is, a shorty with a 1.75″ lug on it can do things I never thought possible for flat land powder riders. Properly lugged for our conditions, I could go with anything from a 121″ to a 144″ – while I’ve always loved the idea of a mountain sled here, the crossovers are made so well they kinda take the mountain option out of the game, that said, 2 of my 3 yammi’s are technically mountain machines lol


    correct answer! 😉

  12. MikeyJ says:

    OK,now you have me completely confused! Earlier the fall you were passing out hints and clues that had us all salivating and hearts pounding for 2014 sleds… and now so coy and tight lipped. What’s up with that??

    Are you trying to temper our gusto and hopes for the new rides, or have the leashes been put on from ‘the mother ship’, or I’m hoping you are just getting a real kick out of us going slightly crazy over what will be the new 2014 sleds??

    When is the official release again… not sure my heart can take it much longer!

    You can help you know… a hint or two may help our affliction!

    Okay Mickey, I’m not wanting to get you all hot’n’bothered here. According to our demographic data, we sled-heads have to be mindful of our old hearts lol.

    As far as the leash goes, I have worn the tether all my corporate life but that has never stopped me from running to end of my chain and barking! So – regarding 2014 – one word = ‘genesis’ cheers (woof) cr

  13. Mr. T says:

    “Genesis” you say! That hint tells me that there is no 2 strokes only 4 strokes. Got to love the guessing game!

  14. MikeyJ says:

    Alright then,

    a beginning or origin of…

    This could of course mean alot of things as related to 2014 sleds. The obvious being a new 4-stroke motor from the blue, now seeing how we have the bases covered with the 120, 130 and 150, a new genesis can only be higher (maybe a 170 or 180) and my guess would be a stock supercharged Nytro!

    Of course, one could interpret the ‘genesis’ or origin as the first snowmobiles Yamaha made back in the late 60s, they would be 2 stroke twins… could we be looking at a possible return of a 2-stroke into the lineup. A new light weight and high-powered 2 will get us back into the weight game that’s for sure.

    I’ll bet money on the Genesis 170/180 and hope it happens. Of course, this is all conjecture based upon a hint, ‘genesis’.

    There, I’ve done my part on stoking the fire behind the rumors… looking forward to seeing the new sleds later this winter!

  15. Brady says:

    Chris, Good to see you back on this blog! I can’t wait for the new 2014 sleds so we can see what rumors are right, if any at all! Exciting stuff anyway! I do hope that Yamaha doesn’t ever sacrifice quality and reliability for weight or any other reason! I am tired of towing other brand 2 jokes out of the back country! I’ll take a “heavy tank” over the others any day, because a tank implies “Hard to Kill”! It’s funny when we head out for a ride and everyone laughs at me for riding a Nytro MTX, but I go were they go, do it on less fuel with no injector oil(yes even against the new e-@#$@), and end up towing one home at the end of the day because no one else will! At the end of the day I always have the last laugh! I would like to see something new, I love new technology! But I believe Yamaha has the best on the hill, might not get up the hill first but it will definitely get you home at the end of the day! Keep up the good work!

  16. SXV says:

    Hi Chris, nice to have a new post on the blog. Even if I’m not in the market for a new sled next year, my Nytro XTX will have to do for some more years. I changed oil today and had the shocks revalved earlier so now it is ready for the snow.

    Regarding rumors and Genesis, could it be a new 750? I base my guess on the old Yamaha bike the FZ750 that was the debut for the Genesis engines as I understand it.

  17. scott says:

    Genesis: the origin or coming into being of something. That could definitely mean a new model.

    I heard a rumor that Yamaha has one of the Karpiks helping out with the new sled. I sure hope that is true! Let the guys on this continent create the concept and develop the new sled and let the Japanese figure out how to build it. I was told years ago that Tom Berkley who owned the Eureka Lodge back in the 80’s and early 90’s here in Alaska was one of the main Yamaha engineers who created the original Phazer. That was of course a huge success for Yamaha. I still remember seeing his ’84 Phazer parked outside the Lodge. It was stripped down and had a longer track. I hope “genesis” is to mean a new corporate attitude and methodology in the sled division to design and build new sleds.

    Probably reading too much into that? : )

  18. pat the rat says:

    hey,chris,how are you,i will be in the market for a new sled next year,now i cant wait to see what’s coming,i sure hope the vector stays in the line up cuz i absolutly love mine,my wife wants my vector cuz the phazer doesnt have enough power for her anymore,so she gave me the green light for a new sled,i am not expecting big changes with the vector since its such a dream on the trails,but i’m open to new thinking,good luck with the new release,keep hinting us,its exciting

  19. Yellowknife says:

    You had me thinking one new model this year, with more to unleash over the next few years to come. hmmm, now you have me thinking a new string of models under one chassis.

    This is fun and exciting! lol

    P.S. I sold the Phazer. I thought about it for awhile, had to actually think about which of the 3 I wanted to sell. Sad to let it go, and it wasn’t easy!! It was my first four stroke snowmobile, I kept it into its seventh season! SEVEN!! I NEVER do that! I got rid of all my 2 strokes in as little as one year and one time I kept one for 4 years. Here’s the ad to the phazer for kicks: http://yktrader.com/classifieds/details?AN=23418 think i write a good ad? It sold in half an hour. (helps that it was priced right – I had 3 guys who wanted to auction over it, that’s nuts) 6 full seasons and I sold it for just over 33% of what I paid for it. With 14,000 km’s, I’d say not bad.


    I am not surprised re quick sell on your Phazer. There is no question the Yamaha has the best resale value of all. Funny thing – when asked, most buyers rank re-sale value very low in their initial purchase decision.

  20. Mr. T says:

    Chris I think buyers rank resale value low because the loyal Yamaha fan plans on keeping their sleds a long time.

    Good point, however the data I am looking at is from all brands equally! we all know the smart guys are already on Yamaha 😉

  21. charleyc says:

    YZR-M1 engine would be just perfect…

    Cheap to! 😉 cr

  22. Scott says:

    Okay, having to be stingy with the hints do ya? One question… Will one of the new Yamahas be green?

    Nope, no green Yamaha’s, no yellow neither.. blue is true

  23. Tyler says:

    I am very interested in what the survey data is indicating. It would be nice if you could give us some insight in a future blog post if possible :). I’m sure not everyone is looking for 200+ stock horsepower! lol 😉 I know take part in any online snowmobile survey I come across.

    I love all these rumors too! Please keep the hints coming. It’s like a second x-mas every year when new models com out.
    Whatever is coming from Yamaha I’m sure it will be great. I think my biggest hope is for a nytro with an undertunnel exhaust from the factory to open up the rear of the tunnel behind the seat for more storage options. 😉 Kind of sad to think that after the years for tweaking the Nytro to a point where all the little issues have been ironed out and MAYBE it will be replaced. LOL! If so… please remind the engineers not to forget where they left off! Little things like good hand warmers and oilite bushings sure go a long way!
    Great to hear that there is something in the works. Good work on the blog Chris! It sure keeps me interested!

  24. Todd says:

    The new Sledheads issue is out and has Chris Brown quoted as saying he is giving direct input to Yamaha to build the ultimate mountain sled. So…I trust you guys are going to build it…is that Genesis…”the beginning”?

    155″ and I am a buyer next season…

  25. Anthony says:

    I’ve been riding Yamaha sleds all my life and always tough they were the best out there. That being said, we really need a new platform tough. I’m convinced we have the best engines but some downsides have to be corrected to keep us on top of the podium. Hope Yam comes out with new platform with bigger fuel tank capacity for 2014. We need at least 40 liters on the apex and the Nytro.

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