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November 28, 2012

Powder envy

Thinking we should all live in the mountains. I have been  seeing some pretty exciting pics from friends who are fortunate enough to hold up in the west. Check out the November snow that DNR gets to play in. And the resulting oops of a random brain fart. Randy has also been hitting hard already in Rev’y.


Kinda makes you want to go play does it not?

I was reminded this morning of a little project I did last season and meant to pass along as a tip for anyone still running our older two stroke / trailing arm chassis. I mounted up a pair of the dual keel Tuner skis to my 2000 Phazer and was very pleased with the results. The steering effort was good, there was less push and much less darting. The mod was simple, all it took was a longer bolt (I used the standard A-arm spindle bolts PN  90105-10070) and scrounged up 4 flat washers with 10mm ID holes to shim between the saddle and spindle axle. The original ski rubbers were retained along with the mounting bolt nuts, (of course I used a fresh cotter pin ahem) and applied a gob of grease to the bolts. Now if I could just figure out how to mount a set on the Bravo…

Our brass is all overseas right now for some meetings with top management. This is an annual planning review with lots of big picture stuff covering all or our products. One item on the agenda is of particular interest to me and I think it will impact our snowmobile business  in the coming months, but more on this later. Meanwhile we are sitting fingers crossed, waiting for the season to commence fully, with the hopes of open trails and renewed sales after last years dismal finish.

We had a nice dump of snow at home on the weekend and it wasn’t long before I saw sled tracks on the shoulder of the road leading off into some farm fields. I say it every time this year and knowing that I’m preaching to the choir but: Think twice before heading out on your machine. Wait for the trails to open and take extra care off-trail with the limited base this time of year… play safe!!  cheers cr

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November 12, 2012

Maytag Men

So the thought crossed my mind when this pic showed up in the in-box – ‘why would an Easterner really need a supercharger to get the most out of their sled’?

Now I remember! This was taken over the weekend in the Gaspe region of Quebec and sent in through our dealer Abel Denis Huard with the simple  caption ‘we’re riding’. Gotta love it.

I was watching the CBC news a couple days ago, when the anchor spoke of an explosion in Valcourt Quebec. Turns out the big bang happened at the BRP  (Skidoo) R and D center, badly injuring a couple of people.

There were no details on what caused the explosion. I don’t know if they do any engine development there – okay, you are probably guessing where I am going here but I am going to take the high rode and leave it alone 😉 – Respectfully, I hope all the people involved are okay and will soon be home with their families.

We have a large contingent coming up from the USA on Wednesday and I’ll be locked down for a few days as we review and discuss our snowmobile mid-term plan and accessory development strategies. The service division is also involved with a meeting on the agenda for Friday to review all the outstanding service issues. I think they are actually going to end up playing darts in the service shop and lament the lack of  NHL this season lol.

Spent a bit of time on Toyallyamaha this morning, quite an interesting read (all 6 pages) started by Murse who is ‘Sick of all the hype’  Good one buddy, everyone pretty much stayed on topic right up to where you brought it home. I took the big picture as clear indication that the season is about to start… let the games begin!  cheers cr

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November 7, 2012


Wow, never a dull moment. Just heard Suzuki has filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy in the US. Guessing about now the guys over at Arctic Cat are having no regrets of parting ways with the big S. The dust is settling now on the US presidential race with Obama at the helm as another hurricane is vectoring to hit New York again, unbelievable!

We got out of Dodge last Tuesday amid numerous flight cancellations and delays as the storm was hitting the east coast. Fortunately we were headed west to LA and ducked the bullet. Speaking of which, while in LA, we (the Gaijin product planning team) got to blow off a little steam one evening at a local target range. The highlight of which was a brutish 50 cal S&W side-arm that served up a heaping, helping of intimidation…

Our meetings went well with lots of time spent on the ‘informal’ product plan and a solid kick-off of the 2015 model color and graphics project. It appears we are finally going to be able to expand the canvas for the designers so-to-speak and start applying some bling to the plastic side-panels which has really limited the available real-estate for graphics in the past.

Orders for our new Supercharger kits are coming in stronger than expected as well as the Vespel impregnated hyfax we introduced last year. We have just committed to another tool to make sure we have enough sticks to cover the demand this season and I suspect our friends at MPI are keeping busy, building the additional boost kits.

Reports of snowfall are coming in from all over the country. It won’t be long now!

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