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October 12, 2012

…Yamaha Riders – Ride

Well we’ve had a little snowfall in just about every region that cares about snowmobiles. I have a gut feeling that we may be in for a good winter this year. Last winter I said I was going to keep my Apex SE. I lied. I am happy to announce that this year I am going to ride… drum roll please, another Apex SE. And that’s a good thing in my books ’cause its still a hard sled to beat on the trail. I like what the guys at OSM have to say regarding the tenure of our 4-cylinder sleeper in the face of all the latest bangers… here’s a snippet.

The show season is upon us here in the east with Quebec this weekend and Toronto next weekend, we will officially kick things into overdrive. Next biggy on the list for me is a trip to sunny soCal to hook up with our design team and check a clay model project before meeting with engineering to discuss a couple of pending items. Somewhere between then and now I’ll have to pull the boats out of the water, winterize the Waverunner and dust off the old sleds hiding under my cottage… sound familiar? I love this time of year.

I came across an ad in a magazine that stopped me dead in my tracks. Stared at itย for a couple of minutes, read the fine print, put it in context then asked myself again – ‘What the heck were they thinking??’ Let me preface the image with this. I am on record as saying I have utmost respect for the marketing machine at BRP. They know their snowmobile customers well and they know how to create sizzle around their products. This is why I was caught off-guard by this ad. If a picture is worth thousand words, this is not the essay I would want to publish about my products. LOL.

So with out further adieu, click on the thumbnails to see what I am chuckling about. Begs the question: Can you find a Yamaha snowmobiler?… seeย what I mean? No offence guys, I just found this too ironic not to share. And I don’t hold a grudge for the old doo ad showing an RX 1 with dumb-bells attached… much ๐Ÿ˜‰

Anywho, not wanting to stir up a bash-stew here but with the sled shows coming at me I need to practice up a bit on my witty come-backs. Bring rings and pistons, yeah baby – big smile – cheers cr


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11 Responses to “…Yamaha Riders – Ride”

  1. Jason says:

    Since the Apex and the Nytro have been around for some time in the same body sytle with no major changes.
    And gathering from what you had said”checking a clay model on future project” do I hear a new complete change in model design in the Apex or Nytro?
    Yamaha tends to change platforms every 6 to 7 years. so its about due I’d say..
    Am I rite?


    Sorry Jason, I can’t get into any product planning details here (not yet) don’t forget I also work on ATV’s SxS MC… loose lips ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Steve Roberts says:

    Hey Chris, nice shot on BRP ad ,you must have got charged up watching US political debate reality shows.Keeps us busy when there is no snow , no hockey,etc.Im sure you have seen the (Artic Cat commercial )Angry Ontario Snowmobiler video on you tube….I’ve got that one saved to my favourites …….I think a good mud war is what the business needs .See all the clubs in North goin down , not good ….maybe too many riders and not enough people ready to get their hands dirty is the subliminal .

    LOL re: the presidential debates, no ‘marketing’ influence there! Yes I have seen the angry Ontario Cat guy… just goes to show the power of social media. Wanna bet he’s still riding a Cat?? ๐Ÿ˜‰ cheers cr

  3. Jamie says:

    That doo article is worth a chuckle I did the exact same thing. I honestly don’t know what they were thinking or how that one got through!

    Keep up the updates Chris they are always enjoyable to read.

    Thanks Jamie, glad it wasn’t just me that noticed that!

  4. yellowknife says:

    Maybe BRP is just trying to tell the truth about their sleds in that ad?? lol

    Chris, I hope to make it to the Toronto show this weekend. I’ll be in town for meetings Thursday thru Sunday. Saw my first snowfall in Elliot Lake this year instead of Yellowknife, and then they go and get nailed with a foot of snow yesterday. Go figure. Hopefully signs of good things to come all around!


    Cool, I plan to be at the show on Friday. Check by our booth. cheers cr

  5. Low Slung(Kent Deveraux) says:

    Thats one ski-doo ad that got attention for all the wrong reasons.You have a sharp eye Chris.About that clay model you will be giving input on.Are these clay models usually life size or a scale down(model kit)size item?And are these clay models a designers brainchild or are they based around a set chassis design?(saw arctic cat copying a yamaha idea a few years ago of a trailer going to sled events with the walls displaying artist sketches of concept sleds,yamaha did this over 7 years ago)Always wonder if the powersports design world is like the automobile design world?Look at all the FRS designs toyota displayed before the final product(my brother got to drive an FRS,lots of fun).

    Hey LS, good question… I will dedicate my next post to answering as it is not a simple process. cheers cr

  6. scott says:

    I had to look at the Doo photo twice and I’m guessing you are questioning it because the guy is working on his sled? My initial reaction is he was doing some clutching work for performance reasons because it was a 440 race sled. Then I examined the pic a second time and noticed the huge rear taillight assembly so it’s just an “X” model. I’m sure you view the ads with a much different lens than most of us. : ) I didn’t have an adverse reaction to the ad.

    Any word on whether Yamaha is finally going to put the XC kit into production and finally do a real update to the Nytro? My ’12 Polaris proved to be as unreliable engine wise as we all expect 2-strokes to be but ride and handling are king. I find myself overlooking a seized crank bearing to keep my ride and handling. Is Yamaha ever going to really step things up on the 6 model year old Nytro?

    Hey Scott, sorry to hear your Polaris ride has cost you on the repair side, seriously, it sucks when a motor goes that soon. As far as the Doo ad goes, I do critique creative from a different context than most I suppose. Still I question if there wasn’t a better way to promote genuine parts than showing a guy ripping into the sled. Even more interesting is the comments on ‘DooTalk’ regarding which parts in particular are being featured on the ‘Originals’ site with big price discounts… lol
    As far as your questions on the Nytro goes, you will have to wait and see. We are planning to announce our 2014 sleds late February and there may be something there to tickle your fancy.I hope so! cheers cr

  7. Bosco says:

    Hey Chris, Soooooo whats brewin in Minneapolis, Hmmmmmm! ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Craig B says:

    What’s even more amusing is that Ski-doo still uses the ad on their Store website (http://store.ski-doo.com/). They just changed the caption to “Is this where we can find you?” which seems much more straight to the point when shopping for parts.

  9. ruffryder says:

    No Yamaha at the Puyallup snow show?

    I don’t think any dealers even had Yamaha’s there.

    What gives?

    Dunno!… I’ll check with Rob cheers cr

  10. MikeyJ says:

    My wife took delivery of her 2013 Vector LTX this week, which means… it’s time for me to look forward to next year’s purchase pour moi! I’m thinking big changes for the Nytro, a stock supercharger might catch my fancy? I was checking out a 2013 Apex XTX at the local dealer, impressive looking machine… fit and finish are second to none, with its ‘big’ engine and power it’s definitely the ‘Rolls Royce’ of snowmobiles, nah, more like the ‘Ferrari’ of the snowmachine world, pretty awesome machine me thinks!

  11. Derek says:

    So the first “real” rumor is out there for 2014….maybe this is the clay model…

    “2014 APEX SS with engine back by 4.2 CM in a new frame, inclined to the rear by 1.5 degree. the motor is reversed compared to older models. Air intakes on the front console and exhaust in front with output like any other on the right. Improved 128 suspension and no exhaust below the seat, in front like the other manufacturer…. increase durability slides and track. R1 engine with cam change and reducer with 183 hp and 123 lbs / torque at 10 400 rpm air. 53 pounds Ligther”

    This was off of the forum at ty4stroke.com Apparently pulled from a french forum where the source was a Yamaha Engineer. (Whatever that means!)

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