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October 12, 2012

…Yamaha Riders – Ride

Well we’ve had a little snowfall in just about every region that cares about snowmobiles. I have a gut feeling that we may be in for a good winter this year. Last winter I said I was going to keep my Apex SE. I lied. I am happy to announce that this year I am going to ride… drum roll please, another Apex SE. And that’s a good thing in my books ’cause its still a hard sled to beat on the trail. I like what the guys at OSM have to say regarding the tenure of our 4-cylinder sleeper in the face of all the latest bangers… here’s a snippet.

The show season is upon us here in the east with Quebec this weekend and Toronto next weekend, we will officially kick things into overdrive. Next biggy on the list for me is a trip to sunny soCal to hook up with our design team and check a clay model project before meeting with engineering to discuss a couple of pending items. Somewhere between then and now I’ll have to pull the boats out of the water, winterize the Waverunner and dust off the old sleds hiding under my cottage… sound familiar? I love this time of year.

I came across an ad in a magazine that stopped me dead in my tracks. Stared at it for a couple of minutes, read the fine print, put it in context then asked myself again – ‘What the heck were they thinking??’ Let me preface the image with this. I am on record as saying I have utmost respect for the marketing machine at BRP. They know their snowmobile customers well and they know how to create sizzle around their products. This is why I was caught off-guard by this ad. If a picture is worth thousand words, this is not the essay I would want to publish about my products. LOL.

So with out further adieu, click on the thumbnails to see what I am chuckling about. Begs the question: Can you find a Yamaha snowmobiler?… see what I mean? No offence guys, I just found this too ironic not to share. And I don’t hold a grudge for the old doo ad showing an RX 1 with dumb-bells attached… much 😉

Anywho, not wanting to stir up a bash-stew here but with the sled shows coming at me I need to practice up a bit on my witty come-backs. Bring rings and pistons, yeah baby – big smile – cheers cr


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