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September 5, 2012

Blue Moon

Well its that time of year again… the summer vacation is barely behind me and the snowmobile business is already beginning to take over my days. With Hay-Days just around the corner followed by all the fall trade shows, the meetings and preparation are in full swing.

Yesterday Yamaha USA announced a new performance kit for the FXNytro. Aimed at low altitude /  sea-level models, this latest MPI boost kit will offer up an additional 45 ponies using a super-charger along with an additional heat exchanger and some clutching / gearing calibration (all contained in the kit). MPI has worked hard on the development of this kit to ensure the quality and installation is up to Yamaha standards. We got to ride some sealevel calibrated 180kit Nytro’s last spring and it was a real giggle. The XTX, with its extra traction was the wheelie king and both models were ripping the legs off the competition…

We are still working through the final details here in Canada, but the plan is to have the MPI Supercharger kits available, in limited quantities, this fall.

The old saying to describe progress as ‘having a few balls in the air’ is likely the best way to describe our business model right now. I eluded last spring that our engineers are very busy in the background and we have made some pretty good progress over the summer. I was told recently to put on my running shoes and lace them up cause it won’t be all that long (by our standards) until some of these balls start dropping -big grin- more to follow on that later.

I know my blog has dried up somewhat over the summer (just like many of the lakes around here) with the drought of no new content but I am planning to ramp things up again as the season unfolds. I find it helps a lot to kick back in the summer and take a break from Sled Talk. I really focused on my other passions (mountain biking and my family-cottage time) but with only two races left and the water cooling down, I’m eager to get back on a sled… how about you?


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14 Responses to “Blue Moon”

  1. snoguzzler says:

    It almost sounds like the balls will be dropping for model year 2013!! I guess that makes it lucky number 13 then?
    Glad to have you back.

    Glad to be back, (heck I’m glad to be alive ;). Don’t get too excited, 2013 model year is a done deal, now 2013 calendar year is another story 😉 cheers cr

  2. MikeyJ says:

    Can barely wait for snow, although this year it’s the wifes turn for a new ride, a Vector LTX bought through the Early Purchase Program (great program this year by the way). A lot of people have been asking for a kit like this, good to see they get listened to, I think Yamaha should look at making a stock sled with the supercharger, if it meets Yam specifications then why not? It would be the undeniable stock power sled champ, something for the faithful to point out to our Doo, Pooh and Cat friends. Just saying, Yamaha marketing could have a field day with that, and imagine the word-of-mouth marketing from the die-hard Yamaha fans out there… we want it!

    Mickey, there are a lot of us that would agree with your comments. When I see the performance some of our competitors squeeze out of a turd using boost, I get all torqued when i think of what factory boost on a Yamaha engine would bring to the table… cr

  3. Wayne says:

    Good to here from you Chris,glad your summer had lots of family fun .Having a cottage on Christian Island, I understand the drought this year for the lakes. Let’s just hope for a cold ,snowy winter. BTW, just read the first issue of Snotech and the 2 articles about the lake temps affecting the winter snow and Yamahas new Tuner Dual Skis got that Fall sled feeling going through me. Lookin at a new Nytro XTX. Cheers, Wayne

    I rode on Tuners last year. I can say two things straight up: They work and they are a bargain! cheers cr

  4. pat the rat says:

    nice to hear from you,i check the blog daily so i’m glad we have new material to talk about,this is a smart move from yamaha to offer boost on trail nytro’s,should be a winner,really cant wait to throw a leg on the sleds,but i have to go thru hunting first,i will probably log about 2000 km on the grizzly in the next cpl months,cant wait to see new products from yamaha,we are due,have fun at the shows

    Hey Pat, there is a really good article in the new Dirt Trax mag on the Grizzly… still a very solid choice for a serious ATV. Good hunting! cr

  5. Iveyrider says:

    Great to have you back CR. Makes things official, kinda like gettin that first sno-mag of the season.

    P.S. Got in to Mountain Biking this spring(Novice-Beginner). Thought I was gonna have the grabber the first few weeks! All good now. Love it. Keeps a bunch of us old dudes off of the Rugby field.

    Excellent re: mountain biking, Rugby is a tough game. Cycling keeps me off the sofa!
    cheers cr

  6. Justin says:

    Glad to have more to read on the blog! If Yamaha would have one of these for the Phazer it would sell like crazy! What could we be looking at price wise in Canada for the supercharger on the Nytro?

    We recently went through a massive price adjustment in all our PandA with a goal to align our pricing much closer with the US. We are making sure any new products we introduce follow suit. That said, the SC kit Canadian price will fall very close to, if not right on the US suggested retail of $4399.95.

  7. Yellowknife says:

    super-toy. oh man, that sounds fun. Glad to see you back Chris – snowflakes can drop anytime up here now. The XTX is getting a final overhaul before warranty is out, then it’s 3 sleds strictly sitting on QDR, or is that QRD? Cheers, YK

    LOL re: QRD, hope all is well, looks like you have had far too much fun over the summer 🙂 cheers cr

  8. Low Slung says:

    Glad to hear all systems are a go for you and yamaha.Found out over the summer that the raptor700 and YFZ450 carb are two unique quads(raptor is super comfort with lots of torque while the YFZ450 is pure performance with a powerband that loves to rev).I think these quads in a sand dune is the closest feeling i have found to snowmobiling but sledding is still the top of my list as my favorite pastime.Lets hope the 2014 model year brings all new yamaha sleds that hammer the competition like how yamaha owns the sport quad market.By the way why did yamaha give up on the SMART CARB on its two-stroke mountain sleds in the late 1990s?

    SMART carb, wasn’t all that smart after-all. 🙂

  9. jamie says:

    Interested to see what Ol’Blue has up there sleve, I have passed on Yamaha ever since the 08 Nytro fiasco and patiently wait for something new and exciting. Its awesome to see them offer a boosted Nytro “almost” enough to tempt one back but remembering the handling of them squashes that. I hope whole heartedly Y comes out with something that is thuroughly tested and proven to be a competitor before it gets into consumers hands. I would love to jump back onto one as our dealer was incredible. The nytro left a bad taste in alot of peoples mouth’s especially brand jumpers like me. The faithful put up with what they have the non loyalists move on. I would love to see a stock 180 hp sled from Y with handling oh say in line with a doo 1200 😉

    Fair enough, the Nytro has evolved significantly, changing a lot since its introduction, the addition of another 45HP (and some Tuner skis) would most certainly bump it into a new dimension. I can’t say whats up our sleeve but for guys that already own Nytros and are looking to either trade up or refresh… probably worth a look… glad you are still keeping an eye on us and I agree Andy and his team are awesome re: dealerships! btw- whats a doo? 😉 cheers cr

  10. MikeyJ says:

    Hey Chris, I hope you won’t get in trouble from Yamaha HQ for revealing the 2014 Nytro with stock supercharger! That last answer you gave to Jamie looked conspicuously like a new Nytro confirmation to me??

    Anyway, I can’t believe I’m talking about MY2014 when we have over 3 months left in 2012. We snowmobilers are definitely a strange crew!

  11. ruffryder says:


    What exactly does “refresh” in your last reply mean? You mean like “refresh” their current sled with new parts? cough cough

    Yep…kinda like that 😉 cr

  12. Rich Olynyk says:

    Hey Chris it was great to get out on the “B’ trail with you on the weekend even if there was no snow and we were on mountain bikes. The cool air on Sunday morning means winter is just around the corner. Have a great fall season and hope to see you on the “B” trail in the winter.


    Hey Rich, really enjoyed riding with you, felt kinda bad I couldn’t work for you on day 2, learned a lesson about pacing lol.. that was definitely brisk on day three! Let’s make a point of hooking up for a sled ride this winter.. no flats or broken chains!!! cheers cr

  13. PhatboyC says:

    Glad to see you back. Let me winterize my boat in a few weeks and then I can start thinking snow!

  14. Travis Power says:

    I have a 2009 yamaha nytro. I was thinking about purchasing the mpi supercharger kit. I don’t have any warranty on my sled but does the mpi come with warrantly and how much maintenance is involved with the supercharger?

    There is one year on the MPI through MPI, they have a great technical support center. Installation can take a full day with an experienced technician and a good install is the key to a trouble free mod. cheers cr

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