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September 20, 2012

Crank On This

I have been in Wisconsin for a couple of days visiting our RandD center in Minocqua. It was a bit cool when I left home but no one warned me it was winter already in the mid west. Holy! I found myself in a light wind breaker with temps sitting at the freezing mark and I was still thawing out from Crank the Shield, a three day mountain bike stage race that I ran last weekend with another very cold start to day 3… I don’t know whats happening. Could we actually be in for a real good old fashioned winter? Frozen lakes and endless days of snowfall… One can only hope!!

The signs are certainly there. Heck I just found our BRP is quitting the sport boat business… no more Sea Doo jet boats. They must know the lakes are going to freeze and their boat sales along with them.

Back to Crank the Shield> It was really cool when, sitting on the start line -in the pouring rain- on day one, I exchanged pleasantries with a fellow rider who was eyeballing my Yamaha rain shell… “are you Chris from Yamaha?” Surprised, I responded ‘yes’. He went on to mention he reads Sled Talk, owns a Vector (and a very sweet S-Works carbon 29’er) and knew I was into cycling… long story short we ended up riding a fair bit of trail together over the three days and shared in some special local knowledge as we were among a very few who recognized the trails for what they represent to us in the winter… you got it, snowmobile arteries through Haliburton Ontario. Rich, if you happen to read this, hats off! It was a pleasure riding with you. We did okay for a coupla FOG’s 😉

I am still hole up in the mid-west with another meeting set for tomorrow morning before returning home. We nailed down some very important things yesterday and tomorrow should be interesting as well. These are exciting times at Yamaha and I can hardly wait for the season to start and offer some thoughts on where this may be going… but for now, loose lips sink ships. Think snow!


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September 5, 2012

Blue Moon

Well its that time of year again… the summer vacation is barely behind me and the snowmobile business is already beginning to take over my days. With Hay-Days just around the corner followed by all the fall trade shows, the meetings and preparation are in full swing.

Yesterday Yamaha USA announced a new performance kit for the FXNytro. Aimed at low altitude /  sea-level models, this latest MPI boost kit will offer up an additional 45 ponies using a super-charger along with an additional heat exchanger and some clutching / gearing calibration (all contained in the kit). MPI has worked hard on the development of this kit to ensure the quality and installation is up to Yamaha standards. We got to ride some sealevel calibrated 180kit Nytro’s last spring and it was a real giggle. The XTX, with its extra traction was the wheelie king and both models were ripping the legs off the competition…

We are still working through the final details here in Canada, but the plan is to have the MPI Supercharger kits available, in limited quantities, this fall.

The old saying to describe progress as ‘having a few balls in the air’ is likely the best way to describe our business model right now. I eluded last spring that our engineers are very busy in the background and we have made some pretty good progress over the summer. I was told recently to put on my running shoes and lace them up cause it won’t be all that long (by our standards) until some of these balls start dropping -big grin- more to follow on that later.

I know my blog has dried up somewhat over the summer (just like many of the lakes around here) with the drought of no new content but I am planning to ramp things up again as the season unfolds. I find it helps a lot to kick back in the summer and take a break from Sled Talk. I really focused on my other passions (mountain biking and my family-cottage time) but with only two races left and the water cooling down, I’m eager to get back on a sled… how about you?


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