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June 11, 2012

Hold The Phone!

My bad … Been over a month since I have updated Sled Talk. No excuses aside from really busy here, keeping my head down and focused on the job at hand. I had a chuckle from ‘Apex / Vectors’ comment re: Iwata Bound -“I hope you weren’t gagged as well”. Inspired me to start typing 🙂

On the product front, I am pleased to tell you there is light at the end of the tunnel. Our trip to Japan was one of intrigue and motivation. I sat in on meetings for ATV’s ROV’s MC’s and yes … SMB’s and what I heard left me excited and eager to learn more. Yamaha corporate has shifted its gaze from the developing nations back over to the developed countires, namely North America and Europe.

During the past three years of low economic tide the R&D focus and investment has been set squarely on the six million unit plus scooter business found in the developing nations (India, China etc.) leaving the big ticket products we so desire sitting high and dry, but that I can tell you is all about to change.

The strong Japanese Yen still presents a monumental problem for marketing products made in Japan but we are adapting and moving forward with more globalization and aggressive procurement from suppliers around the world. It won’t all happen overnight but from where I sit, I can see three years out and if all goes to plan, it will be a pretty fun ride right across the board as new products begin to roll off the motor sports lines and into our dealerships.

Who knows, there might even be a little something planned for us snowmobilers!

cheers cr


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