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March 27, 2012

Off We Go

It just struck me I have not posted anything for a couple of weeks. Things have become crazy busy since the 2013 model launch. I find myself now in preparation for a trip to Japan, where Pete and I will be hunkered down in planning meetings for the better part of two weeks. Some of it will be regarding ATV’s but we will finish up with our ideas for the next snowmobile mid-term plan which sets our path to 2016. We will host a meeting here early next week to line up our ducks and start assembling much of the required supporting data. If anyone knows what mother nature has in store for winter over the next few years, it would sure be nice if you would share 😉

I have been quite remiss in reporting on the cross country and hill-climb racing this winter. At the grass roots level, Yamaha has had some really solid results with privateer teams on board our Nytros, several of which have been proving the merit of the modified front end clip. The latest press release shows an FX Nytro going over the top of the mountain at Jackson Hole under the capable hands of Cody Malmborg. Evidently this is the first time a 4-stroke has ever gone over the top, he ended up 8th after the dust settled.  I’ve post a few pics which have come over my desk along with the press releases. 120326 Malmborg pilots FX Nytro over the top at Jackson


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13 Responses to “Off We Go”

  1. Mr. T says:

    In my opinion, for what mother nature has in store for us the next few years shouldn’t at this point keep Yamaha from bringing out new product. Maybe for the other 3 oem’s for what they did in chassis development but not Yamaha. Again this is my opinion, coming from a guy who has been a loyal diehard Yamaha rider since 1982 and wants to keep it that way. Thanks for listening!

  2. pat the rat says:

    i can tell you that its gonna snow,and snow hard in the next 10 years,this season was really odd for all parts of the snow belt,but for some reason,one of the best for me in the last cpl years,trails were in top shape here in the north for at least 6 to 8 weeks,we never had a meltdown like other seasons,6 to 8 weeks doesnt sound much but when conditions are excellent for that period of time,it makes it worth while,glad to see you’s guys are working on our future sleds,good showing for yamaha at the hillclimb,that nytro looks bad a?%$#,on another note,please hint us if we are ever going to see a v-twin grizzly,i’m in line for one if it ever show’s up,have a nice time in japan
    chow for now

  3. snoguzzler says:

    Here is a positive review on ATV’s. I’ve been looking for a smaller ATV for my young lad. I wanted an automatic and a “real” ATV not an imposter from China. Guess what – there are only two options now for “real” ones. Kawi, Polaris and Artic Cat are all sourced from other manufacturers. (I didnt look at CanAm as I cant stoop that low)So that leaves Honda and Yamaha in the 90cc range. The Honda is a 4 speed so yamaha won my business. Not that there was any real competition to start with, but I like to do my research.
    My young lad will be one happy fella on Saturday I bet!! I have a Grizzly and momma has a Wolverine so we are a happy
    Yamaha family!

  4. Yellowknife says:

    I’m very concerned about the snowmobile industry and I’m beginning to think it isn’t sustainable for 4 major manufacturers or for the consumer. Prices are too high and they aren’t going to go down. Production costs are going increase due to less demand and sales. Demand is going to continue to decrease due to poor snow conditions which have become the norm, and rising fuel costs which will not go down. It isn’t the operation of the snowmobile that kills the wallet, it’s filling the truck to get the snowmobile to the snow that is so hard to find. I think we’re in big trouble and there’s nothing that can be done about it. Am I painting a picture that just isn’t true?


    Geeez YK, ‘cut with the negative waves’ (my fave Donald Sutherland quote from MASH). Time you paid the south a visit and had another pint with your old pal CR 😉
    Never forget, snowmobilers are not normal people… we will survive!!

  5. Yellowknife says:

    That’s what I like to hear!

    30 days of riding left here…I’ll savour it for everyone.


  6. Low Slung says:

    Nice post on the race efforts Chris.Great to see yamaha have good results in the USCC and RMSHA.Got to enjoy riding last sunday with my brother(7skulls)giving his 06Nytro and my 04warrior a run to the last drop(only on a yamaha four-stroke could i get a whole afternoon of running hard on 1/4 of a tank of fuel).If yamaha had released that new racing front end on a nytro for 2013 i would of plunked the cash down for one(especially after the results in USCC).Even if it was installed on a NYTRO SE version for a grand more than the RTX it would be worth it(then i would get an aftermarket exhaust and a YTZ10s battery to get me 16lbs more fat trimmed off).The new price point nytro is nice but that front end is the deal breaker.A could get a leftover phazer for under $9000 but i would be kicking myself when i saw its replacement(i bet you sit behind the fuel tank like the new nytro than sitting on it like the current phazer?).Will we see more 128inch track lengths in the future or will the 121 still be around in the short term?And will we see an LED headlight in the future for sleds?(Could save a bit of weight and be an industry first,i know luxury cars have them).

  7. biffdotorg says:

    This was a topic of conversation on Totally Yamaha this week.

    A clip from the hillclimb of 2007 showed an Apex making short work of the climb. Please don’t let me downplay the skill of the driver either.


    Check out this Apex at around 2:03 in the clip. It rocked that climb for sure.

    Thanks, now I’m going to have to go back and read the fine print in the press release to see if it was spun or just wrong… dang I hate it when I get sucked into believing marketing stuff lol cheers cr

  8. trailcruzer says:

    Yellowknife is right in all respects. To call his view negative is having very big rose colored glasses on. I used to buy a new sled every year and I was married at the time and I had kids. I’m still married and the kids are here but what’s different?? – all of my disposable income going to the ever increasing cost of living and not to toys.

    You can say us riders will survive and all that but who those “riders” are is a crowd that get’s smaller every day. The sport as a whole needs to recognize that the likelyhood of the heydays of the late 80’s and 90’s aren’t coming back anytime soon.

    Yamaha should get out of building chassis and sell their engines to another sledmaker….like the wild rumor that’s going around. Cut and paste this post because in 2015 when it is announced that Yamaha will no longer sell sleds but make engines for another OEM, you can say I said it first!! LOL!!!

    The Japanese will not let this go on much longer. When the Yamaha 4S sleds were taking off in the mid 2000’s they probably saw hope of #1 or #2 in the market. Not any more and the investment that Yamaha would have to make to get there will never get approved by the powers that be in Japan.

    Just my take…. 🙂

    Only part of this one I am prepared to touch is your suggestion that I was somehow diss’in YK, was just trying to breath a little humor onto a very serious topic. You gotta understand I can’t chat about these things here, all I can suggest is to keep the faith and I know its hard given the information that’s available. cheers cr

  9. Mikey says:

    You want snow for your Yamaha… move to Newfoundland! This was the best snowmobile season we had in years, plenty of snow and quite a long season for the east coast, in fact I’m going for a ride tomorrow! Feel so confident about the future that we just put a deposit down on a 2013 Vector for my wife.

    Personally, I don’t see a day when Yamaha closes it’s snowmobile division… there’s just too many of us that have other Yamaha products (ATV’s, dirt bikes and motorcycles, etc.). You force us to look elsewhere for a sled and you risk us also looking at different brands for these other toys. It just doesn’t make sense to take that risk, in my opinion.

    Snowmobiles are the main reason I go to a Yamaha dealership, take that from me and I may not look at the other products you sell.

  10. Scott says:

    It is wise that you haven’t focused much on the race results because I believe that cross country kit was a marketing scam. The price was very inflated to prevent people from even calling their dealers to order one. I did call and the part number didn’t even show up in their computer. They told me later in the spring that there were only 15 kits in the USA and three of them were in Alaska and they sent them back. That means Yamaha never had the minimum number of kits available to be legal to race in USCC and never had any intention of making them available for sale to the public.

    ah Maybe 😉 cr

  11. Mr. T says:

    Like I said before and from what the Yamaha faithfull are saying here, they are losing hope for Yamaha and now the industry as well for that matter. NOT GOOD!

  12. GREG W says:

    Well you guys need to come to southern BC for snow.The last 2 years have been Phenominal…16ish feet and riding in July…YAMAHA NEEDS to improve the Front A arms,the steering post,the running boards,a light weight Battery,use a 16 inch track with a 2.5 lug and put a 3 or 5 YEAR WARRANTY on there sleds if they want to increase there Market share….The warranty would HUGELY Help Convert People to Yamaha and Not Cost Much to Them…Just my 2 cent Worth to YAMAHA..

  13. GREG W says:

    ALSO i would like to Ask YAMAHA Why there is a $2000 dollar difference in MSRP From the USA to CANADA,when the canadian dollar is equal or higher than the us dollar?????

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