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January 6, 2012

I Need to Ride

Happy New Year to you. I hope you have snow falling close to home and wish you cold weather until spring 😉

Back in the office three days and already the holiday season seems like ions ago. Everything in the snowmobile side is ramping up towards our 2013 model year launch on March 2nd. I am fortunate enough to have been invited to attend a ride on the 17th in Quebec. The general manager in charge of the complete RV group at factory has announced his retirement and while he is here on his final tour of duty, we are going to put together a good ride out of Quebec City. I’ll be sure to take some pics to post here and give you a little back ground on him some of which goes back to the early 70’s and the factory Sno-Pro race team.

There is another item, tentatively on my agenda, which I am looking forward to. I have tried to put this ride together for several years now but have been most unsuccessful in making it happen. As it sits today, the core snowmobile development team for North America will get together north of Toronto to ride, compare notes and ride some more. The concept of getting our brain trust together to actually ride like most of you would on a good weekend, never seems to materialize. When we do get together the agendas are formal and tight. The riding component often takes place on closed course ‘testing’ areas and joint tests are often held in the late spring on crappy snow conditions. This time I want to get the team together in peak riding season and saddlebag a couple of 500 km days then compare notes. This should be another good story for the blog come February.

On another note, a friend of mine just introduced me to Geocaching, which I am starting to get into. I found myself out in a local forest earlier this week with a flashlight and a GPS crawling around in the bush like a dumb-a$$ kid… way fun! I can see downloading some co ordinates into the GPS before setting out on the trail to add another element to a snowmobile adventure. I was really surprised by how many caches are out there to find.

Don’t know about you but I am dying to get on the sled. I took a quick pull on my daughters Bravo which was a restoration project for dad over the holidays and I couldn’t stop grinning for an hour. I figure the Apex will have a slightly more dramatic effect on me 😉  Think snow!!  cheers  cr

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7 Responses to “I Need to Ride”

  1. pat the rat says:

    hapy new year to you and your familly and everyone at yamaha,we have a good base of snow here in the north,i’m looking out the window as i write this and its snowing hard,i have about 300 km so far but no open trails yet,they are packing so it wont be long,heading out as soon as i’m done writing this,,lol,,march 2nd is the release so that means you can start hinting us on what’s coming,bng or something new,either way,i cant wait
    pray for snow

  2. Yellowknife says:

    Chris, today is my last day in Ontario (Elliot Lake) and the snow conditions have yet to materialize enough for a groomer to hit the trails. Regardless we got the sled out (and the quads) onto a trail or two and a lake or two (cautiously) but I can’t seem to accept the fact that guaranteed winters don’t happen here anymore like when I grew up. Hovering around the wrong side of the freezing mark is devistating. Meanwhile in Yellowknife the temps continue to be above normal this winter but when your normal is minus 27 you’ll gladly enjoy minus 24. 3 degrees in Ontario makes all the difference.

    Is there anywhere in Ontario or Quebec that has a 99% success rate of open trails every winter these days?

    I hear you YK, and it is getting a bit depressing.. ok a lot depressing. Let us know how your winter evolves once you are back home. Heres and idea, we have Ice Road Truckers and Ice Pilots NWT both being filmed in Yellowknife…why get a govt grant to film your adventures Ice Sled Mayhem, I can see it now 😉

  3. Larry D Lagergren says:

    Happy New Year CR….WOW…Snow! Wish we had some as it’s another diappointing season here so far, just a couple of dustings.Seems to be par for across this great land of ours…which is normally White!
    Come On SNOW!!!….PLEASE!

    Cheers BH

  4. steve roberts says:

    With climate around the market centers deteriorating in regards to positive snowmobile sale criteria, would it noy be prudent for marketing to look at some hybrid veh like a tracked atv/utv. If an OEM version came out it could bridge the required legislation/regulation from HTA and MSVA ( Ontario anyway) and be compliant enough to use on all trails all seasons.Pleasing consumers/associated clubs/mandatory insurance and restrictive governmentlegislations seem to be the primary hurdles to overcome . Once through that snake pit climate change is a puppy.

    If it was easy everybody would do it. Come On Yamaha show us how to remain the leader in inovation as well as QDR.

    Steve if you could only see the big grin on my face… thanks for your comments and I concur 😉

  5. low slung says:

    Happy new year CR.Seems like snowfall is pretty slim in many parts(got an early snowfall in november and got to ride my bros 06 Nytro but since then no go).If this keeps up a roadtrip to the white stuff may be my last resort.Found out today a 700 Raptor doesn,t need a track kit to crawl over frozen,snow covered marshes(surprised where it could go).Speaking of GPS,those are a great devices(especially for speed runs on a sled,quad)but i find many people like myself,don,t really know how to use all the features.But those devices have been a part of me and my brothers sledding equipment for the last 12years.Just got to carry extra batteries and remember the rider ahead may have to stop all of a sudden to check his GPS(made that mistake 11 years ago on my indy500 in 3feet of deep fluffy snow and hit the rear bumper of an ET410II breaking trail.You can guess which rider had the bruised ego and small crack in his sleds bonnet,or hood as its known outside the rock).Can,t wait to see whats in store for the 2013 model year(i know for sure its not a new two-stroke or boosted sled).Until then its watching the forecast(Hope the hot weather girls on TV remember us poor sledders when they say “heavy rainfall warning”).

  6. Mr. T says:

    I hope supertrax is wrong on their predictions for 2013 for Yamaha. However my gut feeling says they are probably right all except the 80hp vector. Without lightening up that chassie it would be to heavy for the phaser motor.

    Hey Mr T. If it makes you feel any better, I read the link on TY with the ST predictions and what they say is quite sensible, problem is nothing is business as usual or sensible here. They are only correct on one thing, EPS. They did miss an obvious one but what the heck, must be time for Mark and I to get together for a ride, by the look of the predictions he must have been riding with Jon last spring ;-)… cheers cr

  7. Iliya Spanovich says:

    This weekends Snowmobiler tv episode has an interview with Yamaha’s Randy Swenson and he will be riding a “Nypex” prehaps a sneek peek at what’s coming down the pipeline for 2013:) or not:(

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