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November 30, 2011

Good Grapes

I have seen a few threads discussing some of our new accessories mostly wondering when they will be available. I thought I’d try to shed a little light on whats be going on in the back-ground.

TRIC Ice Scratchers. Last year we introduced these flexible cable scratchers based on a version that has been sold by Yamaha in Europe for a number of years. What appeared to be quite simple on the surface turned out to be rather complex in the application. We made some running changes to reduce the amount of deflection in the cable which yielded satisfactory performance in the intended conditions.  We still had deflection issues when the cables were operated at higher speeds or with too much pre-load. Over the summer we investigated multiple improvement ideas with our supplier and in the end, went with a fairly simple upgrade. We have added a ‘damper’ in the form of a hi-impact plastic tube to the cable and changed the crimp on the Babbitt to allow more radius. While we were at it, we standardized the hole size to accept common studs for greater selection and easier maintenance. We will be recommending the cable be taken out of play when not required (simply loosen the bolt and raise them up off the snow) and continue to advise against operation at sustained high speeds. The production has started and we will be shipping out well before Christmas.

The new Tuner, dual keel skis. These babies were tested last year and the design was approved. Production samples were received this fall and had to go through another round of approval which, after some minor delays, appears to have the green light. Production, if it hasn’t already commenced, will very shortly. The Tuner carbides come from another supplier and they are on-track for delivery. The catch in all this is the number of skis per week produced will be under 100 pieces, so it will take a bit of time to fulfill all the orders but we should be well on our way by Christmas.

The Yamaha Dupont super sliders. The impregnation of the Vespel chips into the hyfax material has presented a unique challenge for our supplier. Early samples were not able to meet our satisfaction and some tweaks to the new manufacturing process were required. The latest samples are looking really good and production is ramping up. Our supplier is even planning to add a shift to turn the orders around faster and these should be hitting our dealerships soon as well.

More good news, the Oil-Lite bushing kits for the front ends are arriving, we just need to get the installation instructions confirmed and they’re a go. Another decision was just made to offer a body kit for the FX Nytro that contains bright’ red-armor’ dipped side panels and hood. If you aren’t familiar with this, the plastic water dipping process has been used on our special edition ATV’s and the ‘red-armor’ was the most popular. The pricing looks like it will be quite reasonable and the quantities are limited so if you have banged up your sled or just want the custom look, you might keep an eye out for this one. I’ll post some more details when available.

Finally (and this is arriving this week), we have the tether actuated, roll-over switch which will cut-off the oil tank breather to avoid the loss of oil in the event you part ways with the sled during a bank turn or failed high-mark maneuver., not that that would ever happen to you 😉 …

I know this all sounds like a lot of hurry up and wait but it is never as simple as it seems on the surface. Prime time for new product announcements is September; fall trade shows, Hay Days, media events etc. afford the best opportunity to show and tell before the snow flies. We decided to roll the dice and announce our plans while still in the final phases of testing and production approvals. I know some guys are chomping at the bit to receive some of this stuff now that they know its coming but I think it is more important that we get it right. I forget the vintner who used the tag ‘we will serve no wine before it’s time’.

cheers cr

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4 Responses to “Good Grapes”

  1. Low Slung says:

    That roll over kit for yamaha sleds sounds cool,what models will the product fit?On the subject of the oilite bushings i got a ride last week on 7skulls 06 nytro with the oilite kit installed.The front end felt more solid with better feel in the corners.Sticking them in a freezer before installing really helps them fit in place much better(just have to watch the bolts/collars in the spindle.Today i found a tweaked bottom bolt in the spindle of my warrior.New bolt/collar on the way,everything else looks good).Thanks for giving us an update on these new products.By the way did yamaha every play with the idea of direct drive on a sled?I know they had fluid drive in the 1970s.

    Thanks LS, the old freezer trick generally makes press fitting a lot easier and its safer than heating the female end (just not as fun 😉 ). To the best of my knowledge we never had a direct drive sled (SnoScoot and Snow Sport aside). I remember struggling with the clutching on the John Deere direct drive sleds and later, the Polaris SS, could never find a good setting for a wide range of conditions.. On the roll-over switch, I believe it will work on all of our engines, should be on our web-site heres the link cheers cr

  2. pat the rat says:

    love the idea of the water dipped body work,would be nice to have them available for all sleds,that finish is very durable,my grizzly 700 se has been thru branches like you wouldnt beleive,and it still looks good,i have the bushing kit on order for the phazer,dealer told me dec 9th they should be in,does this sound right,cant wait to install them,pray for snow

  3. Yellowknife says:

    Did you see storage wars? They had one of these in mint shape (this isn’t the actual one) http://media.photobucket.com/image/1984%20yamaha%20ss%20440/zabroluc/DSC02435.jpg

    Sold for $950.

    Did you parter up with anyone for the tether idea or create your own?

    Nice update on the acc’s.


  4. Fred Siems says:


    These “Good Grapes” are starting to turn into “Sour Grapes”. Just after Christmas I ordered a set of the new Yamaha Dupont HYfax and have been told by the dealer that they are on back order and they could get no info from the factory on a shipping date.
    Do you have an update later than the Nov 30, 2011 one you posted on Yamaha accessories? Riding has been marginal here in Northern NY, and I really should change my slides, but don’t want to put on the “old” type if I can help it.


    Hey Fred, I don’t wish to blow any snow up your butt on this one. Our supplier is cracking them out at a 100 sets per week and they are being fulfilled on a first come basis. It really depends upon when your dealer ordered his stock. No way for me to check this in the USA. Wish I had a magic wand, fingers crossed you are included in an order soon… cheers cr

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