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November 22, 2011

The Root of the Disease

The Yamaha brand trademark has some very tight controls governing its use. We have a VI (visual identity) manual the size of an encyclopedia and a whole department at YMC assigned to enforcing the detailed policies. There are occasions when we will license other companies to use our trademark on certain products, provided they compliment the brand and don’t conflict with our sales.  I thought I would point out a couple of these licensed items which may be of particular interest this time of year for folks who might have a kid in the family.

Strider bikes is marketing a cool ‘pedal-less’ bike for kids 18 months to 5 years. I read once in Bicycle magazine that the best way to teach a kid how to ride is ‘lose the pedals’ and let them coast down a safe grassy hill. It’s how I taught my daughter and it worked like a charm. Now my only concern is keeping ahead of her on the race course. The Strider bike takes it to the next level. Check out the clip. These are being sold through Yamaha dealerships in Canada and the USA, just in time for the holiday season.

Another licensed product closer to my snowmobiling heart is the Snow Bike by Sport

Dimension. These are bright blue, three point kids sleighs (think GT Racer) with styling cues taken from the FX Nytro. Right now they are only available in the US at Costco stores (not on-line) and retail for $49.95. We are not able to distribute them in Canada but I have seen some people talking about them on-line and some nice folks are making them available on E-bay for over $100… hmmm.

Now I should disclaim my references to these toys. I am not suggesting you purchase one,  after-all if a kid was to fall off a bicycle or a toboggan they might get hurt and some hot-shot lawyer would surely pin it on me. It is much better if you wait until they are sixteen and buy them a real FX Nytro or maybe an R1, that would be okay. 😉 cheers cr

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6 Responses to “The Root of the Disease”

  1. Scott says:

    The strider bike will work great for teaching a child balance on two wheels. I took the pedals off a cheap, Wal-Mart Huffy for my first two kids to learn on. That worked pretty well. The extra low seat height and step through frame would be a big plus with the Strider.

  2. IveyRider says:

    Remember the ski hill scene from the movie “HELP”? John,Paul,George and Ringo would have looked good on one of those blue sleds!

    Man, you are dating yourself!! and yes I remember the scene LOL cr

  3. Yellowknife says:

    I’m drooling over that Yamaha GT. When I busted my foot 2 years ago (before you hosted the EPS test ride in southern Ontario) I busted it wiping out on a Ski-doo GT snowracer. IT WAS A SIGN!!! hahahaha


    Doo tell! were you being pulled behind a rather large Dodge Power Wagon at the time? tch tch tch 😉 cr

  4. snoguzzler says:

    Got to love lawyers!!!!! It’s nice to see Yamaha marketing stuff like this. We see lots of other guys stuff out there and it kinda makes you jealous.

  5. Yellowknife says:

    ha! I wish!! I was just sliding down ‘smiley face hill’ with the kids. Took a sweet jump, landed it and everything, then the sudden dip at the bottom of the hill ended me. No front suspension on a GT snoracer. d’oh!

  6. Tara Purrington says:

    We’ve had the Strider Bike for about 1 month now. At first I was very concerned that he wouldn’t want to ride it because he loved his tricycle so much, but now he never touches the tricycle. It only took a week of walking around with the bike before he was doing short glides, now he’s an expert he can glide down hills. Every once and a while he’ll get on his tricycle but then quickly abandon it because it just can’t do the things that the strider can, with the strider he can stop on a dime and whip the bike around (this is good for riding back and forth through puddles) on the tricycle you have to do wide sweeping turns, which just frustrates him now. He can also go in the woods, and up hills, where he just didn’t have the leg strength to pedal the tricycle in the woods or up hills.
    On a personal note I love the Strider it’s very very light, unlike the tricycle, if I have to pick up my son and carry him anywhere the strider is so light that he can carry it while I carry him. I highly recommend this bike.

    Well now Tara, it is a very good thing you like the bike considering your address indicates you work for Strider bikes. No harm, no foul, but I try to keep things pretty real here. Hopefully your comment is sincere and not just marketing spin. cheers cr

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