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November 18, 2011

Are You Ready?

Woke up to a few inches of fresh pow on the lawn this morning and understand there’s a bunch more at the cottage… hmmm maybe a short burst on the old PZ tomorrow.

Speaking of powder, Randy Swenson does a good job of keeping things in perspective. Check out this vid clip he posted from last weekends ride at Revelstoke. You gotta remember there is no base this time of year and the rocks are all too  easy to find. Still this looks like a great way to start the season.

Wade sent me an update from the south 48. They have the Yamaha Snowmobiles Facebook page up and running. Sounds like they have some big plans in store for the site with lots of tech tips, giveaways, pictures, vid clips,  links and more. This will be the best place to find the most up-to-date race reports from the hill climbs and cross country teams and if I know Wade, he’ll even try to get some industry inside info past the corporate watchdogs and onto your screen.

I received some pretty interesting comments and a couple of emails from some old friends after I posted the 20 Minute Workout last week. It’s good to know I am not alone in my desire for a comfortable sled that can get ‘er done with the best of them in the real world. If I wanted to beat the hell out of myself I’d go back to racing motocross. Tom nailed it when he said some are forgetting the essence of getting away from it all with friends and family on reliable vehicles that are simply fun to ride… and he’s from Wisconsin 😉

Every year I say this so here it goes. The early season conditions combined with the exuberance spawned from dreaming of ‘the ride’ all summer can be a dangerous mix. Take it easy on your first outings. Let the groomers pack a base and know what your riding on. I hate reading about someone smoking a parked vehicle or running into a closed gate close to home and only half prepared. If you were paying attention to Randy in the video, this is the same guy who has several first ascents in the record books and he is riding about as slow as he could go without getting stuck… it’s called experience, it’s also called smart.  Cheers  cr

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3 Responses to “Are You Ready?”

  1. Yellowknife says:

    That Randy’s got some skills. Thanks for sharing the vid. Hoping to put some early season exploring on the tripometer the next two days. We’ll watch for those rocks and other things that don’t move like Bearcats. HA! Dan enjoyed the stories tonight. It was a good time, wish you were with us! Who do I need to talk to in order to get you up here for a weekend? Now if we can only get Greg on a Yamaha. I’m sure Dan will use his sales skills to get him to walk out with one on Saturday.


  2. Stephen Burdick says:

    Got my season opener in today in Central Washington. TOTALLY AGREE, even with the feet of powder we have, the possibility of hitting something with a brand new sled is not high on my desire list. I always remember, a GREAT day of snowmobiling usually ends when I am sitting at home nice and warm with my family!

  3. Tony Severenuk says:

    Not only should you wait for the groomer but riders need to check the OFSC website (or iSnowMobile app) to see if the trail is listed as Limited or Open…on more than one occasion a groomer has broken through the think ice in a swamp, encountered a down tree, or had some other mishap on it’s first run down a trail leaving it the trail impassible, and possibly dangerous.

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