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August 25, 2011

Who’s Left?

Okay, I know its been a coupla months since I blogged. I hit the sled switch back in June along with a couple of potholes and escaped on my bike. But there are only two races left on my weekly series calendar. It was almost dark last night at the finish line and fall is just around the corner.

I have noted quite a few topics to touch upon over the summer and I’m open to any ideas you may have.

Totallyamaha: we have lost a good friend recently with the passing of Mike Broda aka TURK on TY, he helped a lot of guys on-line, had many friends and will be missed.

Skidoo is up to their old tricks and has blatantly ripped another one with their latest ad campaign, or is imitation the finest form of flattery? more on that one later.

We have several new accessory products that are to be announced at Haydays one of which promises to solve one of snowmobiling’s biggest PITA’s but I may just spill the beans here in a weak moment.

There are a series of dealer meetings in Canada starting in mid-September that will get me out of the office for a few days.

Fall trade shows? yep, here we go.

Trivia? how about a Grizzly 660 with 57,000km on the odo and the motor hasn’t been touched.

Yamaha USA is getting back into SMB terrain and hill-climb racing? all very true, will look for some insights on the developments.

The Canadian government is ready to bankroll a half mil for the development of a stealth snowmobile to protect the Arctic. I’m speechless! but not for long.

Yellowknife has his first 2,000km of 2011 ready to post… well maybe not quite.

Hope you have had a great summer. Please stay tuned



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