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April 5, 2011

Rev’y – 60day record

The OFSC officially closed the trail system this week on what turned out to be a fairly good riding season in Ontario. The east coast is another story. We might be able to get in a few miles in June the way they are going. And the west is still full on as usual. Our retail sales were strong this spring and dealer inventory levels are down significantly over last year at this time.

The tragedy in Japan has us all worried, even with global production, the impact of the disaster is surely to be felt throughout the Motorsports industry (along with just about every hi-tech manufacturing sector I can think of). In speaking with several of our guys who have recently returned from factory, things have pretty much ground to a halt in production as they continue to conserve energy and take stock of the parts supply chain. I think the snowmobile production runs which are scheduled for summer will not be impacted but it is still too early to say.

The  annual Revelstoke Yamafest went off last weekend and the reports coming in are all good. Randy and his team put on a first class event, attracting dealers and customers from all over western Canada (and the US). Already there are some good stories circulating regarding some riding talent (or lack of) that I won’t mention here in order to protect the reputationof the unfortunate, who were caught in less than flattering situations. (What do you think would happen when you send eastern management into 30 feet of pow?). I have heard a lot of nice comments on the new chalet the Revelstoke Snowmobile Club and their supporters have built on the mountain also the increased awareness and education surrounding the very real threat of  avalanche in the back country should be recognized. I am proud to say our own Randy Swenson (aka Trailer Queen) has been very instrumental in facilitating our involvement with the various avalanche organizations and safety / awareness campaigns.

Finally a big shout out to Nick Keller who just broke the world record (for the second straight year) for the most miles ridden on a snowmobile in 60 days. The real cool thing is he used the same sled!! Heres his story: YMUS- Nick Keller


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7 Responses to “Rev’y – 60day record”

  1. Bob Hogg says:

    We have no idea how this tragedy is going to play out.

    It is just going to take time for the process to work itself out. ….like the others have..

  2. Low slung says:

    Great to hear from you chris(love the esso sign).Sounds like yamaha canada had a great sales season(three new sleds in my hometown this winter and two of those were a VKpro and a Nytro XTX).The time is here when we get our last rides(mine was last week on an ET410II in fresh snow,too bad mother nature tricked me into mothballing the 4-stroke yamahas weeks ago)and the last bit of go juice is burned away,yamalube changed and the cover is pulled over another season.By the way,that yamaha “10 years of four-stroke” sleds red key chain is really cool,what yamaha model of sled is it?

  3. pat the rat says:

    glad to hear sleds are selling,i have some friends that i’m trying to convert to blue after a cpl burnt engines on the competitors sled(you must know wich 1 i’m talking about).so for me it was a pretty good season,we racked up another 9000 km combined on both our sleds this winter,without a hitch as usual,but now its time to get both grizzly’s out and ride the dirt,my prayers are still with the japanese people and hope things are getting better,chow

  4. Yellowknife says:

    You know i’m gonna shatter that record one day right? I’m thinking coast to coast (to coast?)

    Might have to win the lottery to afford the chase vehicle gas but hey, it ain’t impossible!

    We’re still riding in the north, we had an early melt but we’re still in business. Basically went from -30 C to +5 C in the span of a day. We’re just now getting the in-between temps that are more seasonal.

    I haven’t got the miles on I had hoped for due to long hours of work Jan thru March, and a broken video camera has ground youtube production to a hault for months, but I’ve just received a new weapon from Sony so i’ll be up and running again soon. It may be a bunch of summer launched video’s to get folks through the off-season.


    Always looking forward to seeing your adventures YK!!! cr

  5. Stephen Burdick says:


    I made it up to Yama-Fest again this year. It is hands down the best and coolest sled event on the planet. Riding was great! I hooked up with several different groups this year. One from a yamaha dealership near Edmonton and then some guys from Red Deer. Both groups were great to ride with, thanks guys!

    We just had our new baby girl on March 21 (3 weeks earlier than planned). I had a guy trip planned up to Revelstoke for a few days and then a chance to hit a few of the riding areas in Sicomous and Kelowna on our way home. But since my new daughter came so early, we turned it into a family trip to Revelstoke. My wife and kids hung out at the Nelsen Lodge at the base of Revelstoke Mountain Resort while I was riding during the day and then we spent the evenings at the Revelstoke Aquatic Center having a blast! GREAT TOWN!

    I made the mistake of riding a bunch of turbo sleds…………… need I saw more!

    -Steve Burdick

    Congrats on the birth of your daughter! and already a Rev’y veteran at 5 weeks old!!! cheers cr

  6. Doug says:

    Thank you for the post and inspirations, cr.
    Nick has the spirit. Great team member stats.
    I’ll not be able to match miles but maybe the time owning “Yamaha” rides will come close, in 43 years of riding.

    Damn you’re getting old 😉 😉 😉 cr

  7. John Miller says:

    I was very impressed with my 2011 Apex, eps worked great, but the sled was improved overall over my 2008 and 2006 Apexs.My son ordered a 2012 Nytro XTX, and I am thinking of ordering a 2012 Apex XTX.Hopefully the slider wear issue has been addressed.Will there be any issues with Yamaha being able to supply these sleds? That is the only thing holding me back now.

    At this point in time we have no indication of a production shortage. The snowmobile production run is barely a blip when it comes to the Yamaha manufacturing lines… fingers crossed. We have applied a significant update to the Apex XTX skid… again fingers crossed.
    cheers cr

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