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January 17, 2011

Alcan 200

We had some great early conditions going into the holiday season but in traditional southern Ontario fashion, a major meltdown occurred before New Years. I decided against heading north with the sled, not wanting to splash about on the slushy trails, opting instead to air up my tires and play in the forest closer to home. First week into the New Year, sledding was still not happening so last week I made a last minute reservation for my family in Cuba, packed up and parked on the beach for a few days with a big tube  of SPF 30 coconut scented Yamalube

I returned home yesterday to nearly a foot of snow on the ground and minus 30 at my house this morning. Tonight, I ride!

As some have already mentioned next season will be the 10th anniversary of the RX1 and Yamaha commitment to 4-stroke snowmobiles. I think it’s cool that the Totallyamaha forum is also celebrating ten years and should be recognized as the number one, privately owned, online community for Yamaha fans and interested riders from around the world. Tom and his posse of moderators have done an excellent job of keeping it real, providing a great service and lots of entertaining reading, (even the stuff I don’t want to read about!).

Going through the email this morning, I found the latest OFSC bulletin announcing snowmobile safety week, nothing any repsonsible rider hasn’t already reflected upon this year but I’ll paste it in anyways… OPP OFSC Safety Week MR

Jeff R our western rep, sent me an update on the Alcan 200 which you might recall is the crazy fast, out and back race held up in the Yukon and Alaskan pan-handle. Heres what Jeff had to say:

Good day, Bubba wasn’t the only guy winning a race this weekend
Great news about the most awesome snowmobile race on the planet, the Alcan 200 was run this weekend (I think this is the 43rd year) and there was only 1 four stroke running and it took the only place that mattered, #1
To refresh your memory, the race is 80 miles on a frozen highway, short break while they sweep the dead Cat’s and Doo’s off the road, and they race back, the word Extreme does not have enough X’s in it for this race

Yukon Yamaha has a dedicated Apex Turbo race sled for this with a cruising speed of 140 Mph which was ridden by Jarrid Davy

Weather was brutal with -30 – 35c temps, average speed record (including gas stops) is over 120 mph, this year Jarrid averaged 99mph and was still 9 minutes ahead of 2nd place

The wind and blowing snow was so bad at times that racers were racing neck and neck @ 50mph

5 minutes later Jarrid was running over 150mph on bare pavement…..Wow!!

After re-reading what Jeff wrote, I think I should mention a couple of things to keep everyone happy. First of all, the highway these guys run is closed to cars and trucks, however caribou and moose are allowed. Second I wouldn’t want anyone to be offended with his remark about removing broken down sleds of the specific brands mentioned. I am sure there was a Polaris out there somewhere and possibly even an old Yamaha 2-stroke, although if I recall, before the RX based models, this race was dominated by SRX’s. Congrats to all the good folks s at Yukon Yamaha

In closing, I am sorry I haven’t been regular with my posts thus far this season. I am hoping that a good ride tonight will spark my imagination and once I recover from my Vitamin D exposure and the over hydration from my week in Cuba, it’ll be business as usual.

cheers cr

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8 Responses to “Alcan 200”

  1. Yellowknife says:


    When’s next years race? I’ll get CBC to cover it.

  2. low slung says:

    150 MPH,unreal.Yesterday me and 7skulls got our first ride of the season(my 04warrior still had power to scare me).When will we see some info about the 2012 yamaha sleds?(From what i been reading on some sled sites its more than just BNG).By the way,an ET410 with a new 1-inch camoplast track really does wonders (along with new shocks/struts).Plenty of power to spin it.

  3. Northener says:

    Hello Chris. Good to see you are still keeping this blog alive. Keep up the good work…

    I was just wondering how it could be a ten-year anniversary for the RX-1? It came out as an 2003 model, so it would make it 9 years this fall???

    Btw, any news on when the 2012 models will be unveiled? 🙂

    You are correct, I am kind of jumping the gun as my world seems to revolve around what is coming down the pipe. We are celebrating the 10th year with the 2012 models which will be released the end of February…
    If you count the 2003 RX1 then the 2012 Apex is the 10 edition of the RX chassis.
    cheers cr

  4. Yellowknife says:

    I heard a rumour today.

    Some manufacturers of 4 stroke engine’s in both cars and recreational vehicles have been switching to a new type of spark plug that is causing cold-start issues. There’s at least 1 snowmobile manufacturer currently using them and having issues with sleds starting in the cold. The engine floods.

    If you know anything about this, can you comment on it and make sure Yamaha doesn’t go to these plugs? I don’t even know what they’re called or if any of this is true.

    Hey Allan, first I have heard of that one. Frigid batteries loose a large percentage of their cranking ability so I can see if a plug has a high resistance value there may not be enough juice at slow cranking RPM to ignite the fuel mixture which will in turn foul a plug. We are sticking with our proven NGK plugs to the best of my knowledge. I’ll ask around and see if there is anything further I can add… cheers cr

  5. pat the rat says:

    does guys are nuts,wish we had a special event like that here in ontario,we got about 6” of snow today,finally,we might be able to start grooming,my thumb is itching so bad,i too took the grizzlies out after the meltdown,boy is it different from a sled,slow and cold,in the summer they are the best thing ever,weird

  6. Hal Turner says:


    I have a question and a possible idea for a future blog.

    I have been thinking about upgrading from a phazer to a Nytro and snooping around on TY. I’ve seen comments on hyfax wear and how some companies (excel I think) offer larger wheels to solve the problem.

    I am a mechanical design engineer by trade. I know when designing things you often have to make trade offs. If eliminated or greatly reducing hyfax wear was as simple as changing wheels, then I would assume Yamaha engineers would have thought of this. The fact that they haven’t done this makes me think there must be a down side to larger wheels.

    I think it would be interesting to hear about some of the compromises that Yamaha has had to manage. The hyfax example may not be the best one, I’m sure you have some great stories you could share.

    Keep up the great blog.



  7. Hans Dreesen says:

    Hi guys. As Hal says there must be a trade off and there is. The larger wheels put side pressure on the aluminum rails and will bend them or worse yet fracture them. I have tried this and will never run oversize wheels again.

    Thanks Hans, I have seen this happen in application as well. Wheel location and the amount of drop is critical. Most of our skid frames will show rapid initial hi-fax wear then it seems to stabilize which I figure is at the point where the wheel pressure increases due to hi-fax thickness reduction. If conditions are reasonable I’ve seen the hi-fax last for a very long time just near the wear lines. cr

  8. rusdi says:

    i want YAMAHA to generate new model of YAMAHA CATALYZER and 125ZR

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