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December 29, 2010

Manitoba Visits

Wednesday the 29th and I am back in the office after a few days off with my family. A new sled is sitting in the back yard, trail pass prominently plastered on the windshield, tank is topped-off, now all I need is some fresh snow. Looking back to the week before Christmas, I traveled to Winnipeg Manitoba and had a good visit with the guys at Wildwood and Winnipeg Sports. Snow was skinny but the cold weather and white dusting had spirits high, hoping for a good season. I traveled west to Brandon and it was a whole new ball game with lots more snow and even colder temps. I came quite close to meeting ‘Turk’ who I have followed on Totallyamaha for a number of years. He is a tech adviser on the forum and one who is well respected for offering up reliable and helpful information to many of the members. As it turns out he lives quite close to  Brandon Marine and Leisure, but Bill warned against disturbing him too early in the day 😉

My trip terminated up in Lac du Bonnet where I got to meet Justin and tour his toy-box. Interesting story he had, where last year he was given the opportunity to ride one of the factory race team FXNytro’s at a couple of regional events stateside, where he came out of nowhere won his heats and mains then disappeared back to the prairies as quickly as he arrived. His own sled (another FX10) sports additional gussets and war wounds as testament to his ‘take no prisoners’ riding style. Also spotted an SXR600 in his shop getting its 20,000 mile tune-up (fresh rings and some bushings) ‘just because’. The owner could afford a new sled but elects to run the high miler because it’s fun to rub it in to his buddies who are now on their  fifth and sixth ‘brand X’ machines over the same period of time.

We copied a bulletin to our dealers regarding track studding just before the holidays started with the intention to ease some concerns  and clarify our formal position. End of the day we do not recommend or endorse track studding (never have). As far as clearance and application goes, if you were to disregard our position it is possible to add studs provided you take the proper steps to ensure enough clearance and proper track tension.

I had sent a little Christmas greeting to some of my friends using an old sled pic of myself playing on a Larven back in the 70’s. I was a little surprised at some of the comments I got on it so I thought I would post it here for you. The Swedish made machine was powered by a little 185cc Husqvarna engine and was simply a motorized track. The bars are fixed and the skis attached to your feet. I didn’t get to read the owners manual but I am pretty sure there is a chapter in there on running over your own ski tips! Cowboy Jim had the best comment of all… ‘by the look on your face you don’t need a lot of horsepower to have fun’. And you know something, he is 100% correct! The older I get the more I realize how much fun is found in the simple basics in direct contrast to all the hi-cost technology and performance. That said, my favorite Christmas present this year is a shiny pair of new snowshoes… go figure.

Happy New Year 😉   cheers cr

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10 Responses to “Manitoba Visits”

  1. pat the rat says:

    love the pic,by the way,nice hair.hope you had a great Christmas,logged on around 400 km in the last few days,not much snow but its better than nothing,but now with that ?%$@#$% rain and mild weather,it wont help,i was so lucky to win the photo contest in the horizon,i purchased his & her’s Klim inferno mid layer suit,awesome product,got a chance to test it and you defiantly don’t get cold with that stuff,we both love it,thank you Yamaha and chow for now

    Can’t go wrong with Klim Pat, and yeah that was a bitchin mullet and several years before Billy Ray… have a Happy New Year.. cheers cr

  2. DNR says:

    Hey cr, at the least, was able to knock my knuckles down, on the skis you are wearing in your Christmas photo. ( near Kirkland nude beach back then) Never met the monster as your steed.

    Kirkland nude beach :-0 … that was good for a visual. Thanks DNR!

  3. Sled Dog says:

    Hi Chris too bad you did not get to meet Turk he is a great guy and a clutching guru on Totallyamaha. Funny how things in your past seem to be the most fun when you reflect upon them. I remember riding a 440 Free Air Mercury Snotwister when I was 16 and it was a blast. It made turning around very interesting as it was made to turn left for racing. You could turn left within 20 feet easily but it took a football field to turn right lol. Do you remember bear claws for the track? It had those too and it could pop the front up pretty easy if I timed my body going backwards right at the same time the clutch hit which was at 4500 rpm if I remember correctly and pulled on the handle bars. It was a very fun sled and if I found one I think I would buy it just to keep those memories of good times on a sled close. Thanks for reminding me of these fun times I had when I seen your picture. Take Care!

  4. bagadonitz says:

    I couldn’t agree more!

    In that spirit how about getting on corporate to put out a revised SnoScoot and SnoSport with 150 and 250 cc 4 stroke respectively priced under $2000 Canadian!?

  5. Larry D Lagergren says:

    Hey CR Merry Christmas, glad you enjoyed your trip here to WPG. Tough break on meeting Turk as Mr. Mike B is a super nice guy and a walking book of knowledge on Yamaha’s and would have kept you busy for hours…LOL. No doubt about having fun for cheap…as my 1974 GPX 433 was a awesome sled for around $1300 back then.

    Cheers BH

  6. Ike says:

    bagadonitz, you´re right on the kids sled. A good 250cc 4-stroke snosport would be great!

    Happy new year CR!


  7. John Kazimer says:

    Chris: Just an update on my experience with 108 1.325″ studs in a 2011 Apex ER. I have had no issues so far in 850k of trail riding around Georgian Bay. I added an extra tunnel protector down the middle but so far have seen no evidence of the track even rubbing on that. I have been running the track tension as per the spec.

    Happy New Year and hope this is the last of the January thaw that were seening now.


    Thanks for the update, so far so good from most all accounts… bring on the freeze! cheers cr

  8. Yellowknife says:

    Chris! What is with this rain in Northern Ontario!! I’m so disappointed. 1981 to 2001 I lived in Elliot Lake and never had a Christmas without snow, never had a January 1st without enough ice to go ice fishing and never had a January 1st without open trails within 100 square km’s. Since I left it’s been completely haywire up here! Rain, big melts in January, the kind of weather that belongs in Vancouver! How am I gonna retire here if there’s no winter’s anymore! Glad I lucked out last year and that I didn’t take a month off to drag my sleds here this year, i’d be crying for sure.

    P.S. looking forward to testing the extra cooler on the XTX – I took plenty of photo’s and video to support the problem i’ve been having prior to the upgrade and will get some photo’s and video after the install when I hit the snow in January up north.

    With the snowy start and cold weather Ontario was having in December, I was hopeful you guys would have a well deserved solid year – here’s hoping mother nature’s new year’s resolution is to give you 3 months of snow and cold!


    Thanks YK, a most unfortunate turn in the weather, didn’t even bother going up to the cottage to sit in the rain… but the season is still early. Please forward anything you have on your exchanger upgrade and effectiveness. Happy New year to you and yours, safe trip home cheers cr

  9. Mark says:

    Hi Chris,
    Good post. I’m interested on your comments from riding one of the Yamaha race sleds while you were in “Winterpig”
    Hindle has started making exhaust for the Nytro. Any comments??

    Happy New Year. Keep up the good work.

    Hey Mark, re: Hindle exhaust, it’s no secret that he produces high quality systems that are well researched and tested. You will save some weight, produce a bit more response and reduce some tunnel ice buildup in some conditions. On the other hand, regardless of db level it is not trail legal in Ontario. Don’t have any first hand experience with it but I would trust his products to deliver as claimed. cheers cr

  10. 7 skulls says:

    Hey Chris.
    Speaking of the Nytro sno-x sled, I sure hope that beautiful CF front bulkhead and some of the weight saving tricks are slated for production and haven’t disappeared back into the yamaha skunkworks. Or do I.
    On second thought, don’t answer that. Mother nature isn’t cooperating so far this year and lusting for a new ride would be agony in a world of green.
    Congrats on the new apex, I saw one recently at a dealer and the sled exuded quality. Quite a standout even among other yamahas.

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