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December 2, 2010

Carbides and Shocks

I’ve been getting a few inquires and requests for info which I thought I would add to this post. First: carbides on the new 2011 Apex ski. From all accounts the traditional runners from our old ski will mount up fine, a small amount of bending may be required. The SnowTrackers bolt right up no problem which is good because there is no way you’ll be bending that flat host bar with the carbide wafer! Hey Sled Freak you can pull down your Kijiji ad for the ‘Snowtrackers almost new, only used by a little old lady on Sundays’ and bolt them to your XTX 😉

The other popular ‘odd-ball’ is the Cobra-head which appears can be made to fit but as far as we know they were going to put some additional curve in the bar and set-up as a new part number.

Fox Shocks: we have put together a new shock kit for the Apex consisting of two RX ‘SE’ spec front shocks and an air pump, suggested retail is 559.95 which ain’t bad for FOX! On the same subject due to popular demand we are making the FOX mega-Float rear Monoshock that comes standard on the 2011 Apex SE available as a kit that retrofits all previous mono skids. Properly aired up this puppy will breath new life into any of our older models offering a very wide range of spring adjustment, plush to bottomless.

Another one I was asked what cover will fit a Nytro with the accessory tall windshield. I am told our deluxe cover just fits but gets ‘er done. With all the talk about studding, I have had a couple of inquires about the pre-studded Camoplast offerings. We have them for the 144 and 121 but the 128 is still in the works. I hope to have the chance to mount one on my sled this year, if so I’ll write up a review from the hip.

In closing, I know I am preaching to the choir but I’ll say it anyways. If you are heading out for that first ride, please take all the regular precautions and be extra wary of obstacles covered by the snow. No base = big bang! Save the testosterone for the good conditions… isn’t that right Bellymon?  😉  ride safe – ride sober – sled smart.

cheers cr

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3 Responses to “Carbides and Shocks”

  1. Dave says:

    Hey Chris

    Just to let you know I’ve had an IceRipper on my 2008 Vec LTX since new and would never use studs again. Over 12k now points are rounded with some rubber wear but still good to go for this season. Lose a bit of traction but a whole lot more weight!

  2. Hans Dreesen says:

    Not a lot of comments on this blog. I guess people would rather not hear about the missfortunes of studs. I have studs on my 06 Supercharged Apex and yes studs do like to tear out the exhaust. I believe the problem occurs from the ballooning of the track and the exhaust joint in the center of the tunnel. On the 06 there was no mount to help hold up this portion of the exhaust and it would tend to sag with age. All that you need is to have one stud contact the pipe or clamp and it would try to pull the whole system down shredding it as the studs go by. (Had This Happen) I believe on the 08 and up Apex there was a mount added to prevent the sag. If you must run studs you must add extra protection. Hans

    Thanks Hans, I had a PM come in where one of the guys stated he was trying to comment and my host server would not let him post. I was getting concerned that no comments were coming in and was glad to get yours.
    Interesting to hear about your experience on the older sleds. Our engineers don’t perform durability testing with studded tracks consequently we don’t have any of our own proprietary data. I have taken it upon myself to learn as much as I can on the subject for future reference. cheers cr

  3. Apex/Vector says:

    The number one piece of protection if you run studs in a Yamaha, in my opinion, is a track tensioning tool. Woody’s has been in this game from the beginning and for 40 bucks it’s the best bang for the buck insurance. I tore through the muffler bracket/reinforcemment and the first layer of “skin” on the muffler in an 08 Apex LTX and riveted a piece of aluminum to what was left of the 375 dollar support. I used 1.375 inch studs and did not check track tension often enough.I have 1.325’s for the 2011 and will never run anything larger. I feel you must run track tension at the tighest spec and check after each ride and the tool makes this a one minute job and you don’t have to carry a 10kg weight with you!Bottom line- if you run studs no longer than 1.325 in a 1.25 Ripsaw,and have the track bang on the tighest spec before each ride,your exhaust system’s survival chances are greatly enhanced.That being said,the $3575 cdn. EXUP hanging helpless and totally exposed to muffler hungry studs could lead to increased libations for nerve calming. Steve

    X2 cr

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