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October 20, 2010


I attended the Toronto Motorsports Show this past weekend and if nothing else it certainly got me to thinking about the upcoming season. We were there with a full corporate booth featuring several unique displays. Jon worked together with Wade and the boys in the States to build us an EPS simulator. My first reaction to the plan – why bother, everyone knows that EPS makes the steering effort easy and you won’t feel the cornering accuracy or isolation from the trail junk without a real ride – in short it’s just a gimmick. Boy was I wrong!

I watched the faces on several customers light up when they turned the Apex bars,  key- on / key-off. ‘Holy (expletive goes here), is that ever cool…’ Marty and Don from Snowmobiler TV set up their camera to catch a current Apex owner trying it out. His reaction was one of astonishment… next came his wife who smiled and  gave ‘the nod’. Grinning, he promptly informed me he had just received formal permission to trade up. Nice!

The other simulator which got plenty of attention featured our new HID headlight set-up. They were blinding even when surrounded by all the other bright lights in our booth. Take this one for whats it worth but after using the HIDs on my Apex towards the end of last season, I will not own another sled without adding them as an upgrade, they work that well. If you do a lot of night riding you owe it to yourself to check these out, ‘nough said.

So I started my day by surfing the forums, looking for any chatter resulting from the show. It was pretty quiet actually but I did stumble upon a couple of links which I thought I would share. First the STV guys have a cool interview with Blair Morgan on the ‘Go Riding’ site. It’s great to see him back in the saddle and hear his positive take on his life at present. There is another link to their blog where I found a cool video of the Miss Teen Canada contestants learning to ride ATV’s at Horseshoe Riding Adventures under the tutelage of Clinton Smout. I know this is Sled Talk but it’s always fun to see ‘newbies’ reactions when discovering motorsports, especially the young lady suffering from visual impairment. Good on you Clinton!

Over on Totallyamaha, the first post I spotted was Yamaha owners discussing the best way to polish their sleds as they prepare for the winter, yeah I know, there are lots of more technical things being discussed but it did cross my mind that having the top thread of the day focused on polishing instead of engine rebuilding wasn’t a bad thing.

I was checking out the magazine web-sites thinking their might be a reaction to what I wrote last week on ‘reading between the lines’. Instead I found a solid video review on the Apex by Supertrax. Mark is not one to sugar coat his comments (trust me on that!) so this one made me sit up and take notes. Then there was a short in the Read Valve column of Supertrax mag talking about the new PUSH turbo kit for the Nytro MTX. The author was quick to point out the press release didn’t mention availability in Canada.

I’ll confirm this by saying we are not going to distribute the PUSH turbo here this season. The reason being, is simple enough. The North American distributor for MCXpress turbo kits is located in British Columbia and has done an excellent job of marketing a similar low-boost product in Canada. They have a well established network of dealers who have pre-ordered kits and are currently selling and servicing them. This is not the same case in the USA and the potential for the PUSH system entering the mountain market there is quite good. From what I have seen and heard the PUSH turbo is a reliable, easily installed system that meets Yamaha quality standards and you can bet we will be watching this new introduction very closely.

Cheers cr

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9 Responses to “EPS-HID’s-links”

  1. IveyRider says:

    I always enjoy the tech talk but quite frankly my need for speed is dwindling with the addition of birthdays! My 07 Attak is reliable, comfortable, and plenty fast.(not that I wouldnt upgrade to a 2011 in a New York minute if I could! 2 kids in college puts a damper on that sort of thing) But I digress! This headlight thing looks very interesting. Weekend warriors like myself seem to rack up the night miles. Is the HID system a Yamaha upgrade kit? Can it be found at the dealers?

    Yes the HID kits are available through any Yamaha dealer in Canada or the US. They include a wiring harness that is ‘plug and play’ compatible with stock connectors.

  2. Brian Johnston says:

    About the Totally Yamaha thread on polishing tunnels, etc…

    There is some great info there for anyone wishing to make their sled really shine. I took the advice of a couple members last fall and did mine…. I was really happy with the results and it certainly turns heads. Now mine can be seen in the thread that you refer to Chris. TVBrian’s Project Northern Ascent (09 Nytro XTX).

    Excellent, nice looking sled! cr

  3. Mark Lang - Snowmobiler TV / Snow Goer Canada says:

    Be it the Blair Morgan update, the Miss teen Canada Girls or polishing your tunnel, it is great to see an appreciation for some lifestyle content. While Snow Goer Canada and Snowmobiler TV were capturing the enthusiastic interviews at the Yamaha booth it was clear that the power steering technology was very much about improving the ride experience for all riders, – it was not a go fast upgrade. Many ladies and senior riders were eyeballing this tech with serious consideration as much as the keeners were.
    I’ll keep you posted on when the webcast videos of the interviews will be avilable on-line – there was some very good stuff in the mix.
    cheers all.

    Hey Mark… define ‘senior riders’ for me would you!!! 😉 cr

  4. Yellowknife says:

    Hey Chris, the HID setup, thanks for the link. I do a lot of night riding (and day riding in the darkness of what is ‘north of 60’ so i’m going to order one of these and try it out. Thanks for this – I hadn’t looked into them before so I really appreciate this from a safety stand point. Related to that, is this something that will blind other riders even on low beam while riding groomed trail systems?

    I see they are made by SledStart. Couple questions… can you feature another accessory (which could be by Sledstart as well, not sure) next time you do an article? The accessory i’m referring to is a remote start system that i’m told is Yamaha endorsed, plug and play like the HID lights. The system has a two way key fob, tells you what the engine temperature is on the key fob and has a variety of setup options. The kicker rumour is, heat output of the handlebar warmers can be increased – can you speak to that rumour? (Maybe there’s something else out there that helps with this concern that Yamaha is now endorsing?) Thanks!

    Hey YK, I’ll discuss the Sled Start in my next post. I had one installed on my Apex as well last year and believe the system could be a real advantage in the far north… The HID on low beam is fine for on-coming riders. The system actually retracts the bulbs into the socket magnetically to lower the beam quite effectively. You still need to adjust the optics to match your suspension set-up and conditions. Let me know how they work out for you as you will probably be one of the first guys riding with them this year. cheers cr

  5. Apex/Vector says:

    From people’s facial expressions,EPS is destined to become gotcha rather than gimmick.I was particularly impressed with the Apex you loaned to Weidinger for his record feat.I heard the sled was totally torn down,inspected,and re-assembled.Would the full resultant findings be a possible Sled Talk thread? I was really surprised to see only 102 studs(two per lug),and from what I could see, all in great shape after 3000 Km’s with 100 mph corners that exerted stresses great enough to damage the wearbar bolts. This just helped to confirm my plan to run 119 studs(3-2-2X17)on my SE instead of the “recommended” 153,170,187 etc. How many inches of carbide did he run? The aftermarket pipe guru stated that in preliminary testing,he and his fellow American Snowmobilers found StudBoy Shaper bars to perform best on the new Apex.I wonder what your thoughts are regarding stud/wearbar configurations as we 2011 Apex owners are dealing with a completely different ski,track length,EPS and highly anticipated 10+% hp increase. Finally,is it true Yamaha will have corporate support at Kawartha Sledarama? Thanks!

    Hello A/V, That’s a lot of stuff to address in the fine print. I’ll give it some thought and address in my next post, thanks for asking!

  6. DNR says:

    Great stuff cr,
    Reading between the lines and being prepared all the time.
    I also like the action marque. ( Page Title Header)

  7. HID kit installed - HCS Snowmobile Forums says:

    […] and Totally Yamaha that costs around $249. These are on the Yamaha site as an actual accessory. http://snowmobiles.yamahablogs.ca/2010/10/20/gimmick-or-gotcha/ What would be the difference in kits? Would their kit be designed for cold weather and this kit be […]

    This is an odd comment as I am not sure if it is spam (auto-sent) from HCS or intentionally forwarded for comment by a mod… for now I’ll leave the forum conversation alone but if anyone needs some background on HID and our kits I’d be happy to provide… cr

  8. Larry D Lagergren says:

    Gimmick or Got’cha…For Power Steering…how do you not smile about that one, WE ALL want EPS!

    BTW..Having a choice of which type of Boost you would like to run right from Yamaha isn’t to Shabby either, even if it is fixed boost.

    Cheers B.H.

  9. Rockmeister says:

    Hey Guys!


    I LOVE my sleds that don’t go BOOM!

    ’05 Rage 15,000+ miles.
    ’05 RX-1 Warrior 12,000+ Miles
    ’07 Attak 3900 miles. (Just a newborn. So far…)

    Change my oil once a year, fix what I break on the chassis, and RIDE!!!
    My Yamahas have run on EVERY SINGLE TRIP I have ever made with them.
    That has INCREDIBLE value to me. 🙂

    Funny that other things like tunnel polishing take the spotlight…
    You have more time for that when not replacing/rebuilding engines…
    I am ok with that.
    Cool point Chris.

    Can vouch for the YAMAHA HIDs!
    The lights are 4300K. (Indicates the temp & frequency of the light.)
    This light works the best in snow conditions, without blinding you, and others.

    These things amaze me!
    You know those little dips in the trail that look like they may be large sucker holes at night?
    (And very well may BE large sucker holes??? Or they could just be 2″ dips…)

    You can actually SEE them with these lights and make an informed decision!
    Not only that, but you can pretty much see THROUGH snow dust, rather than seeing a wall of white.
    The gap between the High & Low Beam disappears.

    Overall, properly implemented HIDs eliminate every issue I have had with any lighting by any manufacturer, period.
    Am VERY happy with them and everyone that has ridden with me now has them.

    They DO need to be used responsibly,
    Meaning: Adjust your beams properly, dim your lights to approaching traffic, etc.
    (Law in most places anyway for the non-thinking crowd.)
    Think about it, Do you really want to risk making the guy coming towards you, run into you by blinding him?

    I rarely use my High Beam anymore, they work that well.


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