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September 29, 2010

New sleds New people

For some reason I had to chuckle when I saw our new ad…  then I thought it would provide a nice little segue into my first post of the season. I’ll give you a snap shot from a ‘mile up’ on some of whats been going on this summer.

First we have a couple of changes in the corporate line-up. Rob Powers has taken the helm of the snowmobile division in the United States. He is certainly no newcomer having held down a regional sales manager position as well as assistant product manager when Mike Doughty was wearing the hat and marketing communications prior to Greg Marier. Rob is a hard core sled head and I’m stoked he’s running the show in the US. Here’s his official intro.  Rob Powers

We have been short one key member on our team since Vic Ikuta was called back to product planning in Japan. Ace Oyama is now in the process of moving to Canada and will be the official snowmobile voice (assistant to the president) for North America at factory, (no pressure there!).

I went on record last spring as saying the new Apex had around a 5% increase in horsepower and a wider torque curve with no drops… Dynotech has had the opportunity to flash a production unit and heres what they came up with: (you can click to enlarge)… under promise and over deliver?

I don’t mind saying it’s been a ‘rough row to hoe’ through-out the rocky global economies but the atmosphere here at Yamaha is now one of cautious optimism. We know real snowmobiler’s are in the game for the long run and we have our fingers and toes crossed for good snowfall with lasting trails this season. The big fall trade shows are getting ready to kick-off and if Hay Days is any indication, the attendance will be strong and there will be bargains to be had.

Speaking of Hay Days, Yamaha racers had some great grass-drag results. Check out this video posted to Youtube of the OSP turbo outlaw sled:

On the out, I want to thank you for your support and encouragement in keeping Sled Talk up and alive. I will do my best to offer more insight into our business and continue to share in your passion for snowmobiles and Yamaha.

Cheers cr

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7 Responses to “New sleds New people”

  1. Yellowknife says:


    Thx YK, keep me posted on your adventures… cheers cr

  2. Richard Hotte says:

    Au plaisir de te lire a nouveau !

    Pas de problème, ça me fait plaisir!
    Merci de participer au blogue cheers cr

  3. low slung says:

    Great to know your sticking around Chris.Hope you never meet a storm named IGOR,it packed a powerful punch(Wish i had a YAMAHA water pump last week).

  4. pat the rat says:

    hey,cool,this means youre sticking around,very impressed with the dyno numbers on the apex,stick a yamcharger on there and nobody is gonna keep up with mr apex,i had mentioned about some manufacturing pictures of where our sleds are built,like the japan plants and assembly line,is this against company rules,cuz ive seen the other 3 sled maker’s manufacturing process,wish i could see yamaha’s,anyway,glad you kept the blog alive,chow for now,pat

  5. J Miller says:

    Great news that your keeping sled talk going, always enjoy reading.Just picked up my 2011 Apex, 2 coats of wax already, really looking forward to the upcoming season.

  6. Steve says:

    Always had issues with reverse linkeage on 2008 Apex GT 40 th.anniv.. Any ideas out there on exactly how to adjust these linkeages so that I don’t keep grinding the Gear?

  7. Bob Hogg says:

    amazing power band..

    What does the street bike have…to compare?

    man..that is insane..

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