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September 17, 2010

Sled Talk or Sled Walk?

Well well well, It’s hard to believe I have been offline for three months. I had a good summer with lots of time spent at the cottage and on the bike. I hope you also enjoyed the warmer months to the point where you are ready for snow.

I am in a bit of a quandary with where I should take Sled Talk. I am trying to come up with some ideas on how to keep the content fresh and interesting but control the amount of time I need to spend on the research and writing.

I thought I would start by tossing out a request to anyone who has a thought on the subject. At this point I am not even sure if I have an audience left after being on a three month hiatus but I am taking my final week of vacation starting Monday and when I get back I’ll check in  and see what feedback is waiting for me. At that point I will make the final decision whether to proceed with a fourth year of Sled Talk blogging or pass the torch to our marketing department.

Cheers  cr

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29 Responses to “Sled Talk or Sled Walk?”

  1. steve roberts says:

    Time Time Time, Chris I cant believe how fast it goes either. Im still remembering the look on my Dads face when Yamaha Canada and the Arnprior Sportland Tech team unloaded 5 1992 proto VMax 750 for backshift testing in my yard on White Lake, I told Dad I had bought them….haha, You too will have to come to grips with letting go of things, and be more selfish with your own time and enjoyment. I can feel that in your last post.We all love snowmobiling, Yamahas, and the tech talk. Chris you have made your contributions, now just get on a sled and enjoy….re discover the freedom and enjoyment of snowmobiling , just for You, without doing evaluations and aricles for someone else. You will always have respect from real snowmobilers and Yamaha die hards.When or if you feel the need for recognition , just drop your name when having lunch and a crew of Yami snowmobilers comes in, trust me high caliber persons are not forgotten.

    Steve Roberts
    White Lake Ontario Canada

    ps You might even end up on a VK like me,and discover real snowmobiling on your own trail network

  2. Dane Morrison says:

    Hi Chris,

    Although I find the historical stuff really interesting, to me it’s just a nice bonus and not necessary. The real value is having someone like you able to research technical stuff or answer stuff on new products that marketing “gurus” have no clue about. If you can’t do it anymore, please have someone with intimate knowledge available to answer the more esoteric stuff. It’s what sets Yamaha apart from other Companies.

  3. 5alive says:

    Chris, I think you should pass the torch onto Jon Blaicher he is young, full of energy, loves snowmobiling and has been brought up with snowmobiling in his blood much like the rest of us here, and he seems like a good guy like yourself
    just my 2 cents


  4. pat the rat says:

    ah,youre back,i,ve been checking the blog regularly over the past month,this summer has been hot and long and i cant wait for cool weather,both my sleds are ready,i know its alot of work for you to keep us entertained all winter but i really enjoy it,your the only 1 who does that,but i would understand if you’d quit,i guess youre not in the snowmobile departement anymore,hope you like the new position,as for topics,boy,there should be lots to talk about,i’ve always wanted to see pictures of how our sleds are put together at the factory, some assembly plant pics and stuff like that would be nice,but maybe it against company rules,this summer i added 2 new members to my yamaha familly,a new grizzly 550 e.p.s for my wife and a 1000w inverter,they are both awesome machines,i have 8 yamaha products in my garage and they are all bulletproof,well,hope the blog keeps running,i will be a regular on the blog for sure,good luck,chow,pat

  5. Mt Viper Mike says:

    I hope you can find the time to keep the blog going. It is interesting and informative! And no slant to Yamaha, but that is because of your talents and it would go downhill fast if another stepped in.

    I hope to hear more from you in the future!!!!!!


  6. Doug says:

    cr, some writing is on the wall.
    Facebook and youtube. i.e. Monster, Redbull,
    Nike, DG , record labels to recording artists. Check out Cadillac, stunting and all.
    The tools are there, less work.

  7. Phazernut says:

    I look forward to reading the blog. Would like to see it remain. Personally I like the development stiries of Yamaha’s past.

  8. Jerry says:

    hope you keep this going i have been waiting all summer to read the new posts the information you give come with alot of interest keep up the good work

  9. low slung says:

    Hope this blog stays in your hands chris,i don,t think anybody else could give the insight into yamaha sledding like you do.As for a subject?I would love to hear the history of how the four-stroke phazer came to be.By the way,when will the GYTR MT9 ski be available at dealers?Want to beat the RUSH before christmas.

  10. Mark says:


    Right off the tip of my tongue I can’t think of any topics to suggest. The things I’m most interested in you obviously can’t speak to (future sled development/specs/etc).

    I have enjoyed the articles about previous sleds such as the history of the Srx, Viper, and 4 stroke/Exciter hybrid).

    But the thing I like the most is that you’ve been a reliable voice to and for the consumer. A lot of things have frustrated me at different times, but it’s always been nice to hear some of the how’s and why’s to Yamaha’s methods. I also admire your commitment to excellence by trying to get our frustrations and concerns back to the company. Ex: Apex customer survey.

    Personally, I hope that you continue.

    Mark Lustila

  11. HossZ28 says:

    Hi Chris this Ontario Snowmobiler would like to see you continue the sled talk blogs perhaps some ideas to talk about would be to have some readers share their personal yamaha related trips or club events or rides perhaps showing some Modified Yamahas And my new personal favorite “The Vintage Yamaha “I just Adopted a 1987 enticer excell 3 340 which I hope to have at Our club the Drumbo snowmobile clubs annual “FUN DAY” in febuary

  12. Ted says:

    Welcome back. We did miss your work. Today I picked up my 2011 Apex, and your reports had a great deal to do with that. Next week two of my friends will also pickup their new Apex sleds. Your writing always seems to be the most technically accurate and honest available. Please do not substantially change your contribution. In particular, we need more information on the Yamcharger and any adjustments to the new Apex that can improve the sled in any way as the season goes. Thank you.

  13. leeko says:

    I have missed your commentary. Riding Yamaha since 1981, it is nice to hear the insider talk and history. I have learned a lot and have enjoyed the blog. I hope you return.

  14. Carl says:

    Please please keep it alive. I always find your articles very interesting. I feel like an insider when you share information of which is usually only behind closed doors. It shows me that Yamaha has nothing to hide and listen to his clients.

    This has made me a believer and a Yamaha client for life!

  15. Tomas (homeplaya) says:

    Good day Chris,
    Glad to see some action on the blog, I have been checking in about every week to see if there was an update!
    You still have followers so you must continue the blog!!!
    There will be a lot to discuss this season with the new Apex and we will need your thoughts on things.

    Hope to hear from you soon:)

  16. Jerry I says:

    I read your blog all the time and await each new post. I appreciate the stories, news, tidbits on new sleds and new accessories that you write about. Although you may not be able to contribute on a regular basis I think you and another should keep it moving. A new apex will be added to my 09 Nytro and 06 apex but does it really have more power and speed and should I go with the XTX.
    You give us the honest goods. Keep it going.

  17. Agman 57 says:

    Chris, Hope it will work out for you to continue. You are one of the most open,straight talking, helpful person, a Yamaha customer has to find out the whole story about what is really going on,and listening to us the customers as to what we would like the company to address, or should I say someone that we can talk to, to address the issues that we have with the products. I would like to have you address different issues that will come up with my 2011 Apex. You are a GREAT asset to the Yamaha Team. And a very trusted voice from the company to us. Thanks for all the great info over the years and hope that you will see fit to continue.

  18. Yellowknife says:


    This is your baby, and I want you to see it into retirement! Nobody can keep this going and hold its value like you. The marketing department just won’t do it justice.

    If it means a post every 2 weeks instead of every 5 days, so be it, but please please please keep it alive with you at the helm.

    As for topics, good question. Limiting the time required to write would mean you should talk more about things you already know and less about the things you have to go digging for. History is nice, always interesting. Most of my questions for you in the past have you digging somewhere to find out the answers, i’ll “try” to cut down on that if it means you keep it going. 😉

    Honestly for me, it doesn’t matter what you talk about, I enjoy it all and it keeps a relationship going with the public that nobody else has.

    I just got out of the garage, installed a hitch on the XTX and removed the tail light looking for ways to put 10 or 20 litres of fuel on the tunnel without melting a gas can. I think I found a combo that will work for the long hauls in the middle of nowhere.

    Here’s a pledge, you keep the blog going and i’ll commit to a full season’s video mileage log this year. If you run low on time to write, you can just throw one of my crazy video’s up on here. Better ask legal first though. HA!

    Hope you keep it all going! I definitely appreciate the work you do.


    Thanks YK, this is the final kick in the can for me… you gotta deal, I’m going to keep things going here as best I can…


  19. Stephen Burdick says:


    I love the historical perspectives and the connection you place on technology, deelopment, and engineering. Will continue to be an avid reader and hope to see you in Revy again someday soon.

    -Stee Burdick

  20. Jamie says:

    Hey Chris, from a former yamaha rider, but passonite snowmobiler I enjoy reading your blog and check in about once a week to look for updates. The small pieces of inside information or your ability to answer questions for the current owners is extremely valuable. From someone that followed the whole manufacturer question section over on dootalk, I think this is the closest that people can get to a real world answer and its working for you. Something they had to fold for obvious reasons. This still gives the manufactuer a public outlet without the need to police it.

    Congrats on making it work and please keep it going.

  21. snoguzzler says:

    Chris I read every blog you put up. I really appreciate the blogs about previous Yamaha’s. Maybe you could do one about the SRV? I would hate to see you go but would understand if you “retired” as long as someone else “tried” to replace you. I’ve learned alot form this blog and know that you’ve only told us a fraction of the Yamaha stories you know. Please kep them coming!!

  22. sledfreak says:

    Chris, I value your contribution, since you seem to be the only voice that we have on the web, where Yamaha will actually listen to our complaints/issues as well as help with product information. If you disappear, who will listen to what Customers really want and who will help Yammaha address our issues with current models. Dealers do not do a good job on these types of issues and you have done an outstanding job. I believe Yamaha would be foolish not to free up some of your time, so you can dedicate a little more time into running this forum. I hope you will continue.



  23. sledfreak says:

    On another note, I hear Yamaha may have a new front end for the Nytro that will be released as an accessory? New spindles, A-Arms etc… Am I wrong here?


  24. Larry D Lagergren says:

    Well C.R. with 23 responces to your thread I guess it’s safe to say almost all of us having been waiting for you to post something, as well as keep it going with you in the driver seat!

    This blog up to now has kept us in the loop of things as to what Yamaha has done, changed and is looking to change. This blog is an important spoke in the wheel and you are the hub which makes it turn. Hopefully you can continue to to make this blog grow as you have aready done, maybe we the readers can have more input into future topics or a readers corner with a Q&A section.

    Cheers B.H.

  25. Alain Vmax says:

    Hello, CR,

    Alaways there to read and enjoy the blog. We at PASSION-YAMAHA, would like to see you continu the blog for a long time, but we understand how it is demanding to maintain such a thing.

    Hope to keep reading you for this next winter. As a suggestion, factory and how sled are put together… technologie into the sled we drive…


    Alain Vmax

  26. Bob Hogg says:

    I’m in the minority with the type of information I like to read. I like the tech stuff…

    But all good. Hope you have the time to keep up..it has been very interesting…

    We finally live in wonderland.. with the trail beside us…so I think my 99 Phazer may need a friend.

  27. Frank McGachy says:

    Say it aint so, Chris, please, say it aint so! Sorry I’m late with my comments but please don’t quit. We will all understand should you decide the load is too much at this time, but YOU must understand how influential your blog has been and how much we appreciate it. Your Blog was very high on my list of reasons to order a 2011 APex SE! If it is over, a big Thanks for the insight and great stories, we will miss them. Hope you continue on as a TY’r for a long time to come.

  28. rx1mtnman says:

    Great to hear from you again Chris! I hope you can keep the sight going, I would like to more about the 2012 mountain masher I keep hearing rumors about, as well as how future emissions regs are going to affect the sport and Yamaha in particular. Will they ever go back to two stroke sleds using current technology or will they stick with the tried and true four strokes?
    How about a new APEX MTX. I for one am not at all fond of the Nytro MTX.

    Thanks. Glad you’re back!

  29. scott says:

    Chris, I hate to admit this is the first time I’ve checked the blog since last spring. I was pleasantly surprised to see quite a few new posts! I’ve been following the blog since the beginning so I hope you continue your work and do not turn it over to the Marketing Dept. I’m not interested in reading a blog that is just another spin on the same info featured on the website and in the brochures.

    I’ll have to read through all the new posts and comments and come back to post my 2 cents on what direction the blog should take.

    Hey Scott, welcome back, you have always particpated with some good feedback and its appreciated… cheers cr

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