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May 6, 2010

Time off

You may have noticed that Sled Talk has been dormant since my return from Japan. I have been wrestling with the reality of what maintaining my blog entails. On one side, many of you indicated in the survey I posted that you actually enjoy my rants and information always looking forward to the next post and for that I am greatly appreciative. On the other side, I am no longer involved in the direct marketing of our snowmobiles and have responsibilities within planning and research on a scale which I have never had to deal with before as a product manager. Simply put, Sled Talk is a tempting distraction for me. One I enjoy and strongly believe in but not one that falls under the direct responsibilities of my position.

I stopped writing about a month ago. This did not come about as a result of anyone asking me to, it wasn’t even a conscious decision. I returned from Japan to face several new challenges that are important to my company.
As mentioned, Sled Talk does distract me regardless of how I rationalize my participation level. I invest significant time to research and write articles and then find myself returning time and again to see if anyone has offered any feedback or comments on stuff that I generally have a lot of passion for and ownership attached to.

Right now I intend to keep my head down and ‘nose to the grindstone’ as summer approaches. I have every intention to fire the blog up with new content before the next season begins but for now I really need a break to focus on my departments productivity and job at hand. I will still check in periodically to monitor any new comments and may even toss in a post or two if time and circumstance align.

Again, I want to thank those of you that have shown me support for Sled Talk.
I will be back in the near future… I do hope you will be also!

cheers cr

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