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March 8, 2010

Snowblower Spoof

Now that all the new sleds for 2011 have been announced and the excitement is melting away at the same rate as the snow on our local trails–it’s time to make one last announcement from Yamaha.

After the new Apex hit the trail and the on-line discussion took off, a few guys were quoted as saying there must be more. Another rocket that will roost the competition…

Well once again, you will see it here first. We have a high performance twin track snow machine coming to Canada in very limited numbers next fall. Much of the technology is focused on getting the most from the new 4-stroke engine using a hydrostatic drive and yes… power steering. Because of the limited production we are targeting only regions that get lots of snow. I am willing to go on record to say we are absolutely going to blow away our competition with this announcement… here’s a video clip that Bryan and Danny put together to give you the first scoop.

NOTE: you must go to Sled Talk to see video content if you are reading this from an email. cheers cr

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9 Responses to “Snowblower Spoof”

  1. morrisond says:

    Great Video, and about time you brought them back. I remember fondly the days of my youth when I worked at good old Walkers Point Marina and we had the first Yammie Snowblower with with tracks and Hydrostatic drive. The thing was a huge overachiever. Earl would send me out to clear the whole Marina with it. It would chew through snowbanks 2x it’s height and never quit. I could never understand why you stopped selling them.

    Now how about a 3 across seat Utility Rhino with EPS, hard enclosure and a hydraulic Boss plow to complete the snow clearing set?

  2. Tom Phillips says:

    I got the e-mail…..I admit it, you had me, hook line and sinker NICE !!

  3. DNR says:

    Neighbour cr!!
    Neighbour cr!!!

  4. IveyRider says:

    All of us bit on that twin track thing real hard!
    #1 Congrats to Canada Hockey.

    #2 Have I missed something, or did Yamaha snocross not happen this year! I thought the end of last season showed great promise.
    Signed,Helen Keller!

  5. Fox-1_RX-1 says:

    Nice to see the big blue back again. Was disappointed when I went to buy a new snow blower a few years back and found out that Yamaha was not making them. Can’t wait to try one out. I remember Yamaha having a few different models available. Will there be more than the one shown in the video?

    Thx CR for the info

  6. scott says:

    That blower looks physically bigger than the Honda HS1132 I’ve owned for the past 8 years. I assume it is a 12 hp 32″ wide model?

  7. Yellowknife says:

    Hey Chris,

    I’d like to put the Yamaha Mountain Ski’s on my 09 Nytro XTX. Do you know if I can get away with just purchasing the ski bottom and transfering everything else over from the stock ski’s? (loop, loop bolt, carbides, carbide bushings, boot/stopper, spindle bushing & bolt, etc.)


    You should be able to transfer but not !00% sure… am in Wisconsin so hard to confirm… you definitely need all the mounting hardware from a mountain sled = wider axle bolts spacers rubbers etc to bolt them to your spindles, the hoops and carbides is what I am not 100% clear on, think you’ll be OK


  8. scott says:

    On TY guys are saying the skags are not available. In one post I read where some dealer custom fabbed a set to try the skis out. The test didn’t go so well as the skis didn’t perform.

    Sounds like the bottoms are similar to Curve skis and I’m not impressed with how Curve skis preform in deep snow.

    I rode them for the first time yesterday (in crappy conditions) the opinion of one of our lead testing engineers is they are a good ski in certain conditions but having a shallow keel, they aren’t as aggressive and don’t work as well in very deep loose pow as the current mountain ski but by the same token, handle better when the snow sets up. They are looking into a more aggressive carbide which is another subject. What I felt in yesterdays conditions was less steering effort and less searching. I’m thinking this will be a very good choice for cross-over riders who spend time both on and off trail. cr

  9. pat the rat says:

    boy,you really got me this time,i started reading the first few words and said to myself,no,that’s impossible,really a twin track sled,the blower looks like a great product and it should sell good,well not this winter,got to ride the new sled yesterday with rob and denis in elk lake,first impression,smoothest, easiest steering sled ive ever ridden,power was impressive,i love eps,have it on my grizzly,if eps makes its way to vector,nytro sleds,it will change everything,right now,only thing that is negative is the price,i know you have no say to that,will be looking at non current for my next sled,any news on those breaking driveshafts,seen a bunch more fail on ty in the last month,thanks

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