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December 10, 2009

Photoshoot fire!

Every year about this time, our marketing guys get with the new sleds and accessories and produce all the photography required to build the brochures, ads, point of sale materials etc. This year was no different… that is until yesterday. Jon is down at a ranch in Wyoming assisting with the photo mission where they have been clicking away for several days. Wayne Davis,  pro snowmobile photographer extraordinaire and his team were close to completion when tragedy happened.

The ranch features a large main lodge which is their base of operations. All the cameras, computers, riding gear new accessories and supplies are kept there. The lodge also is the home for the owners and provides the main galley for meals and living space for their guest relaxation.

burn1A chimney fire last night blew out of control and the beautiful log structure was totally gutted by flames, including all the gear mentioned above. Thankfully no one was hurt. Most of the staff on site were housed in separate ‘bunkies’ or at another lodge 30 minutes away.

Here’s the report that came in from he field: I’m very sad to report that this morning burn2at ~4:00am MST the east end of the lodge caught on fire here near Saratoga, WY at our 2011 photo shoot.  THANKFULLY everyone at the other end of the lodge (owners Tim, Debbie and boys) smelled the smoke and got out safely.  Yet, as you can see, the east end of the lodge is burn3destroyed.  Inside was all the lodge’s rec room, all YPAD riding gear and parts, along with all of the photographer’s computers, hard drives and most all of their high dollar camera equipment.  It appears we have lost 4+ days of beautiful action photos.  However, the computers and hard drives are currently in route to Denver to see if any data can be recovered.  In the meantime, our “All-Star” team is out on the trails continuing with some photography work and all video work as planned for today!


Please say a prayer for Tim and Debbie and their family, as they have just lost their home here during the holidays.  We will all continue to help them clean up, but it will obviously take a long time to rebuild.  Our thoughts will definitely be with them during this time.  The most important thing is that everyone is safe!

Clearly we have had a big set-back to our marketing plan but thankfully no one has been hurt. All of us here at YMCA echo the sympathy for the family who just lost their home.

I am truly hoping that’s it for the bad news, as I say every year at this time. Don’t push the season. Take it easy on the first ride, there is no base under the early snowfall and what ever you do, respect the equipment. I don’t want to read about some over zealous sled head, nailing a parked car, sideways,  ’cause they just couldn’t wait! As our friends at Honda say… Stupid hurts!


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9 Responses to “Photoshoot fire!”

  1. Gary says:

    Wow, that’s a bummer!

    All the best, especially for Tim and Debbie.


  2. pat the rat says:

    wow,what a sad story,very happy everyone is ok,material can be replaced but lives cant,the odd thing is that my brother just went thru the same thing a cpl weeks ago,chimney fire in the attick,now half the house is shot,contractors just started work and it will take all winter,but again nobody was hurt,thank god for insurance,we got good snow all over it seems,cant wait to log miles on the vec

  3. Yellowknife says:

    That is absolutely unbelievable. I feel so bad for everyone involved. Glad everyone is safe though, that’s what counts!


  4. scott says:

    I heard about this yesterday, such a shame. I’m so grateful no one got hurt as it could have been so much worse (not that is wasn’t terrible)! I think we’ve all gone through fire drills but for one to happen in real life would be surreal and very scary! It’s one of those things that always happens to someone else.

    I don’t know the owners of the lodge but I hope all the best for rebuilding it! It sounds like Chad will be back off the slope in two weeks. I hope the mothership will go for reshooting the 2011’s as I can’t imagine that there will be much salvageable footage/photography.

    Maybe the circumstances can be used for the positive and correct all the things that the director would have liked to have changed during the original shooting?

  5. Bob Turner says:

    Truly sad news,a great loss for everyone involved. The silver lining is that noone was hurt. Stuff can always be replaced, our loved ones cannot. A timely reminder for all of us who use wood fueled appliances during cold weather. Make sure chimnies are cleaned anually and put those smoke alarms up and keep fresh batteries in them. We all hope the home can be rebuilt and that your marketing plan can be salvaged.
    Best wishes for a SAFE and happy Christmas season to all !!

  6. dnr says:

    thankfully no one hurt. All of us here share sympathy for the family who just lost their home and much more.
    Would not wish this, at any time.
    Time can heal and things can only get better from here.

  7. Terry Churchill says:

    Wow such destruction, to echo the others this could have been so much worse, (not to take anything away from the impact). Someone was looking out for folks and thank god no one was hurt. Our hearts go out to them especially at this time of year. The devastation of loosing many personal effects and a home one cannot imagine, although avoiding loss of life, were all so thankful for that! Terry Churchill

  8. Carl says:

    Our thoughts goes to Tim and Debbie and their family this Christmas.

  9. Ike says:

    Sad pics! Wow. I`m happy that no-one was hurt.


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