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July 2, 2009

Steve Brand Tek Rider

Yesterday, July 1 ‘Canada Day’, was a good one. It felt to me that Canada as a whole, is showing more pride and patriotism than years past. Perhaps this is somehow related to our resilience to the current global economic downturn, or perhaps a result of some collective  realization that we do live in a great, independent country and should be damn proud of it.

rhino parkingBased on this muse, I thought it would be appropriate to remember an old friend in this post. Steve Brand has been involved in motor sports as long as I can remember. He is an avid snowmobiler, dirt bike enthusiast and more recently a ‘wheel chair’ (ATV) pilot spearheading the annual invitational Brando rides held in Haliburton county.

You might not know who Steve is but I bet you are familiar with his acclaimed body amour, Tek Vest . He designed this exclusive product and established his company Tekrider shortly after retiring from a long stint with BRP Skidoo.  I first heard of Steve when he was involved with the Canadian ISDT teams back when CanAm was a competitive dirt bike and ATV’s had only three wheels. He went on to resurrect the Skidoo snowcross effort in the early nineties as their factory race team manager before banging heads with someone who was too dull to realize a good thing when he had him…A-LORES-Brando-strapped in.

What many don’t know about Steve– he is also a lieutenant colonel in the Canadian military reserves and currently deployed in Afghanistan. I received this Word Document, update from Steve [ Brand Afgn ] with a few photos included which I thought I would post for download as a tribute and salute of support from the home team, smack dab between Canada Day and Independence Day in the States.

A couple of background notes, Steve is known as V-man these days for his affection towards Yamaha touring sleds which he rides the wheels off, surprising many of his ‘X-man’ pals. He still competes gregariously through his sons Jeff and Kevin who race yellow sleds for Northland Rec on the CSRA circuit. The photo with Steve standing beside the pasty civilian is our Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper (closest thing we have to Obama). Happy July 4th to my American friends and thanks to Steve and all our troops!

‘Keep rockin’ in the free world…’

cheers cr

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2 Responses to “Steve Brand Tek Rider”

  1. Dan Cochrane says:

    I love working for a company in which we are confident enough in our own product that we can post pictures of another brand’s sleds on our blog. Wondering if the other three would be that confident?

    hahaha, perhaps they still believe if they pretend we don’t exist, snowmobiler’s won’t find out about us! But really, to be fair the yellow guys have posted pics of Yamaha sleds, (albeit with with dumb bell weights on the hood) a real touch of class! And they are very quick to publish specifications which are spun to suit their own purposes… heck they have half the market believing that light weight is the most important attribute to any sled…sigh.
    cheers cr

  2. Bob Hogg says:

    Steve likes it and has done well. Certainly not a job for the weak.

    Good luck Steve…be safe…I’m sure you read this.
    Hope the kids get continued support –didn’t see Kevin much – but Jeff has a talent…hopefully someday someone will see that and give him the ride and setup he should have….before he gives up.

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