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April 6, 2009

Factory Nytro Racing

I finally got to see the factory Nytro’s run yesterday and run they did… Iain Hayden took the holeshot and never looked back. Taylor was on his snow-flap for most of the Pro-Open main but dropped a couple of positions towards the end due to what appeared to be a broken track tensioner. Prior to the mains both Yamaha sleds dominated all their heats and Taylor won the previous days ‘Blair Morgan ProAM Tribute’ race hands down. The 4-strokes were definitely pulling hard up the long steep Horseshoe face, even the very special ‘one-race’ engine dropped into the Royal Polaris just for the occasion, couldn’t make up any ground on the climb. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and I just happened to have my trusty Canon along.




The Yamaha official release came through as I was adding my pics. horseshoe-valley-resort-yamaha-factory-racing-press-release.

There was another tid-bit of information attached to the press release. My old friend Greg Marier has officially announced his retirement. Greg has been overseeing the factory snowcross team development for the past couple of seasons but more importantly has given many years of his life to Yamaha snowmobile planning and engineering. Greg has already forgotten more about snowmobiles than most of us will ever know.

Shifting gears, I spoke with Randy Swenson this morning and the Revelstoke Yamafest went off without a hitch. He reported about 300 blue sleds on the hill, close to 150 demo rides on the new Air Nytro mountain and a good time was had by all. He sounded a little rough so I asked him if all was well… turns out he was bitten by his big turbo after he tried to park on a  rock outcrop on the edge of a vertical chute during a slight detour on the way up… A little banged up and some wrenching ahead of him but they plan to have the cameras rolling on another first ascent attempt later this week.

Finally the OFSC has announced our provincial trail system is officially shut down for the season. This is for your safety… heres the scoop trailclosuremr

cheers cr

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9 Responses to “Factory Nytro Racing”

  1. Chad Metcalf says:

    Awesome pics and what a day it was on Sunday! My son and I got sunburned as we watched the races all afternoon. What a great open mod final! Watching Iain and Steve lead the pack for all but the last three laps when Steve slipped back to 4th was fantastic. Even sitting amongst a group of Polaris, Doo and Cat faithfuls, I couldn’t help notice the awe among them at how the Yamaha’s ‘pulled’ up the big long hill. They were by far the best sounding sleds on the course. Another highlight of the day was watching the vintage sleds hit the track for some fun. Wow, that brought back memories! Great report CR.

    Thanks Chad, I have a cool video clip of the Nytro’s pulling up that long hill but YouTube is not letting me post it, I’ll keep working on it… hope your pals weren’t too upset with the results 😉 cr

  2. Daranello says:

    Those Nytro are fast! OFSC Trails may be close but the Yamaha’s are still out riding. Two Smokes just cant take the heat..

    Yesterday I posted my New personal FX Nytro XTX 144″ Speed Record 117 Mph/189 Km’h speedo (GPS 112mph) forgot to look at my RPM’s conditions were -6c, hard crusty lake snow, light north wind. This is with an all stock, Med sheild&sids, 114 Studs 265lbs rider….. 1860miles on the XTX

    I’m still trying to crack that 190km/h mark and I know its now possible once condition improve..

    Chris next year ya need to drop the Apex (like I did) and spend a year on this truly amazing sled!!!

    P.S. I’m still on my original sliders, and nothing broke all year…all that I’ve replaced was my carbide runners….

    Two thumbs up to the Nytro!

    Glad to hear you had a problem free season and are still going strong… thinking about riding a VectorFI next year but the Apex still beckons, I’ll just have to borrow Jon’s XTX when I get the urge to play!! 😉 cheers cr

  3. Stephen Burdick says:


    I was up at Yama-Fest in Revelstoke this past weekend. WOW what a great time AGAIN!!!!

    We went up March 28 and rode all week. We got hammered with snow and probably recieved about 6 feet of fresh while we were there!!! Just amazing riding. Can you imagine pulling into the sugar bowl and being the first track? That was what the entire week before Yama-Fest looked like.

    The Fest was GREAT. That new 162 FXNytro MTX SE is an imazing sled. What a difference from my 08 153″.

    Anyway, we have some great pictures I would love to send you, what is the best way to get them over to you?

    PS… My wife is pregnant and we are expecting a new snowmobiler (Yamaha-Addict) in about 3 weeks!!!!

    Hey Steve, congrats on the little one… I hope you had the suspension set soft on the wife’s sled last weekend! all the best cr

  4. DoktorC says:

    I was BLOWN away at how much distance both Nytro’s put on the pack going up “THE Hill”. It made me laugh every time. The best part, however was the sound!!! You can just hear that motor making BIG power…those boys mean business!

    This was my first live sno-X experience and I couldn’t have had a better time. Great weather, good snow, fantastic crowd, and a #1 for Team Blue…Life’s Good..

    P.S. Where’s the video?? 🙂

    just for you Dok… I have posted the vid cr

  5. pat the rat says:

    wow,what a finish for yamaha,cant beleive how much power those things make,i got a chance to ride an xtx this winter,most addicting sled ive ever ridden,i have an 09 vector and i was debating vector,nytro,after trying it i wish i would of went with the nytro,just so much fun,but dont get me wrong,i love my new vector,my wife is next in line for a new sled,and its gonna be a nytro,hee,hee,i also had a trouble free season,that’s 7000 km,and im still riding,ive seen the ofsc closure,our trails have been closed for 1 week but since then we received over 15”of snow,im riding the trails where its crown land,not farmers fields,there is still 5 feet of snow in the bush
    pat the rat

  6. 8BU says:


    Cool pics. Next time you talk to Greg Marier tell him I said thanks for the DVD. Since he was retiring couldn’t he have snuck the info I was after in the envelope as well.lol

  7. low slung says:

    Looks like a great race.By the way what ever happen to the nytro that won the first WSA pro-open snocross race by a four-stroke in jan2007,is it in yamahas collection in japan or somewhere else?Got thinking about this after seeing pictures of the yamaha historic collection in japan on the YAMAHA BIKE BLOG(loved the 08 nytro next to the toyota 2000gt sports car,that car is worth a good dollar).

    Not sure where Robbies sled ended up, we were dragging it around last spring to our dealer meetings and I think we shipped to Japan afterward. By rites it should be in our Communications Plaza at YMC on display with the many other notable historic racing machines… thanks cr

  8. sledfreak says:

    Chris, Cool Video… Now that’s what I call haulin ass… I like the way CSRA makes a track. They have a good cross between speed and air through good long straight stretches and good high jumps that are spread out enough to see big time air with distance. The WSA or (what ever they are called now) tracks have such short straightaways and huge jumps and the tracks just seems to tight. The racers just seem to battle themselves then each other. It’s really who gets the whole shot, usually pulls aways, since the tracks are so difficult to pass on. They seem to be even rougher and more techinical then Supercross. It just does not seem right when a sled is twice the weight. Go figure.. It’s a track like this one here is where you can really see the power of that 180hp 3 cylinder Nytro? :))))

    Thanks, Andy

  9. Bob Hogg says:

    Great day… 2nd out after being sidelined all winter.

    Wow… two rocket vintage 340 Enticers …too bad he misjudged the finish. An 80 SRX, Phazer skid and mat…won…cool.

    Last year I had no idea how your factory riders hung on ….but this year they out handled the CSRA field.

    Only Yamaha could make the last U turn entering the finish line straight..in one motion…. ala Bubba style…..everyone else chopped it. Amazing handling everywhere. It’s the package that wins races not HP.

    Felt bad for Steve…his sled would just not go Sunday like it did Saturday….then it got worse.

    I have not bothered to talk to teams since 1999… only look. (Well I did say hello to Andre) However….while having a good look at the Yamaha skid, a high ranking opponent said – yep that’s what you think. I quickly indicated (not specifically) the many subtle improvements and modifications Yamaha had made on it…well, that didn’t go over well….good thing he didn’t ask what I thought of his jetting.

    Got a good look at both Yamaha clutch faces … ….those engines are making massive HP…if the windshield wiper theory was developed…with current clutches …well…the rest of the factory level teams would be fighting for 3rd and back.

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