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March 30, 2009

G-Force, ISOC, Guinness Record

Our friends at G-Force had a pleasant surprise recently. As some may know Gilles and his crew established the ISR world speed record for a snowmobile last fall with his Apex powered slip-streamer. He has been working with the officials at Bonneville to run his machine on the salt. As there is no classification for ‘tracked’ vehicles within the organization, Gilles ‘Bonny’ attempt was postponed for a couple of years to allow the technical and classification aspects to be addressed.

Well he had the call last week from the officials after receiving pictures of the sled and details of Gilles world record run in Val D’or, seems they have fast tracked the entry and welcomed Gilles to run this September. There are some concerns regarding the small wheels under the skis causing some unusual ruts in the salt that might affect other vehicles so Gilles may be asked to run at least one test session if required. Pressure is now on as the team thought they had 18 months to prepare, this is now changed to 6. I’ll keep you posted as the worlds fastest snowmobile gets ready to take on the salt…

Left Gilles, center Richard, right Bob

Left Gilles, center Richard, right Bob

Gilles recently hooked up with another Yamaha world record holder, Bob ‘HONDO’ Davis. Bob achieved his record from Guinness for the ‘most miles in 60 days’ on board his Yamaha RS Venture. The cool thing is the Venture had well over 30,000km before setting out and is currently kissing 60,000km on the odometer, aside from oil changes and a valve adjustment the engine is completely original having never been apart. You can get caught up with all of Bobs adventures on Totallyamaha.

Here is a picture that features Bob and Gilles together with PASSIONYAMAHA’s Richard Hotte. Richard was instrumental in getting the ‘worlds fastest’ together the the ‘worlds most reliable’ for an official introduction and photo session.

Out west another fast guy left his mark on Revelstoke’s Boulder Mountain. Our own Randy Swenson took on all comers at the annual Big Iron Shoot-out and ended up ‘top dog’ in this colorful outlaw event. Turns out his propane powered and boosted Nytro spoiled the day for some fast-talkin, turbo-charged mustard-tubs… ata boy Randy!

In other racing news the factory racing snocross team is finishing up the season in strong fashion. I am looking forward to watching Iain hit the slopes at Horseshoe for the CSRA finals… heres the latest release.Β  round-7-isoc

And overseas our old pal Yuji Nakazawa has locked down the Japan SX championship, heres a few pics from ‘Ace’ Oyama our newest member of the snowmobile development team, (pardon the ‘Jenglish but you’ll get the picture

Yamaha 1 and 3

πŸ˜‰Β  ) mfj-all-japan-sno-x-rd5

In closing, the Toronto Supercross was a blast on Saturday, this shot kinda sums it up. CheersΒ  cr


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6 Responses to “G-Force, ISOC, Guinness Record”

  1. low slung says:

    Great post chris,i wish that G-force sled could break the speed record on snow.Hope yamaha is back next season for snocross with better results.Gave my warrior the royal treatment today for its sleep(grease,wash,shine)along with a tea-spoon of 5w30 down each lung,by the way,why did yamaha stop sell the cold weather 5w30 and replace it with the regular 5w30?Until then i have moto-gp to cheer on yamaha for the summer and maybe put a 1-inch lug track on my fathers 96et410 which hauled alot of firewood this past winter while using less than a quart of yamalube for over 700kms of hard hauling.Who needs e-tec.

  2. Mark says:

    Good post. Looking forward to seeing the boys this weekend at Horseshoe.


  3. IveyRider says:

    Chris, Probably a silly question. Passion Yamaha looks like a cool sight.Can it be viewed in english. I have scoured the site itself with no succes. Thank you in advance for your response. At your leisure of course.


    Unfortunately, PassionYamaha is not translated, it presents a big problem for forum webmasters as many things can be lost in translation especially conversational writing (blogs forums etc) heck I hardly understand some of the English stuff I read on TY πŸ˜‰ I have had requests to translate this blog but it is just to big an undertaking… you’d think in this day and age there would be a software program that could do a good job and we could all communicate!! In the meantime, thanks to some of the bi-lingual guys like Coyote, some things do get translated and shared… cheers cr

  4. parepadarappa says:

    I tried to find “Eagle Liver” on the map, but came up empty handed. It seems that Yuji did pretty good there though.
    And I notice they are using the old style aluminum rear idler wheels instead of the fancy billet aluminum ones the US race teams run, and I wonder if there is any reason for that?

    Hey Ben, I think you’ll find Eagle Liver just south of Eagle Spleen πŸ˜‰ The billet wheels are strictly for bling and perhaps a couple of grams… cheers cr

  5. NorthernNB says:


    Any feedback on the 1.5 and 1.75 inch optional tracks for the XTX? I found the stock track not hooking up great in the powder. I have had a Warrior and an Attack both with 136″ rip saws but the 144″ with the tip up doesn’t seem to work any better in the powder.

    Hey NB, I will have to ask around as I have not had the opportunity to try either of these tracks myslef. I can say that the Ripsaw is a trail track and doesn’t perform as well as some other designs in the pow, especially considering it is a 1.25 lug, I’ll ask Blaicher… stay tuned thx cr

  6. 7 skulls says:

    To all folks looking for translation, the google tool bar (for IE) has a translate tab included. I use it for the japanese sites to glean info on sno-x japan. Just tried in on passion-yamaha and it works well there too.

    thanks for the tip 7S, I’ll give it a try

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