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March 26, 2009

TO Supercross

I have been having a few technical issues with Sled Talk this week but it seems now all is well. I’m sorry if you have tried to access the site, leave a comment and been frustrated by an error code but we are, once again, good to go.

As I was spending some time on the admin side trying to figure out what happened, I ran across some interesting stats.

Sled Talk has  passed the two year mark entering number three. I have written and posted 112 articles and received 1110 comments, most of which I have responded to and much of that during my spare time. The good news is, I still have a wife and the dog doesn’t try to bite me when I enter my own house!

If you were hoping to see the factory snocross team in action this weekend in Chickopee (Kitchener ON), the event has been canceled, however the boys are still planning to hit Horseshoe for the CSRA final in a couple of weeks. As for me, I’m going to hit the AMA Supercross in Toronto this  Saturday to witness Bubba and Josh pull off a 1-2 finish!

On the product side, factory has listened to your feedback and I am happy to say it appears that all the 2010 Apex models will be coming with a new fully open / fully clipped, 2-ply Ripsaw track with EXTROVERT drivers and the new MONOSHOCK 2 skid frame. This will certainly enhance suspension durability, performance and hyfax longevity…

I’ll be back early next week with a full update and some new stuff but I wanted to get in a quick post today to let you know the blog is still alive. Now I’m outa here, and thanks to all of you, we have a belated birthday to celebrate tonight…here’s to year 3!

cheers  cr

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15 Responses to “TO Supercross”

  1. Flatlander SE says:

    I was wondering why the factory snocross team is using a Polaris skid in there race chassis?

    don’t know if that’s the case but if true my guess is because it works better for their purposes than anything else available and I would also think it would be heavily re-worked for the application. If you go to Horseshoe, ask the boys and let me know what they say

  2. IveyRider says:

    Congratulations Chris! We have greatly enjoyed the blog since discovering it about 6 months ago! My whole group is YAMAHA!
    Tom B,Rockford Il.

    P.S. Very excited about the new APEX,bad news is it took me 3 years to talk my family into my 07 ATTAK upgrade. I should be into the 2010 APEX by about 2015!

    Thanks Tom, well try our best to build something so attractive it won’t take 5 years of convincing 😉 cr

  3. Yellowknife says:


  4. dnr says:

    Where does the time go?
    Good job cr.
    Keep it up , our children are the future.

  5. Stephen Burdick says:


    Will you be in Revelstoke April 4? We are here for a week starting today. Raining as we entered town tonight, but probably gonna see snow, WE HOPE!

    Hi Steve, sadly our head office crew will not be attending the annual Revy Yamafest this year. I’d love to be there but we have been asked to limit our air travel to ‘must-do’ events as a result of the difficult economy and business environment… hopefully next year. Have fun and be sure to say hi to Brendan, Randy, Jeff, Kevin and the rest of out team…and make sure you get the collectors T-shirt, they look awesome cr

  6. Ike says:

    Good news on the extrovert drivers and mono 2 skid. My 07 sled is showing some marks of fatigue n the skid. Only after 4000 km.


  7. pat the rat says:

    hey,good job on 2 years of great reading,i havent miss 1 topic,glad to see many improvements on the apex,vector models,what was an awesome model just became an exceptionnal model IMO,i also finally convinced a friend of mine into a yam 4stroke coming from another american brand,he was very skeptical,like ”johnny” but after telling him every year how much i enjoy mine,he pulled the trigger on a non current apex,he his blown away by the motor,he couldnt stop talking about it,he didnt expect that much power,i think he his overwhelmed by it,and his last sled was an older 800 2stroke,i love bringing guys to the yam camp,you know chris,word of mouth is a very powerful tool

  8. local boy says:

    Hi CR,
    Nice showing at the Super cross last night.
    1,3,4th, James kinda spanked them.
    Did you happen to notice if there was any 2stroke bikes last night, i couldn’t hear any.

  9. Scott says:

    Going on to year three? Crazy! Didn’t seem like that much time has gone by. Keep up the good work.

    Now that Ski-doo has reinvented their Tundra, do you think Yamaha will come out with a small, Ultramatic equipped, 4- stroke work sled?

    Hmmmm, sure leaves a big hole in the market for a single n’est pas? 😉 cr

  10. Bob Hogg says:

    Bubba….he is either one heck of a good rider or out of this world feedback guy. I suspect both…..his handling looked a little rough in the first few events..but he sure flows well today.

    He is not making it easy to get a handle on FI…it’s not a fair comparison with him riding.

    The grunt available to other engines is astounding with FI. At this time I could go either way….but I still think the carb..like James runs… is faster. But…its James…it’s not really fair?

  11. sledfreak says:

    Hey Chris, Good Job on the sight.. In another post I mention I sold my Apex. Well I’m back and on a Nytro XTX for next season. I always wanted to try a cross over sled. We’ll see how I like it..



    super… keep me posted on how you like the XTX, I think I’m going to run the new Vector next year myself… cheers cr

  12. agentzoey says:

    On another note, I know Yamaha is supposedly going to fix hand warmers for 2010, but are they going to do anything for the 2009 models…

    There is no update forthcoming for 09 (or prior) models, the new system would require extensive component changes to be functional including the ECU. cr

  13. sledfreak says:

    Chris, Can we at least find out what the changes/parts are, so we can see if the upgrade is worth it or we may be able to buy the parts off a recked sled. We sure know that will happen.


    Hey SF, not sure what you are asking me here… what change or parts are you referring to?? The mono 2??

    cheers cr

  14. sledfreak says:

    No, not the skid… What parts were changed on the handwarmers for 2010, so I can change them on my 09 XTX. I really think they should do something for the 09’s, since I had to suffer since 06 on my Apex.

    It is not a feasible modification as it requires a new igniter /E controller which is big $$$. The device which is available aftermarket on Totallyamaha from Rockmeister appears to do a very good job of redirecting current at lower RPM for those that require more output. And the cost is quite reasonable compared to the factory options. I understand your thoughts on the issue but I can’t comment beyond acknowledgment and saying we have explored the subject at length within service and engineering, sorry SF, best I can offer, Cheers cr

  15. sledfreak says:

    Hey Chris, what can you tell me about this update?


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