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February 23, 2009

Klim Aboard!

Christmas came early for CR on Friday!

Sue slipped by my office late in the day and asked if I was going snowmobiling over the weekend. Quick look out the window at the falling snow followed by one of those ‘is the pope catholic?’ glances and voila… I had a complete set of the new Yamaha KLIM riding gear dropped on my desk for testing and evaluation.

I have been familiar with KLIM gear (pronounced CLIMB) for a number of years, noting many riders sporting the brand when I’ve visited the mountains. It struck me as being quite functional and understated especially in comparison with the ‘flashy’ – ‘you-wanna-race’ stuff, proudly worn by many of us flat-landers. I remember my first exposure to Reima / Gore clothing when I was in Europe testing, years ago. I was impressed and came home with a suit (still wear it) but it took several years to catch on over here and now seems to have run its course.

I think KLIM is the next great trend to emerge in hi-tech sno-mo gear. I had some doubt as to whether it would be warm enough for eastern lake running considering the company has specialized in mountain riding in the past. For anyone who has not been stuck multiple times in 10 meters of snow at 8,000 feet or thrown every ounce of their body weight into counterbalancing a screaming sled as it tries to claw its way to a high-side while a trenching a bank turn… lets just say you can bust a serious sweat, even in sub-zero temperatures. That’s where KLIM lives and rules, at least until now.

It was with some trepidation that I left my trusty gear in a pile in the basement and headed north with the new KLIMATE Goretex suit,  gloves and boots. Thinking this light-weight jacket / bib outfit was not going to be as warm as the heavy Reima stuff that I default to in the cold. I added a couple of extra layers for insurance and headed out early Saturday morning at minus 20. I had grabbed a Nytro for the weekend and Crane Lake beckoned. I rode standing up for the first ten minutes running full out for the most part waiting for the air leaks to show and … nothing. Nice!!

Okay, I head over to the ‘duck marsh’ behind Kitty Island with its frozen mounds and sinkholes that form a fun little playground. After hitting it for a few laps I began to feel the sweat on my back. I had too many layers on. Back to the cottage, emerging now with only a dry T-shirt on under the jacket. Full throttle, still warm on the lake and comfy out on the trail. I am impressed! The bibs are like light pajamas –really warm, light pajamas– The zippers are trick and fully water proof, the uppers are thin and comfy, the lower legs are all reinforced and designed to accept a knee brace (yeah, it could happen to you to), the boots are awesome and I finally found a pair of gloves to replace the Gordini gauntlets that have been a mainstay in my gear bag for years.

I don’t mean to go off like an advertorial here but I think most of you who’ve been on my blog know I don’t use this platform for direct marketing purposes. I showed the KLIM gear to all my riding buddies up at the lake and without exception they all agreed it was great looking stuff. I had to keep a close eye on my gloves as I could tell Mr. Holmes had developed a pronounced attraction towards them…

It’s not often you’ll find branded products like Gore-Tex,  Windstopper, Thinsulate, Tafetta, Tricot, Kevlar, Coolmax and Qwik Dry included in a single suit as is the case with KLIM. This stuff is clearly top shelf with regards to quality and workmanship. It’s also very obvious that it has been designed and tested by hard core riders. KLIM has teamed up with Yamaha as their only OE partner to co-brand and distribute their premium  gear. Personally I think it is a really nice fit. Both brands represent the highest quality and technology in their given product lines.

If it’s time for some new riding gear, you should give KLIM a serious look. I suggest generic black simply because its going to be in your gear bag for a very very long time! Anybody else have any experience with KLIM? I met one fellow on an Mountain Cat this weekend (coming off of Georgian Bay??) who was wearing KLIM. I asked him how he liked it and he said great, except he had no fly in his bibs. I was quick to point out mine! Turns out his suit was 5 years old (looked brand new) and I was thinking afterwards, perhaps he mistakenly purchased a ladies bib… I did mention he was riding a Cat didn’t I? 😉

This just in at the time of posting… a quick update on the factory snocross teams Valcourt debut: round-6-isoc-yamaha-factory-racing-press-release.doc

Cheers  cr

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8 Responses to “Klim Aboard!”

  1. patrick''pat the rat'' lavictoire says:

    im in the market for new gloves and bibs,next season that is,im glad to see a superior product partner with yamaha,i will def look at klim,i too have been seeing more people wearing klim products,i just hope they are priced for the average consumer,this year i was looking at a fxr jacket or a team yamaha,after doing my research i went with the yammi,it was a bit cheaper and i had the yamaha logo,but it turns out that the jacket i bought is made by fxr for yamaha wich i didnt know,it is extremely warm by the way,are we still going to see fxr-yamaha clothing or will it be only klim-yamaha,glad to see you survived your last post,keep it up

    Thanks ptr… we still have the Yamaha FXR as well as KLIM, lots to choose from. cheers cr

  2. Yammerhead says:

    Klim is top notch. Around Saskabush, you only used to see the odd rider (who likely rode mostly in the mountains) wearing it. Now it seems like every second rider has Klim on their bibs. I bought a pair of Klim Free Ride pants last year because I was tired of getting wet. So far, they have been flawless. When other riding partners were soaked, I was dry as a bone. I still have a set of heavy bibs for really cold days. We’ll see how cold the Klim’s will be good to. With some good tech under layers, I bet you wouldn’t need anything else. Klim is expensive, but you absolutely get what you pay for.

  3. PhatboyC says:

    I don’t see any zipper for aeration from the picture of the KLIMATE Goretex jacket. Is there any on the front or back? Sometimes instead of removing layers when it get warmer with the mid-day sun I just open some vents. Easier and faster for when the late afternoon chill comes back.

    Hey Carl. There is nice long underarm zippers for ventilation in my KLIMATE jacket, may not show up well in photos but its there. I also have the mid-layer under-jacket and it has underarm zips plus another across the mid-back for ventilation (Windstopper fabric). You are correct, it’s all about layering and temperature control.
    Thanks cr

  4. tmk50 says:

    I’ve been riding with Klim gear for 4-5 seasons now and really like it. The stuff flat out works. I was excited to see that Yamaha picked it up this year. One piece that I have been very happy with is the Klim helmet, it is truly an ‘all season’ helmet, and something I wish would have been on the market years ago – it is worth every penny.

    It is a very ‘cool’ helmet and it comes with extras like interchangeable visor peaks, cheek shims, removable Windstopper inner liner and high quality helmet bag (not a cloth sack! We will have a good stock. thanks for the feedback… cheers cr

  5. COLDONE says:

    The gloves sound great, but which gloves are you speaking of!

    , the ones I was referring to are the Klim Togwotee, they come with a removable inner glove (for really cold applications). I was wearing them without the inners, really nice… cheers cr

  6. Ike says:

    I use REIMA (now SCOTT) gear in my fieldwork year round. Awesome, but bit expensive gear. I also have FXR Yamaha Team jacket and MP-asu gear too.

    Good riding gear makes allready great outdoor experience even more enjoyable. Nobody likes to be cold or wet in wintertime. Don´t matter what brand of gear you use.

    Keep riding CR!


    where in europe you did find that REIMa outfit?

    I think you should be the first guy on the block to sport the KLIM stuff in Europe 😉 .
    I actually have two Reima suits, the first one was a gift from Yamaha NV which Ole-Johan Haga graciously supplied me. It is th blue with Yellow accents (Swedish?) full length parka with YAMAHA proudly embroidered front and back… cheers cr

  7. Scott says:

    Klim makes excellent gear and the company is very good at helping racers. In my experience it is the best gear out there and I really like the understated look.

  8. Daranello says:

    Will Klim make a Floater suit???

    good question, my first reaction is no but I can make an inquiry to see if they have anything or any idea to go there. We do have the Floatex product which is getting a lot of attention here. I think the keyword these days is added ‘buoyancy’ as opposed to floater… keep the lawyers happy 😉

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