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February 4, 2009

Pre 2010 Launch

Man, things sure heat up around here when it  comes to new product launch time… I seem to have an abundance of unrelated  topics to share and very little time to be creative. So- I figure I may as well ‘shotgun‘ today’s post and let you pick and choose the subjects that interest you:

Competition Stuff, X-Games report from the US boyz, you have likely heard but here is the official word.


USCC cross country racing, believe it or not Yamaha Phazers have carved a nice little niche in the sport class, here’s the media release.


Our old friend Yuji Nakazawa, has found his form back at home and is currently atop the SX standings:


Mechanical Stuff

Here are a couple of pics from under the hood of the worlds fastest snowmobile… I was thinking what a great ad it would make to get Hondo and his world record mileage sled togther with G-force and their world speed record sled. I see a simple caption, something to the effect of: What does the worlds fastest snowmobile have in common with the worlds most reliable snowmobile? Yamaha engines!

img_2771.JPG img_2772.JPGimg_2773.JPGimg_2774.JPG

This supercharged G-Force Apex has a potential of over 500 hp, the view from the cockpit is somewhat intimidating. The large central tank contains ice water for engine cooling, the tank on the right side is water used specifically for the liquid-cooled, inter-cooler, then flows over the exhaust system, exiting via a water jacketed exhaust pipe (makes for a cool looking vapor cloud out the back). Some long travel MTB shocks up front for a comfy inch or two of suspension, The steering is achieved using cables like an old style F-I boat… The tank on the left running board hold the fuel (100% alcohol) and the one you can barely see up front holds the oil. They lost an engine to this at one point due to the extreme acceleration duration which forced the oil  into the back of the tank causing the front mount oil pick-up to suck air… doh!

img_2775.JPG img_2776.JPGimg_2777.JPGimg_2783.jpg

I have seen this fluid primary clutch before that Gilles is helping bring to the next level. There are  pistons in each of the cylindrical chambers which are oil filled. Under centrifugal force the pistons force the oil into another chamber through tunable passageways causing the shieve to close. Note the schrader valve: the top of the main chamber uses air pressure to replace the primary spring to return the shieve, forcing the oil back into the the piston cylinders. It is infinitely adjustable by varying the amounts of air and oil. It also is not limited (durability) by RPM like a conventional clutch, which in our case, could negate the need for a reduction gear. They have developed a very cool feature with a hydraulic, remote control which allows the driver to hold the clutch shift on the line regardless of RPM, can you spell ‘holeshot’… boggles the mind!

I had mentioned that Gilles has developed a clutch spec for the Nytro which in his words is clutched ‘similar to a 2-stroke’. Our OE clutch spec is intentional delivering a very hard hit for the purpose of bump timing and lofting the front end over obstacles . He has discovered- for the guys running around on the groomed trails– that lowering the shift RPM, keeping the engine in the fat part of the torque curve allows for superior trail manners with increased fuel economy. He has machined his own fly weights which shift out sooner than stock and keeps the engine working, they have re calibrated the secondary and applied a little magic, the end result has more than a few Quebec trail burners smiling.

When Gilles was explaining his tuning theory for the Nytro, I was reminded of the old ‘wind-shield wiper’ analogy. This is where the tach and speedo needles advance at the same rate, kinda like a couple of windshield wipers, as opposed to a narrow power band engine (2-stroke) that ideally should tach out to the optimum max RPM then drag the speedo needle up to speed. I wagged my index fingers to demonstrate and Gilles gave me a big grin…’nough said.

Looking to tame the beast, putting more power to the trail with no loss to top performance? Give Gagne Lessard a call, don’t be shy they have English speaking staff… what I’m hearing is all good! cheers cr

New Stuff

My friends over on Totallyamaha have probably seen the latest ‘teaser’ but in case you don’t know… Johnny is back (and thank the powers that be… so is Bunny). I would have posted this sooner but I just stumbled out from the mushroom patch 😉

The embargo date for the 2010 sleds is Feb 10 at 12:00 noon EST. We will have all the specs up on our web-sites and after the dust settles, I’ll add my .25 to the controversy.Yes you read that correct. I anticipate that we will have controversy after reading all the conjecture on what we are about to unveil… I do hope the 300hp turbo Apex rumor won’t disappoint too many if it doesn’t happen…  😉  cheers  cr

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20 Responses to “Pre 2010 Launch”

  1. Carl says:

    Can’t wait for the unveiling. Honestly I’m not even looking for a new sled as my ’00 SRX 700 with Monoshock RA is performing flawlessly. But even so, just being in the Yamaha family I can’t help but to be exited on the new comer. Let the internet chatter begin!

    p.s. Trying to find a video of the winning Nytro at the 13 Winter X Games but seems like the attempted double back flip is talking all thunder.

  2. Yellowknife says:

    Holy crap that was a loaded post Chris!! hahaha So glad to see Johnny back in the action, very smart move on the part of marketing. Humour wins attention, and in this case that means more people see your products. Looking forward to the 2010’s across the board. I hear the MTX’s will have some changes I don’t think I can wait to see what those are so I’m ordering the XTX shocks for my MTX’s rear end now. The front end however is now amazing 😉


  3. Daranello says:

    controversy??? Doo releases a 4 stroke…Yamaha releases a 2 smoke again!
    We would not have the audacity to go back to 2S after everything we have claimed with 4… but it would be controversial 😉

  4. 8BU says:

    Maybe they’ll release a hybrid. Hydrogen/electric or maybe even a infinite engine.

  5. Yellowknife says:

    ahahaha I can’t stop watching that video.

  6. Ose says:

    Couldn’t wait for the 2010 releases, pulled the trigger on my FIRST Yamaha – ’09 XTX. SWEEEEET. I’m a Cat convert, tried both the Doo Renny 1200 & E-tec. Both good TRAIL sleds – but not even close to the XTX overall in my book. Not even gonna look back (exept when waiting for the 2s to catch up). Could’ve used a couple more gallons in the tank though (never herd that before have ya). Thanks Yamaha for the most versitile and fun sled I’ve ever owned. Big torque – Big Grins! 🙂

  7. Bujo81 says:

    Hey CR,
    I have something to say about the handwarmers, its true, i`ve frozen my fingers to be like a popsicle, but…we`ve fixed the problem and i don`t freeze my hands anymore, actually they are warmer then any sled i`ve ever drove…how ??? It might sound stupid, but it ain`t once you did it. Remember the recall yamaha has made on the 2006 Apex, replacing all the handlebars…Yamaha never asked for these handlebars, so me and the boys tryed it on our 2008 nytro`s….it works…didn`t heat on the apex but sure does on our nytro…so…should they make an another recall about it….or the customers could actually go to their dealers and just ask for them….

  8. jmp2204 says:

    OK what are they holding back????????

  9. Sled Dog says:

    Chris I sure wish Yamaha Canada would fix the huge Canada/USA price difference so I could not feel like I am being ripped off buying a new one. There is just too much difference between the USA and Canadian prices to blame it on economics. I have only owned Yamaha products until 09 I have one Polaris now and this is one customer who wont buy until the price is closer to reality.

  10. sledfreak says:

    Nice lineup. BNG on the Apex and a price increase…. Please explain this… Better yet go over to TY and try to explain it..

  11. brion kelly says:

    NOT impressed with new lineup at all . the only thing to notice is the huge price increase in this time of depression . where is the new stuff . you take parts off like the new mtn .se and you charge more sounds like a harley to me , chop stuff off and loose the paint for flat paint sound familiar . my 2 cents , and i will not buy another till the price comes in line with reality .

  12. 8BU says:

    Wow. Nothing like sitting on it. Yamaha’s rearend I mean.

  13. Larry D Lagergren says:

    WOW…Pretty Jam Packed read on this one C.R.
    Pretty Sweet Ride the guys out east built with a S.C.
    And last but certainly not Least By Any Means….It’s ALWAYS Nice 2 C Bunny Out as I’ve yet to see a Yamaha that she didn’t make Look Hotter when she was on it.

    Take Care

  14. agentzoey says:

    So Chris, are you going to say something or are you going to sit on your ass like Yamaha did for 2010? Atleast tell me that you have an Apex replacement, but because of the times they did not want to release it. At least make me feel better.
    Sometime in the near future, I want to upgrade my Apex for a new one, preferably before I can’t ride anymore from old age. Yes, I’m only 40….

    During the 2007 Apex/Attack survey you were asking what everyone wanted. I said I want a 136″, almost the same as I have now (Apex 121) with 40lbs lighter and 165-175hp. You said “keep the faith”. That was 2 years ago… Since it was never delivered, maybe we should do another survey..

    Also, that marketing video of you and your new, cough (motor) Vector and the Apex…. Please tell me that the suspension were setup exactly the same.. I can tell when a sled has weight transfer set to max and when it does not. My Apex stands up, when it is set to max. It looked like the Apex transfer was set at min and the Vector set at max. As you know most sleds will perform alot better with suspension/transfer changes.

    If they were set the same, then all that tells me is that YOU DEFINELTLY NEED TO ADD MORE POWER TO YOUR FLAG SHIP SLED!!!!

    Please say something….

  15. Yellowknife says:

    Is the full version of Johnny online yet?

  16. Carl says:

    “In the U.S. and Canadian markets, the cross
    country and mountain segments did the
    largest volume of business for Ski-Doo, not
    unlike the industry at-large, says Francois
    Trembley, director of Ski-Doo marketing.”

    I think it’s a good move to have concentrated on two new mountain sled for 2010. Great job Yamaha!

  17. jmp2204 says:

    why doesn’t Yamaha come out with a sled that will trump all others in power?We all know they are quite capable of it.Personally i like great handling sleds ,but many are out there who want THE sled.I know Yamaha is all about first and foremost quality and reliability, but i think they have it in them to step it up.They have in the past……is there something else coming?

  18. Todd says:

    “The purpose of this blog is to give me an opportunity to talk about sleds with you and affording me the privilege of sharing some of my insights regarding what goes on behind the advertising and hype.” – Chris Reid

    Never had any doubts that you would be right about the controversy! I know you don’t need a reminder for the purpose of this site as I am sure the delay (jeez, I guess it’s been all of 24 hours…oh well, seems like days) is due to testing the new 2011 sleds. I am also sure you don’t need my advice but as my mother always says with love in her voice, “I’m going to give it to you anyways.” The sooner you address this the better.

    Beer or Timmy Ho’s is on me if our paths ever cross and I will even pick up the tab for your .25 cents.

    Hey Todd… advice taken!! Thanks for the support, give mom a hug! cr

  19. al says:

    10 500 for a phazer?my god man,how do you sleep at night?

    generally on my left side… I don’t make up the numbers… cheers cr

  20. Mark Payne says:

    Hi Chris,

    First, let me say a sincere hats off to you personally for the job you do with this blog. Seriously, very, very few could do it, let alone do it even close to half as well as you do.

    Secondly, as a loyal Yamaha sled owner for many, many years, all I can say is how disappointing this all is. I say this because we who love Yamaha products and know Yamaha as a company, know what they are capable of. To build superior marine products as just one example that rule the world market and then at the same time offer what you have for 2010 in the sled market is nothing short of astounding. We all know Yamaha can kick everyones ass if they committed to doing so in this biz and that is why we are so upset. I think hurt is a better word actually. Most of us bleed blue, and it is tough to keep saying “if Yamaha wanted to….” I hope and pray for the days when Yamaha has awesome ski’s, or a 150 plus hp Nytro, or a 180hp Apex, etc etc… or whatever it is, to leave the competition in the snow dust far behind. Again we ALL know you can do it, and do it right, so please don’t rest on your laurels again, we beg of you Yamaha!!!

    Thanks Mark… maybe see you at the 6 Star radar run this weekend! cheers cr

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