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December 16, 2008

Acronym Contest – Snowcross

Things are getting off to a good, snowy start here in southern Ontario. Many clubs are grooming and putting the final touches to the trail signage in anticipation of opening soon. Having said that, this time of year always requires additional caution. I won’t preach to the choir, just be extra careful if you are amongst the lucky few who are riding already.

sx1.jpgThe weekend provided another opportunity for the factory snowcross team to test their mettle. Steve Taylor made the main and ran with the pack for the full twenty laps. Iain Hayden actually posted some of the fastest lap times of the day only to be denied after he popped his shoulder out on a high speed uphill, bail-off. Andre assures me that Iain is still fit to race. The shoulder injury is an old one that, painful as it is, can be forced back into place being not much the worse for wear. Andre actually tried to set it himself track-side but was  unsuccessful,  relegating Iain to some more professional care at the local hospital. The Nytro’s received a bunch of tweaks following Spirit Mtn and showed vast improvements. Here’s the official release: round-2-isoc-yamaha-factory-team-press-release.pdf

Adam sent me a couple of interesting links from a European web-site. The concept appears to be similar to a road race course laid out through a ski-hill village dedicated to snowmobiles. The spectating would be fun with all the surrounding infrastructure and scenery and the course appears something any one of us could take on without being a full fledged athlete with a hi-buck sponsor.acronyms.jpg

Finally I had some good feedback on the Yamaha acronym challenge last week and am attaching the answer sheet. I have also added some of my own tongue in cheek descriptions to the meanings: acronyms-smb-2.xls

I’ll confirm the trivia master winners for you in my next post. Now turn off the computer, stop listening to the news and get outside for a ride already…

Cheers cr

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4 Responses to “Acronym Contest – Snowcross”

  1. parepadarappa says:

    Do I get any free stuff for teelling you that you forgot the definitions for ISIA and TORS?

    Geez Ben, that’ll teach me for being in a rush… The ISIA (International Snowmobile Industry Association managed by Roy Muth was replaced by ISMA around 15 years ago under the leadership of Mr. Ed Klim, who, I don’t mind telling you, is one heck of a good man… there aren’t many of us left you know 😉 .

    The TORS is: Throttle Override System consisting of two switches one at the carb / throttle body and one in the thumb lever housing, they work on throttle cable tension to switch. One switch must always be engaged or blah blah engine reduced to idle.

    I was prepared to offer you a new NytroXTX for pointing out all my misgivings until I noticed your blatant misspelling of the word ‘telling’, I am afraid I must withhold your reward until you attain the same goal of perfection which you so clearly expect of me cheers 😉 cr

  2. parepadarappa says:

    I guess that’s what I get for being in a rush too. I sure would have got some good use out of that XTX. We’ve already had a good 4′ of powder here in the UP.

  3. Sled Dog says:

    Hi Chris we have discussed Yamaha Canada stand on not lowering cost on parts and products when our dollar was at and even over par with the US dollar. I would like to know why Yamaha Canada is so quick to raise the prices on parts and products now that our dollar has slipped back down again. This seems to me like a typical money grab if the prices were good prior to the rise of our dollar with no decreases why are they so quick to raise prices this coming Jan 1st 2009?

    Rod, It’s a far more complex issue and I don’t pretend to understand the deeper economics but remember we are dealing with the Canadian dollar versus the Yen which is being impacted by a global hit which started in the US and has now spread to all markets. Raw materials, steel, oil etc have all become unstable, consumer markets are soft requiring production cut-backs in practically every sector… It’s a nasty mess and anyones guess where its all going. Canada is performing better than most countries and our pricing and costs actually reflect a more optimistic future than many others (including the US). As Canadian consumers I don’t think we should complain too loudly. It could be and perhaps will end up getting worse before it gets better.
    Again not my field of expertise and not my desire to engage the issues here on Sled Talk. I just hope we can look back this time next year and say ‘well that wasn’t so bad!’ cheers cr

  4. parepadarappa says:

    Sled Dog,
    This isn’t just a Canadian issue, as it’s something we here in the states are dealing with too. Prices are going up on everything, parts and products included. Food prices continue to rise even thought it was initally blamed on high fuel prices, but with fuel so low right now what’s the deal right? I understand that this isn’t really the place to talk politics and the like, but if you really want to have a good discussion about these things with other sledders, go to http://www.freedomsledder.com/forums/index.php?showforum=4 and start a thread about it. Watch out though, it’s addicting…..


    I’ll check out the site even though my Yang would have me don my helmet, turn out the lights and pull the sheets up over my head… cheers cr

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