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October 6, 2008

Whistler Dealer Conference

Our 35th Anniversary, dealer conference in Whistler BC turned out quite well by all accounts. The main focus was on our new 5- Star dealer program which offers new opportunities and incentives for Yamaha dealers. The ultimate objective is to advance our abilities to serve you at a level beyond all the current motorsports benchmarks.There is no doubt we all have our work cut out for us, but these new tools are being utilized to create an important impact with Yamaha customers being the greatest benefactors.img_2335.JPG

I’m an old throttle twister and an avid cyclist, consequently a visit to Whistler wouldn’t be complete without hitting the slopes on what has become a world model for mountain bike parks. After we finished loading up our two semi’s and closing the doors on the conference, Swenny (Belly-mon, Going Up?), JF, Jon park.jpgand myself hooked up for a day of bombing the trails. It’s hard to describe the variety and quality of the Whistler downhill trail system so I’ll just apply the well worn term; ‘awesome’. Our confidence built on each consecutive run and by the end of the day we were throwing down on every jump and railing the perfectly contoured berms, we even passed several girls on our last pass. Trust me, Richey Schley has nothing to worry about!

In my last post I spoke of Gilles Gagne and his attempt to break the world land speed record for snowmobiles. Well he did. In fact his twin supercharged slip-streamer shattered the record at 210mph (338kph). Congratulations go out to Gilles and his sponsors who took a stock Yamaha 4-cylinder and created the fastest snowmobile in the world. Down south the NSRA grass drag racing series wound up with some very impressive Yamaha results.  Here is the full report from Greg. grass-drag-results.doc.

So this all leaves me sitting at my desk rather reluctantly, as I try  to make sense out of the rest of October. It’s too eaparts.jpgrly to get ramped up for snowmobiling and a little late to be getting serious about the dirt. And what I really need to do is focus on scooters, which I will openly admit are cooler these days than at any time prior, but still anti-climatic compared to the adrenaline-charged, gravity-defying antics of cycles and sleds. sigh…

cheers  cr

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4 Responses to “Whistler Dealer Conference”

  1. Dustin says:

    Its NEVER too early to think about Snowmobiling chris!

    Thats a crazy downhill mountain biking course, i’ve never seen a public thing like that ever.

    Ya UR right Dustin… it’s never too early to think about sleddin but I’m just not amping on it until the days get a little colder.
    I would recommend the Whistler downhill experience to anyone with a basic level of fitness and a passion for handlebars and speed!
    The video shows the ‘A-Line’ trail which is rated a ‘black’ diamond. The greens and blues are definitely tamer (checkout the ‘Schleyer’ (double black)if you want to see some really crazy stuff. Another cool thing about Whistler is the rental bikes, they supplied high end Kona downhill rigs with dual triple crown forks and 8 inches of plush travel… cheers cr

  2. Dane Morrison says:

    Hi Chris,

    Will there be an trailer hitch for the XTX this fall? I see you have one for the MTX and regular Nytro. Is the new tunnel design not strong enough?


    Hey Dane, We are working on a hitch but nothing is confirmed yet. I’ll keep you posted. cr

  3. Chris D. says:

    Hey Chris,
    I attended MESH this year and remember you sharing a story of how a blogger helped develop a new part for one of your sleds and would love to find out the name of that blog as well if you would be interested to tell that story again on camera.
    I think it would make a great web 2.0 story for the segment that I produce on CP24, called Webnation, now that winter will soon be upon us! Any leads would be great! Thanks so much.
    …in the interests of full disclosure I am a big big fan of summer and the F90 (prop but I want a jet!)

  4. Yellowknife says:

    Hey Chris, i’ve been reading up on things as I do in the summer/fall to keep tabs on specs, and I was surprised to see the amount of horsepower that Arctic Cat is getting out of a 2 cylinder 4 stroke (their non-turbo Z1)

    I almost thought it was a mis-print.

    Yamaha’s 130FI has sparked a competition amung the rest to build the best 130ish 4 stroke engine – Yamaha has officially created a new competitive class for the future in my books. BRP is competing for it now, but when comparing it all, how the heck is Arctic Cat pushing 123 hp out of a two cylinder 4 stroke motor at 1050cc?

    That’s 60 hp per piston in their motor vs. 45 hp per piston from Yami and BRP.

    What am I missing in the 4 stroke equation that is allowing them to push those types of ponies? I’m confused around displacment when it comes to 4 strokes – should we ignore the number of cylinders and look more to the CC’s?

    500cc Phazer = 80hp
    Why doesn’t a 1000cc Nytro = 160 hp?

    Hey YK, this is an interesting (and convoluted) subject. I could write an extensive response but the short answer: In marketing there is always a ‘creative’ way to make nice numbers. Yamaha is one of the worst players in this game. It has gotten to the point where our factory has requested (demanded) that we no longer publish horsepower or weight figures. Why? Because there are far too many ways to spin the data and if you don’t play aggressively you come up looking bad. Japanese for the most part make terrible liars.
    You don’t have to look far to see examples of direct comparison ads from our competitors that would have you believe Yamaha is relative crap and the peripheral stuff which is fed to media, dealers and consumers through more subtle channels is designed to support and strengthen their message.

    To your point on making horsepower, just add RPM (or boost). It only gets complicated when you want to maintain the torque over a wide range and keep a high level of durability / reliability. An interesting example: The fuel injected Nytro motor and the new Venture FI motor, same block, same components but the Venture makes less horsepower. Why? In reality it makes more HP and torque than the Nytro at lower RPMs (where most trail riding takes place), where the Nytro is more progressive, making more HP at the peak RPM with a softer mid-range. (never thought I would refer to a Nytro as having a soft mid hmmm).

    The 4-cylinder with less displacement makes more power yet but requires a gear reduction at the crank to keep the clutch alive. This answer to your Phazer question is found there, the peak power is made close to 12,000 rpm. Current snowmobile clutches would be spitting pieces of shrapnel if operated at that speed for any length of time. I honestly don’t think you will find a better built snowmobile engine than Yamaha on the market regardless of claims. I am curious to see how the latest 4-stroke offerings (and new tech 2-strokes) from the competition hold up in the long run… we’ll see. cheers cr

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