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August 21, 2008

Changes at Yamaha Canada

Just when I thought I had it all figured out….

Hey everyone, hope you all have had a great summer. Ben fired in a comment this morning that kinda kicked me in the butt. He reminded me that its been several weeks without a post. Guilty as charged, but let me explain. We made some changes here at Yamaha Motor Canada coming into the summer and I was asked to head up a new division to lead product planning and research including the integration of accessories development. We are covering the complete motorsports group including bikes, ATV’s and of course sleds plus we support our prop heads in their continued growth. I needed to throttle back on quite a few projects (including SledTalk) to focus on my new challenge.

But then it happened, the temps dropped quite a bit this past weekend, the morning air is still chill and returning from my cottage, I saw the first maple tree covered in flame red leaves. Time to start thinking snowmobiles from a riders perspective.

The boys from Yamaha USA’s snowmobile group are traveling up to Toronto next week for a meeting of the minds. We have lots to discuss. There are many changes afoot based on the current economy and several new opportunities for us to explore. I haven’t had an update from Greg and the factory snowcross team but I know they have been working hard in preparation for the new ISOC series. (stay tuned)

On the political front, there are some exciting things shaping up for the provincial associations with the feds, EPA 2012 and access issues which don’t get any easier. At least sled and infrastucture insurance has stabilized somewhat. Through ISMA, the manufacturers collectively, are planning a real push on introducing some new riders to the game which is being picked up by many provincial and state associations, reflected in soon to be announced programs.

The marketing front is seeing a couple new players trying to scratch their way into the big league publications, a couple of new trade shows are in the offing and there are more ‘opportunities’ than ever to partner with arms length promoters with an eye on sledding. End of the day the ‘sno-mo biz’ is in pretty good shape looking forward. I haven’t seen the Farmers Almanac or Environment Canada predictions for snowfall yet but I have a native friend up at the cottage who told me he seen a very good ‘telling sign’ of a severe winter to come. ‘White men are cutting lots of firewood here’... I’ll go with that!

bm.jpgSo there it is, I fully intend to keep blogging as long as I have a receptive audience. The content may change a bit as I am more focused on accessories these days and learning lots of cool things on the ‘wheels’ side which may be of interest to some… (have you checked out our new Vmax 1700?)… I expect our friends over on Totalyamaha may start to come out of hibernation and the forums will begin to heat up. I doo hope the mods are well tanned and rested 😉 Hold onto your toque, ’cause here we go!! Cheers cr

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6 Responses to “Changes at Yamaha Canada”

  1. Dustin says:

    We’ve missed you Chris, we still hope for a great snowmobiling tale once in a while, but I’ll always be here. Oh I ride sport bikes too, so I’m interested in everything you’ve got.

  2. patrick''pat the rat'' lavictoire says:

    its nice to hear from you again,ive been reading all your posts since the beginning but never replied once.i too can feel the season changing slowly,soon enough,we will go thru our hunting season(with my grizzly of course) wich helps speed up time towards sledding season.im a regular on totallyamaha and i must say that its pretty busy even in the summer months,it is a great site for yamaha owners and for yamaha,im looking forward to purchase my new sled in the coming months,keep up the good work and keep us posted,thanks,pat the rat

  3. Ike says:

    You´re back! Great! Never missed a blog writing by you. Always some new and interesting stuff here.

    Mornings are becoming chilly here (well, I live over 130 km north from the Arctic Circle though..)

    Isn´t that Blair Morgan in his motorcross uniform in that pic? Not too many “red tops” like him in those events. LOL

    Yep.. Thats Blair, I always smile when I see him and Tucker in their Yamaha jerseys during the off-season!! cheers cr

  4. 7 skulls says:

    Great to see another post CR. Your definitly right about the season. I can feel fall in the air each morning as I head to work. Lucky I have my shocks rebuilt and ready to go but a new phazer will be hard to resist once the white stuff starts falling. Keep up the good work.

  5. parepadarappa says:

    You are welcome for the butt kicking, glad to hear that you plan on blogging as long as you can, because as far as I can tell, us Yamaha riders are as dedicated to the sport as anyone. Keep up the good work, but when are you going to finish the SRX story? Just when you got me pulled in and how the Viper fits in with the story, you give us 4 non related entries. Spill the beans, I’m ready!!!!


  6. Bob Hogg says:

    Yamaha Accessories division…. – it didn’t do my old buddy Ed H. any harm!!!

    Beyond belief story blog….last time I drove the BC mountains was in about 1973 +/- on Yamaha’s latest model – what’s with those sink holes…. The new stuff you talk about is wild.

    If I can regress

    June 10th Blog
    Interesting stuff –watched a program describing Ferrari and other large companies marketing – one was the YouTube video on launching a car to the US form Europe off a ramp… BMW did that one with great success. Attention grabber – very new concept.

    The vamx bike – when you snap the throttle on FI at mid range – it makes power over and above the map – chip control? Do you have a link on how that works – I don’t get it?

    Sudbury – haven’t been there since it used to look like the moon –wonder if John Jorwaski is still kicking around?

    May 8 Blog
    Didn’t you guys put a bunch of those cancelled sleds in storage in Toronto?

    A year or two after that …..one of the engines showed up in midget race car – at my old race mechanics place. The engine was acquired and put in by a race performance guy (deceased -at a young age) and Bill fixed it up a bit with more parts the dude brought along. It ran strong – he was usually top 5. Think it led for awhile at the indoor in NY.

    May 1st – Blog
    Then the King invented Circle M–uggg.
    SRX –2002 SRX 700 would be nice to own

    April 8 Blog
    If it ever stops raining – maybe you can get your talented daughter on a board– she got the skis pretty dialled last year – by your reports.

    The old Enticer – ay –who would have thought – nothing could ever stop em – back in the day or today looks like.

    That Merc sled, at the vintage snox race, made us old racers look like slugs – he should have lapped the field twice. My late friends, Bud and Danny, would have turned over in their graves if that saw that.

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