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March 26, 2008

Customers Star in Yamaha Ads

‘Everybody is a Star’: Sly and the Family Stone, 1970

Some of you might remember a post I wrote back in October ‘Yamaha Prototypes In Show’
I posted a new TV commercial and asked if anyone would like to be in the next one. Well a few people responded and when it came time to update the spot with a new sled (the new 09 Venture ), we went back to
the blog to search for some talent. Following is the result in the form of a story from blogger and TY member ‘SNOGUZZLER’ whose blog comment read:

SNOGUZZLER says: I ride an Attak, my wife a Vector and my two best friends each have Vipers. We’d love the opportunity to be in an ad!!!!
btw: If you have any trouble unloading that sled I’ll be there to pick it up tomorrow!
thanks. We’re from the Trenton Ontario area.

Heres what SNOGUZZLER (aka Shawn W) had to say after we got in touch with him…

“Chris asked if anyone was interested in being part of a “What kind of Yamaha Are You?” commercial in one of his SledTalk episodes and I jumped at the chance. About three months later I got an email from Bryan @ Yamaha Canada saying I had been selected. I couldn’t believe it. When he heard my wife rides as well he decided we would both star in the commercial.

After passing a few tests my wife and I were accepted and asked to be at the location at 9:30 on a Thursday. Well neither of us could sleep we were so excited. (It was also a milestone day for us as it was the first time my wife left our newborn baby with a sitter.) Bryan meet us at our truck and handed us brand new, top of the line, Yamaha suits to wear for the shoot and best of all to keep!!

We suited up and then had the biggest surprise of all – the brand new 2009 RS Venture TF. It took me 1/2 an hour to check out the new sled and then it was down to business. First we were filmed in all kinds of different poses while saying our lines. Next we were filmed on the sled from different angles, at different speeds and over different terrain. I personally like the shot where we were riding in a field while the camera man followed along beside us on the road. You wouldn’t believe the effect.

I’m so glad that March 13th has come and gone and I don’t have to keep quiet about the new Venture we drove. Everyone wanted to know what it was and all I could say was ‘it’s a secret’. Guys you have to try one with the track flip option – it works awesome and should be adapted to all long track sleds! As you can imagine the biggest thrill of all is yet to come when all our friends and family actually see the commercial on TV and recognize us. Yippee we are movie stars (almost ha ha πŸ™‚ !!!! )We would really like to thank Chris and Bryan from Yamaha Canada as well as the staff at Motorsports of Trenton (our local dealer) for the most exciting day of the winter.”
Shawn and Tammy W.

Well Shawn and Tammy, we’d really like to thank you both for taking the time out to help us… sometimes it actually pays to participate in the blog with a comment opposed to reading and thinking about it in the background πŸ˜‰ . Heres the final commercial with your 10 seconds of stardom… It never fails to amaze me how much effort goes into a few seconds of footage …and we ain’t no ‘Spielberg’ production!! You guys look good on that new sled with your spiffy new suits! cheers cr

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10 Responses to “Customers Star in Yamaha Ads”

  1. Northener says:

    That’s really cool. And a secret sled to ride also. Man, I don’t think I could have kept my lips sealed on that… LOL

    Chris, do you know if the specs are set for the Venture TF? Will the rack be a standard feature? It looks a whole lot nicer then the rack you could get for the old Venture! I guess one could use a regular windshield for an Apex on the new TF? Oh, and will the rip-saw on the TF finally be fully clipped?

    Thanks for keeping us updated! πŸ™‚

    Thats quite observant for you to pick up on the rack… that is an optional item on the new Ventures, we were using that particular unit for some accessories development. It works pretty trick as the base mount is built into the sled OE. We are hoping to have a few option choices in that area. Also we don’t want to loose the under seat storage access which is huge. The track is not fully clipped and it gets the new idler wheels with the replaceable bearings… cheers from Revelstoke… cr

  2. DoktorC says:

    Nice job!! It’s great to see the customers included in marketing like this (as well as the blog). I really like the “what kind of yamaha are you?” ads..they just kinda get me and I can’t explain it. Who is the kid at the end?? Well picked I’ll say!!

    PS. Tell “Mr. Track Day” he looks nice in leather :).

    haha I’ll be sure to let ‘Mr Track Day’ know he has a fan πŸ˜‰ cheers cr

  3. jmp2204 says:

    Thats great Guzz! and hats off to the people at Yamaha(Chris) for this blog!

  4. Dane Morrison says:


    Will there be an heavy duty hitch available for the new Venture GT’s/TF’s?

    We’re working on it and will update all the goodies. how many ton RU pullin??

  5. Cyril andrews says:

    Has their been starting problems with the Genesis 80fi 4-Stroke-I’ve been told the engine has to turn over a lot to start .especially in cold weather??
    I own a 07 Professional VK,with all the Suspension and Relay Problems,I’M haveing,as well as other Riders who own Professional, I,m thinking about Downsizinz to the Venture Lite.any quick fix on the RELAY RODS?????for the Professional.?? thanks,Cyril

    There was an update for the early 80hp motors for cold starting. They do take a bit of cranking when they are cold (still true on the 08 / 09) but light up nicely once primed.

  6. Dane Morrison says:

    Just two kids in an Equinox, but it’s pretty treasured cargo, so an Stout hitch is mandatory.

    I hear you Dane. The TF model has a very strong hitch point built in, I need to confirm whether the GT gets the same spec as this can differ from the USA to Canada. The Europe spec generally has the hitch point. I’ll find out for sure and let you know.

  7. Erik says:

    Hi Cris!

    Now when the season is comming to an end, could you get a hold of any info about what issues that you are working on regarding the Nytro? It would be great to know what is going on regarding the front end weaknes(5 of 6 that I know has tweaked theirs and only 1 did it in a bigger hit, I dont eaven know when mine was tweaked but it is), handwarmers(Hot like hell one day and cold the next… ???), bushings/balljoints(just doesnt hold up), engine bog (well that one I told you about earlier) etc etc…

    Whitch are going to be adressed, witch are not a big issue that many has etc… Then we would know what to fix and what not to fix on our sleds during the summer…

    Erik… as the saying goes- ‘we will serve now wine before its time’ – Our guys are still busy reporting and factory will be working hard over the summer. I don’t expect a lot will become available until the fall but I promise I will update whenever I can. I must continue to emphasize the importance of reporting the issues to your dealer and the importance of the dealers making sure they forward the info to us. I can tell you when I checked the warranty claims on one of the issues you mentioned, the number of claims on file is very small (2 digits) which does not equate to what I read on line. As always, thanks for your input… cheers cr

  8. Cyril andrews says:

    how about the Suspension Problems,and the Relay Rods on the 07 Professional,despite 2 bracket modfications???-also steering VERY-jerky-you have to very alert all the Time,or your off the Trail?????
    Thanks again,Cyril.–Hoping for a Fix on the above Problems.

    Cyril, I’m not aware of these issues but thats not to say there isn’t some info available, I’ll have to ask around. I haven’t spent much time on the VK Pro to form my own opinion. I know we sell a lot of the wide ski skins for them, the skid frame is the Pro-Action Plus which has been around since 96. If stuff is breaking it’s generally related to bottoming which is a result of load and spring… just a thought. cheers cr

  9. Glenn Andrews says:

    The VK Pro is an excellent machine. We have raced it in 3 consecutive Cain’s Quest races placing 10 th this year — Yamaha was # 1 on Nitros. The first two years we were plaqued with rear skid problems. This year we installed Yamaha modified brackets and made some mods ourselves. We experienced no issues. The machine has alot more potential if it could be driven to its capabilities. The engine and front end are rock solid( have’nt touched them for either race). What needs to be changed is the rear skid. Contributing to its failure is the weigh of the rear exhaust which causes an enormous amount of ice build up ( We estimate we are carrying an extra 30 lbs in ice plus exhaust, and reducing trail breaking performance.
    We love to race them again next year. Any suggestions? Can you point us in the right direction? Our dealer has been great to us!

  10. Art says:

    I recently purchased 2 Brand new–2009 Yamaha Venture RS for my wife and I. BUT we have driven snowmobiles for years and years and are fairly experienced at 56 years of age these are our first Four Strokes –Problem -We can’t ride them low speed or moderate these are terribly Tippy sleds that just constantly want to roll over Top heavy. They have wide ski’s 144 inch tracks heh this sounds very stable BUT. Does anyone have a solution or helpful ideas before one of us gets hurt. I have heard set the suspension differently as we do not use these for two-up or if so a rarity. HELP!
    Thank you!

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