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March 12, 2008

Newfoundland Dealer Conference

D-day in Newfoundland.

I am back here- again- in anticipation of the arrival of our dealers who will see and ride the new sleds. Tomorrow is the official date of the release embargo which in some respects is anti-climatic after Supertrax mistakenly released about 300 copies of their spring issue containing much of the detail on our 09’s. Cool thing is however; we have a couple of things that didn’t make it into their rag to talk about. Nothing earth shattering but significant nonetheless. I’ll tell you in a few of days what I’m referring to as it might not creep into the forums all that fast.

I had a good chance to ride the new Nytro XTX today, as well as two other updated 09mar08-006.jpg Nytro models. This just might be the sled that will get my rear off the Apex but I’m still in the ‘courtin’ phase and quite infatuated with the sled. As you can see in this shot we were getting rather intimate this morning… the XTX wasn’t the only hot thing on the trail.

An old buddy and local bush-whacker, Todd, was enlisted as our mar08-004.jpgguide and spiritual leader. He has the uncanny ability to sniff out lines through the bush where only a rabid fox would venture. It was somewhat unnerving, scratching about off-trail with three brand new ‘show’ sleds, in search for an illusive connector trail to take us away from the resort. All this to avoid the impending melt down of the plowed access roads. I was actually wishing for a Bravo at one point (well not really… but it certainly would have been a more prudent choice of boonie weapons). In the end, we finalized our route and enticed the local club to bring in their groomer tonight to carve out some snow banks and manicure our chosen route. Makes me wonder why we’re testing 15 inch bump sleds, but with the number of passes we intend to make, better to start off smooth

I want to thank all of you Apex guys who took the time to complete the owners survey. I have received an excellent sample (several hundred) and your collective voice will certainly be part of the process of the Apex evolution. It was also quite interesting to see some of the ensuing comments about the questions. I tried hard to keep it real.

Bob Davis sent me his final Guinness record update today… the ODO says it all. I’ll let you know when the final adjudication is complete.


So wish me luck. Our first wave of dealers arrive tomorrow along with our VIP’s. So if you don’t ever hear from me again, it’s probably because I angered, lost or damaged our (Yamaha Motor Company) President who is flying in from Japan tomorrow to go for a ride…

Here is a last minute update from Greg and the Race team.  finalsnocross-bir-press.doc

cheers cr

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22 Responses to “Newfoundland Dealer Conference”


    Good luck Chris and look forward to hear some more after the dealer meeting!


  2. Jeff says:

    Enjoy the riding. We are getting hammered with a storm on the east coast of Newfoundland this morning so I hope everyone you are expecting is able to get into the area OK.

    I’ll be riding the area you are in for the first time myself week after next so I expect a full report. And don’t stay on the trails. The most fun is to be had off them out there.

  3. Jamie says:

    If you get a chance do you think you can inquire to the powers that be at the meet if the 08 nytro owners will be helped out and given a fix to the multiple font end prolems we have been faced with all winter.



    Far as I know we don’t have any planned announcements here at this meeting. As soon as something official is available I’ll post it and I will continue to draw attention to what is being reported on-line. As I have said many time now, the key is to work with your dealer and your dealer to report to us… it works but it takes a bit of time… cheers

  4. dnr says:

    Hey cr, great write up and update on Team Yamaha Racing.
    The photo “basking on the trail’ took me back to the good old days working for Yamaha.
    I’d like the weather to hold ….maybe we update some video footage soon.
    Practice your curving skills Pal.
    Wish to have a great Yamafest here in the West.

  5. pissed off says:

    09 nytro rtx se us $11,299 canada $14,099 canada us dollar today 1 can dollar = 1.01488 USD come on yamaha thatjust stupid stop ripping off canadians

  6. Peter says:

    Hi Chris,

    Man oh man did that Supertax issue cause me problems nevermind you guys … hahaha. I got kicked off every board you can think of b/c I was asking what people thought of the new Venture GT and FX Nytro RTX SE. I’ll take your 40th when you move onto the XTX 🙂 .

    A question for you. What Yamaha sled has the lowest centre of gravity ? FX Nytro seems to sit high up but maybe the way the engine is set it has a low COG ?? Or is it the Apex chassis with the 4cyl or even the carb 3 cyl ????

    Peter, the Bravo has the best CG currently but the sleeper of the group is the Vector (in the Apex chassis) the three cylinder mounts lower than the four and IMHO is our best handling sled. Both Nytro and PZ are higher CG… sorry about the all the forum censorship, certainly wasn’t my idea besides it didn’t work anyway except to frustrate a few like you. The guy who figures out how to control the web is going to make Gates look like a pauper! cheers 😉

  7. Ike says:

    “The guy who figures out how to control the web is going to make Gates look like a pauper!” You can say that again LOL! I´ve done my share of stirring the pot too…

    Anyway, 09´s were pretty much what I expected. Hoped a Venture with the 150FI engine (atleast as a option), but the new 120FI looks and probably is a great engine. Should get good MPG numbers.

    Vector´s IMO need FI soon to compeate. As a carbed engine they are great, but throttle responsoe wise lack when compared to the Nytro´s 1050cc mill. MPG isn´t a great concern with the Vetor engine. It really shines on that area. And the FI should be even better on the fuel too. Sleds consume WAY too much fuel ( I know, I have a Vmax-4 LOL)

    XTX looks good. That should me my next ride (if the price here don´t go too high….) Just hoping for good shocks and clickers on it (please, Öhlins option or SE shocks?. Yamaha really needs this one to do good. Crossover segment is growing and the other brands have good/great sleds to cover it. We are a such a small market here in northern europe, that our voice isn´t heard back in Japan loud enough. Bad shocks or soft settings are NOT the way to go here. Nobody buys a car without any shock absorbers today, so why should we buy a sled without them?

    Anything new on the Phazer? Will the skids hold up on the 09´s better than on the earlier Phazers? I know few PZ owners whom are here frustrated with the broken links, shock bolts etc.

    Hold the blue flag high and happy trails to you CR!


    Thanks Ike and as usual your comments are sensible and appreciated. The PZ’s have had a lot of upgrades since the introduction. The latest one that I quite like… the large hole in the tunnel (beneath the muffler) is now closed off… This was accomplished by adding a little heat protection around the seat. cheers cr

  8. Sled Dog says:

    Yamaha Canada what is with your ridiculous high prices? Do you really think Canadians are going to pay those high prices? I feel for your dealers, head office greed is killing them. I will buy in the US as will countless others.

    We haven’t released the sales programs yet, thats where I am now. The MSRP’s remain competitive in Canada, we will again be applying instant rebates plus additional options to close the gap on the weak US $, you might want to speak with your dealer next week when they return.

    cheers cr

  9. Erik says:


    Im with Ike on the shock option. Id like a better setup in the shock department. Could you ask your shock guys why they feel that alot of lowspeed dampening and to little highspeed dampening is a good thing? The -08 setup in my Nytro RTX was far from good and now after ravalve my floats have highspeed dampening and work alot better… The rear is still std since I dont know where to get spare parts etc. They are HARSH but then they just bottom out in the bigger bumps… I guess you are working on new setups all the time but it is a year to late for us -08 guys…

  10. al says:

    i agree with those guys.i thought the phazer was the perfect sled for me until i rode one.i cant believe the suspension is designed by the same guys as the rest of the sled.it was also very cold.

  11. Peter says:

    Hi Chris,

    Just to carry on re COG. How is the Venture GT in the Apex chassis with the 130hp FI motor ? Does the FI motor sit lower than the carb motor ?

    The short answer is … yes. Think RS Vector layout with long-track and sofa. cheers cr

  12. Dane Morrison says:

    Hi Chris,

    On the ’09 Venture GT what is the peak torque number? I know it’s been retuned for more low end torque than the FX, how much more?

    Do you have an Graph comparing the two engines?

    I’ll try and get the data for you today Dane… the concept was to broaden the torque range and smooth out the power delivery, the throttle response id definitely crisper than the carb’d 120 and the fuel range is about 5% better

  13. Dustin says:

    Canada guys complaining about prices, you have to realize that techinically your prices haven’t risen. Either has ours, just the difference between the US dollar and CAN dollar have. If the dollar was in its normal place that it had been in the past 10 years, the prices would be about even. Its the same princable why certain parts of the world cost more to live in than others.

    Chris, I do have a complaint about Yamaha Demo rides. I was in West Yellowstone, MT today for the World Snowmobile Expo. Last year the demos allowed me to ride the Nytro MTX, granted only on trails, but it showed me enough to know that its what I wanted and it sold me.

    Now to this year. Same thing, but even shorter. Kinda what I expected. Then I signed up for the Arctic Cat demo rides. Come to find out they were 2 HOUR demos. We were guided riding their newest M8s and M1000 sleds doing exactly what we would be if we bought them. Climbing, boondocking, not just trail rides. Thats the way real demo riding works. I’d like to see Yamaha do this in the future, I think they’d really sell more sleds this way.

    Granted, Ski-Doo was no where to be found there for demo rides for the past 3 years I’ve been there. 🙂

    Well Dustin, In Canada, Yamaha demo rides generally run 4-6 hours our lead and sweep riders will pull off once they decide the riders have enough experience and just let them rip. Back at the trailer we have massage tables set up in our 52 foot heated Kenworth Lounge. Once you are nice and warm and relaxed we cater a menu of culinary delights after which we serve up a fine port and cheese along with a Yamabuck certificate redeemable for a 1000 dollar discount off your new sled. I am sorry to here that Yamaha USA doesn’t follow our lead but then again we generally do things differently up here… 🙂 🙂 cheers cr

  14. Rick from N.E. Wisconsin says:

    Looking at getting a XTX but well wait till a test ride and year leftovers so i can pick one up a grand or two cheapper. I love everything about the XTX and the only thing that bothers me is what I’ve been hearing on fuel range. I currently have a 97 V-4 and my next sled better go further than 90 miles on a tank of gas. I read on the web there is a company that makes 10.4 gallon tanks for the Nytro and the picture they show makes the sled look origanal. They have so many orders that they tell you in the add that you’ll be waiting a while. If it is possible for a after market company to make a bigger tank and keep origanal lines why is Yamaha not offering one? Where is the Phazer Crossover? You know how many people I hear of buying Phazer MTX’s and putting a 1.5″ lug on. Comeone you guys your headed in the right direction but pick up your feet. Entry level crossover to attract the younger crowd! And on a final note if a lived in Canada and was told that I’ll be paying 30 percent more than my southern neighbors I’d be telling someone to go eat a bowl of something that ryhems with truck. Then again you could live in a country where the value of your money has dropped to the point that you start remembering the stories your grandparents told you about the 30’s and what they had to do to make a go of things. Down right depressing. And look at the clowns we have running for office and in office. Good thing i’m loyal.

  15. k says:

    i dont want a rebate i want my sled price to just be 3000 less it just frustrating how are $ worth the same but we pay more

  16. Scott says:

    I was under the impression a small, 250cc 4-stroke work type sled was going to be released for ’09. Is something like that being worked on?

    Sorry Scott, I can’t confirm that at this time but it sure would be nice to have in our market, doubt the US would sell many however time will tell



  17. Dane Morrison says:

    Hi Chris,

    Any luck with the torque numbers on the Venture GT for ’09?


    Hi Dane, I am looking at a torque comparison chart between the new Venture motor and Nytro, unfortunately I can’t publish the data due to policy but I can tell you the Venture produces more torque than the Nytro from 3000 rpm up to 7000 with the largest spread below 5500rpm, the horsepower is almost identical through this range in fact it (Venture) has slightly more HP under 6000rpm. The planets align at 7000rpm and both engines are equal up to 8000rpm then the Nytro horse power and torque exceeds the Venture, but not by a whole lot. Appears to me the torque curve of the new 120+ is bigger and smoother than Nytro but Nytro has an extra kick in the higher RPMs… On the trail what you get is very strong smooth power in the Venture and more explosive power when ‘on-it’ with a Nytro. Hope this helps. 09 Venture GT / TF is a ‘sleeper’ and may surprise some of the ‘sport sleds’ in the real world… cheers cr

  18. Rod Carriere says:

    Chris was wondering if Yamaha has given any thought to incorporating a small solar panel somewhere on the sled to keep the battery topped up and in good shape. I think this would be a good add on and very easy to do.

    It’s a good idea Rod. I don’t know if its ever been discussed but I have never heard it being proposed at the planning table. These days its hard to push for more bells and whistles based on current costs and declining sales, we’ll debate over the cost of red paint compared to black or an extra ‘pin-stripe’ on the hood. But I’ll keep it in mind… cheers cr

  19. Mark Water says:

    Well kinda disappointed in Yamaha 09 new sleds looking for more hp and something new besides a track option . As for the pricing market conditions will send people south.Yamaha is all under the umbrella of parent company of japan so warranty issues a joke. All prducts made in Japan maybe assembled thats about it . Take em to small claims court if they dont want to honor there warranty and give em all the bad press you can .Those 2008 12000 dollar apex are selling now in SELLING FOR U.s for $$$$ 7899 .

    Mark, apparently you weren’t one of the fellows who was demanding a long track Nytro last season. Not sure what the rant on warranty is about but you are correct, Yamaha is a Japanese company with global distributors. Warranty policies are scribed by factory and administrated by the distributors, who btw have plenty of latitude. We (Yamaha Canada) honor all legitimate warranty claims and often many that are known issues which have fallen out of the warranty period for products distributed by YMCA and purchased from our dealers in Canada. (You will find this similar in other countries where Yamaha products are sold.)
    Personally I think ‘assembled in Japan’ is a good thing, something about build quality and QDR, but thats just me.
    Pricing and the economics (and politics) behind them is also ultimately controlled by Japan and I have to trust they see the big picture much better than you and I. That said, it is currently a buyers market and you my friend, have the choice to shop around and make your best deal wherever that may be. If we were in a sellers market and everything was homologated under a unified pricing structure, you would quite likely find the prices much closer with the USA based on increased prices south not decreased prices north and bargains as such wouldn’t exist. Careful what you ask for. I appreciate your viewpoint more than the aggressive tone in which it was delivered so I’ll let this stand. Check out the terms of use for this blog and please play nice.

  20. Mark Water says:

    Sorry guys 2008 apex anniversity model $15999 Canadian selling for $$$7899 in the states now ..

    Not sure about your numbers, but Yamaha Canada sold out of anniversary models over two months ago, in fact we are pretty much sold clear on most models. In all fairness you should apply the rebates and sales program benefits to the Canadian model as well as the USA, it is much closer that this would indicate. I’ll feel your pain, but please keep it real on here.

  21. Yellowknife says:

    Just to add to Chris’ comment:

    “Warranty policies are scribed by factory and administrated by the distributors, who btw have plenty of latitude. We (Yamaha Canada) honor all legitimate warranty claims and often many that are known issues which have fallen out of the warranty period for products distributed by YMCA and purchased from our dealers in Canada”

    I know of a major motor failure that took place here recently, right on the fine edge of warranty expiration, and Yamaha Canada came through for this consumer. It literally would have ended his next few seasons of riding had it not been covered. To see someone as happy as he was sure sends a signal that the company is standing behind its product.

  22. Mark Water says:

    Well Yamaha should cover it, if it’s close it’s a reasonable amount of time a product should perform otherwise it gives the company a bad name. The issue of Warranty has to do with yamaha products whether bought in Canada or United states or elsewhere. There all built abroad in Japan and warranty is universal . Why pay $4000 more for a product in Canada.Still waiting for a 180hp sled

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