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January 28, 2008

More, Yamaha Race Updates

A Quick Recap of the Weekends Events: X-Games, Japan, Europe.

Well most of you are well aware of the Winter X Games, after all they represent the number one, most watched television venue for any snowmobile event. Team Yamaha was seeded with Pro Open driven Steve Taylor in the Snocross, Semi-Pro Corey Davis taking on the new event of Speed & Style and Jimmy Blaze in the Freestyle competition. In a nutshell, Steve had a great main event after shutting out Blair Morgan’s Skidoo in his qualifier. He rode to a strong 4th overall finish in the 25 lap main. I have received a few pictures and official reports today and I hope to get caught up with Greg shortly.

The Speed & Style as I understand it, combines freestyle ramps within a closed course where riders are timed for their lap and judged on the air and tricks off the ramps. Corey, was new to the ramps having only one day to practice his chops…

Corey ran against eventual winner Levi LaVallee in the quarter finals and was eliminated. But hats off to the man for a valiant attempt, that is scary stuff made more-so when you haven’t been practicing for it!

Heres some pics of Steve on the snocross track…


Jimmy finished 5th in the Freestyle semis but only the top four went on to the final eliminations… And now for some unabashed marketing hype (hey we can play two!).

Heres a report on the race, winterxf.doc and a link to the official YMUS web-site release

I received this article from Europe which is interesting in itself snocross_v2.pdf and finally, the first round of the Japanese snocross series went off this past weekend and I understand FX Nytro’s took first place in the mains. japan-opener.pdf

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3 Responses to “More, Yamaha Race Updates”

  1. DoktorC says:

    That is AMAZING!! Well done to all involved. This is a HUGE acheivement when you consider the number of factory teams the “other” guys field.

    I just rec’d another doc with the YMC results and have updated the post with it “Japan Opener” .pdf … cheers cr

  2. Dustin says:

    Awesome showing this week for XGames, just too bad the TV deal for the regular SnoX season is crappy and airs months later.

    Not sure where home is Dustin but in Canada we have the Governments CRTC taking care of us to insure we get the good stuff like the Lumberjack Challenge and Strongmans Competition before anything motorsports out of the USA, oh did I forget the Provincial Doggie Shows… I dread the day when they figure out how to control the web, oh wait a minute, isn’t that part of the new Vista OS? 😉 … cr

  3. Bob Hogg says:

    Hey…waddya think about those 4/’s?

    Great to see the press release giving some credit to the …crew. A good job by all!

    I was enlightened to recently read an article regarding the Yamaha sleds 4/ performance, by a very famous tuner / journalist. He simply said – “I’m lost”!

    Well – some may have thought I …lost… my mind coming back to sleds after a few decades (one embarrassing evening in 99) searching for answers….. that, were all answered on my first ride – a week later – nothing had changed.

    No..this is not the same – you have presented some amazing technology.

    I watched the X-game race LIVE online. Watching the Cat – I could visualize exactly what Steve (Cat tuner) had done to get that thing to fly. I watched the Yamaha in awe and nothing was happening in my head as to what it was doing. Your sled just kept going fast and I had no idea how.

    You folks have been married to the 4/ sleds for years, you might want to sit back and think how good this is. Every aspect of performance has changed. You have presented another lifetime of learning opportunity with it. The only similarity to 2/ is….. the track turns and you steer with skis.

    I was satisfied with my 99 Phazer (still am somewhat) but I’m afraid I can’t spend the rest of my life without having a good 4/! I need one, for my new future home near Port Carling, I’m lost!

    Maybe we will see Katherine Prumm on one in Europe next winter.

    Hey Bob us old guys are supposed to ride 4-strokes you know! 🙂 cr

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