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January 22, 2008

Yamaha, Snocross

The Not So Naked Facts…

In todays blog post, I am going to do a little ‘housecleaning’ and update a few unrelated points and subjects.

Yellowknife had asked in a comment last week if I could confirm the status of the accessories which we announced back in late October, they included the full flotation belly-pan and bumper as well as the rear tow hitch. Well it appears we have received and begun shipping most everything that was in the supplemental catalog. Best be checking with your dealer if you were waiting for any goodies.

taylor-at-canterbury.jpgOn the Snocross front Team Yamaha didn’t get any big results at the double header in Canterbury butdavis-at-canterbury.jpg behind the scenes, we learned a lot, taking another step forward. Here is the press release canterbury.doc I received from Greg with more details. Well last weekend the WPSA snowmobile tour was out in Yellowstone and the results are quite encouraging with Steve Taylor getting a third, second and fifth in the heats, finishing up with a 4th overall in the Pro-Open main event! Interestingly enough, former Yamaha factory pilot Robbie Malinoski was way back in 15th on his factory Boss Skidoo. Corey Davis running semi-pro grabbed a sixth, fifth and fourth in the heats but finished ‘lucky’ 13th in the main.

Meanwhile in Wisconsin at the Eagle River World Championship Derby, Yuji Nakazawa hadnakazawa-at-canterbury.jpg stayed back from Yellowstone to represent team blue. He pulled a hole-shot and never looked back, taking the win for first place in the pro-open snocross on his virtually stock Nytro RTX. Good thing too because I understand former president Hasegawa was in the crowd along with some other factory VIP’s, left them with the right impression, he did! Heres a special treat from a couple of the industries finest photographers, eagle-river-yuji-photos.pps All in all a very strong weekend of snocross racing and Nytro development. Heres the full story with pics eagle_yellowstone.doc. Last but certainly not least Johan Eriksson recently piloted his FX Nytro to the Pro-Stock win in the Swedish opener, heres the report out of Europe circulaire-smb08_16-sno-x-osters.pdf

If you have been following this blog for any length of time, you probably have seen me refer to ‘QDR’. This little acronym is one we have used inside product planning for longer than I remember. It is an internal reference to quality, durability and reliability boiled down for ‘Jenglish’ purposes (another internal reference in speaking broken English mixed with Japanese). To the best of my knowledge, we have never used the term ‘QDR’ in any of our marketing materials or communiques, that is until I wrote about it here in SledTalk which was mostly in response to all the ‘light-weight’ marketing hype coming out of ‘you-know-who’. Well you can imagine my surprise when I read a recent release from Skidoo addressing the E-Tek, direct fuel injection they just introduced. It wasn’t the technology that caused me to chuckle, it was the reference to the wonderful DQR that the new motors would offer. Excuse me! DQ what? Guys; feel free to use my stuff but at least get the acronym right, (if nothing else). Who was it that was wondering if the other OE’s spend any time lurking on the forums and blogs 😉 ? The same release went on to remind everyone that 4-stroke motors produce buckets of ‘hazardous waste’ (used oil) where their new 2-stroke simply burns the oil and exhausts it into the atmosphere. How many of you dump your used oil down the sewer? Hmmm another little tip for the marketing gurus (obviously you’re hanging out here) …RECYCLING=GOOD / SMOKESTACK=BAD.

In a recent comment Carl asked me to post a story about the SRX development and I’ve been thinking of writing something on it. I will be traveling down to Minocqua WI in a couple of weeks where I’ll be meeting with my old pal Masa Saito at our test center. He is in charge of testing these days but I first met him in the eighties when he was a ‘durability’ rider, these are the guys who go round and round and round over the same bumpy course for hundreds if not thousands of kilometers… sign me up. Not! Anyway, Saito-san was the project leader for SRX (and also SXViper). I’m thinking if we can hunker down with a jug of warm sake… I can come up with a heck of a good tale about one of the best sleds ever built (IMHO).

Finally, I received some interesting news from a good and well respected friend of mine today, which is irrelevant here but he did remind me of some amazing times and also some strange ones too, I’ll leave you with a quote in his own words…“You are one of the very special people I met in Yamaha. I can not think of anybody else who gets knocked over the head by a senior Japanese citizen NAKED!” …Yes, possibly there is another good story to be told here as well, and its NOT what you’re thinking 😉 cheers cr

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21 Responses to “Yamaha, Snocross”

  1. Dustin says:

    Way to go Yamaha! Can’t wait if/when Yamaha might release a race sled for the rest of us.

    Chris, have you been following any of the subframe issues people have been having with their Fx Nytros? If so whats your “public” stance about it? Thanks.

    I have been reading the posts and I know our service guys are investigating some reports, unfortunately the 411 is sketchy at best, we need to have our dealers involved. It does appear most damage is relative to impact which is pretty open to interpretation, I have a complete book of “I was just riding along…” stories.
    At this point I, personally, don’t have a ‘public’ stance, heck I don’t even have a personal one. We need anyone with a legitimate sub-frame tweak to get it into a Yamaha dealer with the details and request for dealer to contact our service department.. cheers cr

  2. JP says:

    I was looking through the supplemenal accessories catalogue and noticed that the rear rack for the “new” phazers was on “HOLD”. part # SMA-8GB3R-RA-CK.

    I was looking for more information as to when this rack would be available as I am waiting to order it.

    Thank You

    I’m checking on it JP, the key guy is down in the US ’til Thursday, check back in a bit… cheers cr

    OK heres the scoop, the original rack was stopped due to concerns for tunnel damage if over-loaded, a new one is under development is is currently in early proto-type stage for testing, at this time nothing is available and I can’t confirm when and if we will release, sorry JP, I’ll update whenever I hear anything

  3. dnr says:

    Good one cr,
    I like that stuff…..
    where you must read into the story.
    I will be looking up Naked on WIKI.

    Whatever you do don’t Google the word, it frightens me to think what might happen if you were to discover the dark side of the web 🙂 cr

  4. Mark Mieske says:

    Hey Chris how is it going, if you want me to give some input on the Nytro you have or a 09 just mail me back. I would be glad to pick one up for the weekend and check out the QDR and report back to you.
    Way to go on this sled talk, two thumbs up !
    would like to try that NYPEX
    Thanks Mark (old oval guy).

    Thanks Mark, glad you like the blog, sounds like you may have learned how to turn right in your old age 😉 cheers cr

  5. Yellowknife says:

    Thanks for the accessory info Chris, among other things.


  6. Darren Leblanc says:

    Since were on racing talk, when will Yamaha come out with a 120cc kids sled. My Son is a few years away from racing and I don’t want him to have his first race on a Poo,Doo or Cat….he want’s to ride what daddy rides and thats a Yamaha….Please make a 120cc snowcross sled for the kids!!!!

    Hey Darren, I hear you on the kids sled, I had actually written some background on this in an earlier post. I can’t give you the background on the decision suffice to say, we don’t have a 120 or any other kids sled forthcoming in the foreseeable future. But I’ll keep asking! Thanks cr

  7. Yer ole MTB Bud says:

    Hi CR, this is quite off topic.
    BUT can you please talk to the higher up’s there at the Markham ivory tower there to get up on the Ladder and “first unplug” the Christmas lights that have been burning all night and perhaps take them down till next winter.

    Can’t believe I have come to being as green and Four banger lover and Electrical Zealot

    Hey Gordo, this is a strategic move as it’s believed the snow-gods will smile upon us as long as we keep the festive spirit burning.
    Based on yesterdays snowfall we have pulled the plug and darkened the tower…
    Next year we’ll do LED’s! hohoho 🙂 cr

  8. Carl says:

    Can’t wait for the inside story of the SRX 700! I have asked the guys in a Yamaha forum if they have any specific questions they want answered. If they do they (or me) will post them here for you before your trip. thanks

    Sounds good Carl… as the old saying goes “ask me no questions, I’ll tell you no lies” just kiddin’, a few questions would actually help the creative–
    it’ll be an interesting project. cheers cr

  9. Yellowknife says:

    Hey Chris –

    Some that ride in powder and tip their sleds on their side are complaining of oil coming out the breather and into the airbox.

    Are you able to comment on why it was designed that way, if Yamaha is working on an alternative leak free design, or if there are any suggestions to solve the problem?


    A lot left up to interpretation here, Are you speaking of Nytro, Vector, Apex or PZ (they all have different designs depending on model year) I’ll check and let you know what I can… cr

  10. John M says:

    Hey Chris I bought a Nytro mtx this year and well I cant say that it’s a hundred percent,but we are working on it.I having some special guys in Vernon put a 156x16x2.5 track on it with 7 tooth Avid drivers. I am also having them clutch it.My simons gen 2 skies should be here next week.I found that the Maverik track just dug a big trench.We will let you guys know how these mods work out.I had one question?
    If you rolled the Nytro upside down could you get any oil leak out from anywhere?

    John the engine vents to the airbox. If you rolled the sled there is a good chance you may get some oil in the airbox which will eventually find its way out, probably something that should be avoided, they don’t work so good upside down (unless your name is Jimmy Blaze)… cheers cr

  11. JP says:

    Hi Chris,
    Thank you for your answer to my last question. I have another on though.

    I’ve read on TY that the exhaust turnouts for the Phazer/Nytro have been pulled from the market due to a potential fire hazard. Just wondering if this is actually the case, as I have one installed on my sled.

    Thank you

    Theres no fire hazard that I’m aware of JP, just don’t use a lighter to check your fuel level, oh yeah and be careful you don’t leave anything combustible touching the muffler or turnout, it gets a little warm sometimes… seriously, this is all part and parcel of the rear rack issue where we are concerned beyond tunnel overload that someone may put something in the rack that could be ignited by the muffler or turn-out, unfortunately the ‘use common sense’ sticker wasn’t approved 😉 cheers

  12. Yellowknife says:

    Thanks for looking into it Chris. Some people are covering the breather with various one way or two way valves/filters to prevent oil leakage.

    Specifically I’m speaking to the Phazer MTX and Nytro MTX – they both have a similar design, running a vent hose from the oil reservoir into the airbox, and while the engine is running, if I put my hand in front of that vent line, there is moist warm air coming out of it. Seems if it was sucking in air instead, it would be far easier to put a one way valve on that would allow air in, but not allow oil out. Can you confirm when you check that in fact the vent hose exhausts air pressure, and doesn’t suck it in? Thanks!

  13. brian W. says:

    How much is the weight difference between the new yamaha race sled and the 2 stroke competion?

    The sled seems very heavy coming into the corners..

    I’d have to recheck the current status, at one point we were lighter than at least one of the competitors and very close to the others. As development proceeds things change as parts and reinforcements evolve. The one thing you gotta figure is the engine weighs more than a 2 stroke and its weight is carried on the spindles more than the skid. Overall weight numbers don’t account for balance, CG or to some degree the moment of inertia. The other thing you might be seeing is the additional forward weight transfer from the additional engine brake effect. I believe the overall weight of the sleds in this class is a non-issue,’ain’t how much ya got… it’s how ya use it’ cheers cr

  14. Mark says:

    Hey Chris,

    Not sure if you have seen any footage from the x games yest, but hats off to Mr. Taylor who in my opinion would have been wearing a bronze had the race been one more lap! 4th is still amazing and it’s great to have team blue considered a serious competitor by anyone with a brain. Looking forward to seeing whats new for 09. Oh ya, one other thing I am not too sure what all the sub frame issue is about but I now have 1300km on my Nytro RTX and many have been put on in 3ft whooped out craters at silly speed, and I have had zero issues. I just love the sled in every way. Later,

    Got to watch his second heat where he shut out Blair Morgan to qualify for the main, I don’t think anyone can argue that he didn’t deserve his due, Steve looked smooth and in control and he wasn’t fading. I’m proud and happy for our guys, they have worked really hard and its great watching it come together. I don’t believe this is a ‘flash-in-the-pan’ as some are saying. Glad your sleds treating you well, keep the soft side up! cheers cr

  15. brian W. says:

    What is the actual displacemnt of the sled and the current horsepower..?

    1050cc, not sure if we are publishing the HP #’s, I’ll check if its Ok. Judging from Taylors ride at the X-games yesterday its on par with the competition 🙂 cr

  16. brian W. says:

    I have no idea how much HP the competition has, thats why im asking..


    The engine spec actually varies race to race. The output runs from 10 to 15 horsepower more than stock, you can read into that approximately 150 hp. The 2-strokes are putting out about the same. cr

  17. brian W. says:

    Where can i get a pair of those handguards used on the race sled?

    Brian what you are seeing is an ‘overskin’ that goes on top of the existing hand-guards, we are still in development, and testing them on the race sleds. They will be available for sale next year at your Yamaha dealer in several flavors… cheers cr

  18. Bill says:

    Follow-up to Yellowknife on the Phazer/Nytro MTX oil problem. Finding yourself track-side up or at least on your side is pretty common in the mountains, and boy do these sleds drain oil into the airbox when it does happen. There’s a pretty good thread going on snowest.com/forum on this subject, with folks trying a few different solutions. I really wish Yamaha would come up with something. They know why it has a breather, and would best understand the ramifications of adding a check valve. It makes a slimy mess of the front end, tool bag (if you still have it installed), not to mention the ground. Simply saying don’t do that isn’t very helpful. I keep telling my wife that (her sled), but it doesn’t work.

    Hey Bill, I understand this is an issue for some and I’m still on a bit of a fact finding mission. I can’t just make modification suggestions but If I get some info that I can share, I certainly will. One thing that does seem apparent, if you get stuck on your side make sure you hit the kill switch quickly as that appears to be a major factor, engine running when upside down or laid over stationary (not moving)… cheers cr

  19. Bill says:

    Thanks Chris. For now, I’m just going to extend the breather out of the airbox. At least it will keep from filling up the airbox and filter. Less mess to clean up. I think putting in a PCV (or any check valve), backwards, with the spring removed, and mounted somewhat vertical will allow the breather to work normally except when upside down, when it will block the oil. Then flip it over and the oil drains back into the tank. Just a thought, haven’t tried it yet.

  20. Billy says:

    hey i am from the saskatchewan prairies and am just wondering why there are no sled power tours coming to sask or alberta, we do snomobile here too?

    i was also curious about the new 2009 xtx and was wondering what has been updated from the 08 nytro other than the front suspension geometry and the obvious new rear suspension

    We’re still trying to get out your way, last I checked our web-site wasn’t up-to-date, we will be out there with the Big 4 2009 show tour. I will add details to the XT-X after the 13th when the rest of the sleds are released… cheers cr

  21. Yellowknife says:

    Hey Chris – any update on that airbox/breather question I had?


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