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December 13, 2007

Yamaha Snowcross Update

I received some good pictures of Steve Taylor in action on his FX Nytro open class race sled and thought I would pass them along.




The guys raced a WPSA regional last weekend at Park X. There were a bunch of big names there and our guys made some more progress.

The way I heard it, Johan won a heat, ending up 6th in semi-pro (in a deep field). Steve had to start on the back row in the main but made an impressive run through the field to finish in 5th. I’ll be honest, one of my personal fears was that Robbie Malinoski, coming off Yamaha would hop on board the new Skidoo and rocket into first place. But I understand this so far, is not the case at all. They are struggling with their new sled. Steve finished in 5th place with Malinoski well back in 12th. So much for a marketing coup. I can only imagine how their agency would have spun that one…

heres a couple of Johan:

desktop_l7s8901.jpg _l7s9893web.JPG

Obviously it’s a very competitive arena for both hardware and riders but if we get a chance to ‘stretch our legs’ and use the four stokes power, there may just be another chance for an underdog podium.

And then there’s Yuji:


The factory development race team with Yuji in the pilots chair is running a painfully stock FX Nytro in the open class at this time. His rear suspension and track is basically the same as the YMUS team and they are playing around with some front end camber / caster, adjustments but aside from the ergo’s, what you’re seeing Yuji ride on the race track is pretty much what you see on the trail. This is truly a development effort targeted on testing and proving production designs. Yuji was even running the stock GYT clicker shocks off the base model Nytro in the Duluth nationals. Watch for him in select events. I do believe they plan on trying some new things but as the old adage goes; before you can find your destination, you have to know where you are.


The next points race is Canterbury Jan 11 – 13, Shakopee MN

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3 Responses to “Yamaha Snowcross Update”

  1. Scott says:

    I enjoy seeing the photos and reading about the race sled. It appears that some billet spindles are being used and I noticed additional vents in the tank area. I assume they are running a smaller than stock tank and the vents allow for additional airflow from the radiator?

    I’m glad to see that Yuji is running a near stock sled. IMO, Yamaha would have been smart to offer a taller lug track (for sno-x) and a big tank (for XC) for us small town racers. Right now, it is more of a challange to run a Yamaha in XC racing then it is for the other brands. If it wasn’t for the excellent support of my dealer and that I believe in the 4-stroke motor concept, I’d be better off running something else.

    I’m hoping by next season you guys will have some GYT-R accessories available to make the stock Nytro more capable in both sno-x and XC. One thing I hope they don’t change is going to a limited build, race sled format like the other three OEM’s. I’ve bought sleds through those programs before and I think they are bunk (to say it lightly). Maybe if Yamaha comes out with a ready to race, production race sled (same concept as a YZ) and makes it available to anyone who wants it, I think it will only help out Yamaha and the industry. Right now, at least in my area, race entries are declining and while that has to do with the high cost of gas, sleds, travel expenses, the economy, etc. Limited build race sleds do not help matters because if a guy doesn’t qualify for one, then he is already at a disadvantage (more so in sno-x) and does not tend to participate. In addition, because they are so specialized, their resale value is not as good.

  2. Mark says:

    Thanks for the Sno-X update Chris. Keep em coming and happy holidays to all.


  3. Stephen Burdick says:


    Do you know if Steve and Yuji will be at the event in West Yellowstone, MT in January 18-20? My wife and I are headed there from some snowmobiling fun, and just happen to be there the same time as that big race. Hoping to see the yamaha guys there and would love to see these guys race. Any chance you are headed there?


    Steve Burdick

    You can bet Steve and the rest of the YMUS team will be there, Yuji is a bit of a wild card being the development rider his schedule is focused on engineering plans and needs… Not sure about myself at this time but its doubtful… hope they put on a good show for you! cr

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