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December 4, 2007

An Extra 50 Lbs of What?

The 2008 snowmobile season is just starting and we’re already moving to 2009…

This morning I heard- for the first time in a long time- the whole country is covered with snow. Mark Lester from Supertrax checked in saying he has logged 900 clicks thus far, in southern Ontario. And the groomers are out in his stomping grounds (Haliburton). I did a quick search of Enviiroment Canada weather stations and everything from the Great Lakes east is under a severe snow storm advisory, as far as New Brunswick and Quebec is getting creamed!

The temps are very low in the prairies and we’re making ice everywhere… this is shaping up to be a ‘good old 071204shibetsu3.jpgfashioned winter!’

Karl-san sent me another few pics of his winter vacation destination- our test center in Shibetsu.


I don’t envy Jon as he has to fly out to Colorado today to join the US marketing guys as they shoot the 2009 model action photography and video segments (YYZ is going to be a zoo with the de-icing and all). Following the photo-shoot, he will join the kick-off meeting for the 2010 model color and graphics. Yep, 2010… We need to decide on base colors and give the designers some direction on graphic development and ‘colored parts’ (accent components). This should keep him good and busy right up until the holidays.

We have received our first 09 prototype here at YMCA which we need to do some additional photography with and get the hole-shot on some new accessories development. And yes it is a very cool looking sled, but not what you’re thinking!

The testing guys are working hard to get the final specs done on all the 09’s. There will be a joint test fairly early in January where the key sales and service guys from Canada, US, Europe, Russia and Japan will all get together to evaluate the prototypes and updated models before meeting to finalize their comments with testing and engineering.

It’s an exciting and busy time of year. Full of anticipation, sprinkled with a little trepidation. Sales so far are good with more and more people moving to our four strokes. So far all reports are quite favorable on our new sleds with very few reported problems. Our mantra: QDR-QDR-QDR … Quality Durability and Reliability. To that I want to refer you to an enlightened thread over on Totallyamaha which brought a tear to my eye… bring on the snow!

cheers cr

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11 Responses to “An Extra 50 Lbs of What?”

  1. Jim Manning says:

    Hey CHris,

    It was really enlightening to have a ski-doo mechanic stand over my shoulder as the Attack came apart. There were way too many specifics to list, but the salient point was that it isn’t a couple of big, wholesale differences that he pointed out, it was all of the little things that Yamaha just does…properly. I’m sure that I heard the words ‘properly engineered’ at least 20 times last night.

    After everything he noted, I have no doubt that Yamaha could win the ‘weight wars’ tomorrow if they wanted, it just wouldn’t be a Yamaha anymore.

    Hey, that has a bit of a ring to it. If I read it again on glossy paper some day I think you should send me a keychain 😉

    Thanks Jim, you may have missed you calling, we’re always looking for brilliant young creative types who’ll work for Tim-Bits and key-chains… Let us know what the former doo customer thinks once he ‘gets boosted’ quality …. cheers cr

  2. Rod Carriere says:

    I think Yamaha should do an about face and make a big deal on weight. Advertise and boast that your sleds are heavier for a reason and that reason is quality. Yamaha won’t compromise if I may QDR to save weight. You can’t have one without the other and keep your costs competitive with the competition because expensive exotic materials would have to be used. No one in the business doubts Yamaha’s quality, durability and reliability not to mention fit and finish. I think its time Yamaha starts using the weight issue to their advantage and advertise their sleds are heavier because they wont sacrifice quality, durability and reliability to save on weight. Which is why Yamaha’s sleds are bit heavier.

    Thanks Rod, I’d like to expand on your comment in my next post, stay tuned… cheers cr

  3. Bakemono says:

    LOL…that quote from TY is so true. I’ll gladly take a little extra weight to get a sled that works flawlessly for years (if not decades) over a superlight sled that has problem after problem and pretty much starts to fall apart in 5 years.

    Agreed, don’t know if you read my post ‘you can only have two..’ it’s in the archives. thanks cr

  4. Jim Manning says:

    If you ever wanted an example of the kind of engineering that goes into a yamaha, let me offer the following:

    There are 4 clamps that hold the throttle bodies to the head, and 4 more to attach the factory airbox. Inside each clamp is a spacer. If you remove one of those spacers and measure it with a set of calipers, you will find that it is 6.35mm. You will also find (as I did tonight) that the other 7 give you exactly the same measurement. That’s right, the spacer for a clamp is a machined part.

    Think about that for a second…

    But Jim, did you also check the torque on each clamp… don’t forget assembly is as important as manufacturing tolerances 😉 cr

  5. SNOBLOWR says:

    While we are on the topic of”QDR QDR QDR”, how about shedding some light on the now infamous Phazer suspension “link”. There are many comments on TY regarding this issue. The structural integrity of the link is the issue,on the ’07’s it is a cast steel part & on the ’08’s it is machined billet aluminum. The parts are not interchangeable from ’07 -’08, ’07 links may also be in short supply. The link is a known issue, yet my 5 Star dealer tells me yesterday that YMCA will not do anything about it until it breaks. If it breaks it is without doubt a Safety Issue and should be the subject of a Safety Recall. I don’t want to watch my family member and the Phazer cartwheeling into the woods when the link breaks, or have our week of sledding come to an abrupt halt 100 kms from the trailer. Yamaha has been proactive in quite a number of areas and it is reflected in your sales numbers.
    Don’t drop the ball on this one, it’s too important an issue to sweep aside.

    I checked with our service department on this issue. Basically a small number of the links have failed, apparently under aggressive use. This was covered during the dealer service training seminars and there is a ‘tech tip’ in the dealers training manuals for their reference. There are numerous changes from the 07 to 08, some parts interchange, some do not. There is more information going out to the dealers before the months end and any parts shortage will also be taken care of before months end. Claims will be taken care of under normal warranty procedures if a part failure occurs. I haven’t seen the thread on Totallyamaha and can’t add anything to that. This is the best I can tell you for now. Please keep in touch with your dealer for up-to-date information.

  6. scott says:

    Now that I’m going into my 3rd year on a four stroke, I don’t even pay attention to the weight comments I get from Doo and Pol riding buddies. The comments don’t even bother me because I know I’m riding better built, better quality sled. It’s hard for me to fathom how anyone could spend close to $10,000 on a vibrating, smokey, unreliable, big bore 2 stroke twin. Yet people do. Marketing is a very persausive and I hate to admit that I too was caught up in obsessing about sled weight at the expense of QDR, especally concerning the motors. The next couple years are going to be interesting to see where things go. I firmly believe Yamaha went with the winning philosophy. It will just take a while for the majority of the riders out there to figure it out.

  7. dnr says:

    The 1977 EX440 and myself were 50 lbs lighter on October of ’77( give or take).
    Today…. nothing wrong with a few pounds of “good quality pounding” the Turbo Vec through the deep stuff we couldn’t dream of touching 30 years ago.
    Snowed like crazy at the Tillicum Hot Springs, cr.

    Think you had the newer ride.
    All was good….. looking back.

    Only 50 pounds? I remember I had a hard time holding the snowflap of that EX with my new Enticer ;-P

  8. SNOBLOWR says:

    In my comment on Dec.5th, my intention was to give you a heads up on the ’07 Phazer ” Link Issue” as a very serious impending problem. Maybe if you read the 1st page of Phazer General Talk on TY, Jan 1st you’ll see what I was alluding to. Seven of the topics on the 1st page are about the link, I don’t know how much more encouragement is required to address what most owners agree is a safety issue.

    The Phazer suspension was not designed to withstand the added weight of 50 – 100 lbs. of ice buildup on the tunnel, in addition to the weight of the rider in full gear. The rear shock loses travel,the suspension bottoms, the link breaks, the shock thrashes around damaging everything in it’s way, including in some cases jamming the track and generally causing unnecessary damage, and potential injury to the rider.

    This is the kind of stuff lawyers love when an injury occurs as a result of a widely publicized known issue. It would be less expensive for Yamaha to be proactive on this than to maintain their reactive position.

    we have been in touch with our 5 Star dealer about this issue on numerous occasions. They have performed the “tech tip” advised by YC.

    As far as the “tech tip” for the dealer goes, installing coupler blocks does limit the rear suspension travel and probably alleviates pressure on the link, but it deprives the rider of the advertised big bump capability of the Phazer.

    BTW Happy New Year, now let’s make a resolution to resolve this once and for all.

    Hey SB, and a Happy belated New Year to you also. I checked with service on the PZ link issue. I would like to clarify a couple of points, first what is apparently a big deal on the internet is not showing up in warranty claims or parts distribution. We have a good stock of replacement parts (in Canada) and so far link failures amount to small (single digit) % of the units sold. The ’08 link and CM parts appear to be working quite well.
    You have an interesting theory regarding the additional weight of ice and snow being a factor but I am told this is not the reason or a major contributing factor to broken links. We have made no recommendations (tech-tips) regarding ‘coupler-blocks’ or other modifications, we’re not sure about the reference… finally our TSM’s are well aware of the issue and your dealer should get in touch with his TSM if they are not clear on how to proceed.
    Don’t shoot the messenger here SB, but it appears we have an effective counter-measure in place for our dealers to take care of this under warranty, I’m going to apply my ‘resolution’ to my waist-line 😉 Cheers cr

  9. SNOBLOWR says:

    OK, Thanks for the reply. Been there, done that! Waistline Resolution that is, LOL. Will pursue the dealer and his TSM.


  10. John Tretjack says:

    I have just purchased my first sled a VK 2006 in 2007. I have heard many methods of putting the sled away for the summer . What is the best method regarding fuel containing Ethanol. I did have some problems getting it started this year. The dealer wanted to remove and clean the carbs Yes I did take it to a Yamaha dealer to summarise it. At that time it had only 300 km. Iused carb cleaner additives. It seems OK now

    Hey John, I wrote a post on this subject last spring, ‘Run Hard and Put Away Wet‘, I’d suggest you have a couple of options Fill the tank and add some fuel stabilizer or drain everything. I prefer the first option, just make sure to run the engine long enough to get the stabilized fuel into the float bowls and try to keep the machine stored in a dry area. Ethanol fuel should not pose require any additional insurance…. cheers cr

  11. mike self says:

    I have 2 07 phazer fx’s that just recently i have had a major problem with both machines having broken front pivot arms. upon inspection of the suspension i believe that the shock was bad. after many phone calls to local shops and friends i’ve got information as to the tourqe link on the 07’s is a bad part and that the 08’s have a billet link… now when i called the dealers in my area they looked up both machines vin codes and ran them for any bullitens or recalls and the dealer and yamaha are telling me that there is no warranty or recall on anything with my shock or the broken link or the pivot arms… does anyone have any info on what i should do? thanks for any help with this problem..mcwicced666@aol.com

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