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November 23, 2007

A Few Updates as the Season Begins

Let it snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow

I am reading lots of 1st reports from guys fortunate enough to live in areas where winter starts in November. There is already lots of discussion on clutch specs and tuning on the new Nytro. I want to share a little insight from our guys who have been testing and riding the new Nytro for a while now. This actually plays into another active discussion on 4-stroke break-in procedure. What we have discovered with the new FX Nytro mill is it really comes to life after the first oil change at 800km (that’s 500 miles for the old school). The engines start to run noticeably cooler, stronger and the RPM may creep up into the sweet spot if it hadn’t already. Note: this is a general statement, elevation and conditions play a role and no two motors are identical.

What I am hearing from our experts is to be patient and not tinker with the clutch too much until you get some miles on. The reason I say this- you might spend a lot of time (and money) to dial it in only to have to re-calibrate once you get it broken in.

Now regarding the ‘ride it like you stole it‘ right out of the box… hey it’s your money! I prefer to take the first outing pretty easy avoiding constant throttle settings (especially the WFO type). I also like to let it cool down a bit periodically, a side benefit, you will also extend your hyfax life if you anneal them with several cycles of warm-up / cool down. When in doubt… read the owners manual (thats my CYB disclaimer)…

On the accessories front, the new flyer is ready fro print. I was able to ‘borrow’ a copy and post it here for you prior to printing, this time of year it all helps… supplement.pdf

If you have a question for me, unless it is of a very private nature, please post them as a comment on this blog. I am starting to get a lot of private e-mail from TY etc. which I much prefer to address here so everyone can benefit from the answers.

I still haven’t got any new pics or info from our race team (US Thanksgiving) but there are a few over on TY. All eyes will be on Duluth for the opener this week-end. I’m particularly curious as to how Johan is going to do coming from Sweden, I just hope the track lets the guys use their motors

dlrjpg.JPGTesting is going well , check out these pics of our top secret test facility in Hokaido Japan. Karl Ishimafghjpg.JPG informs me this is boding very well- a good season for engineering to ‘play’

In closing I don’t need to tell you this but most trails aren’t open, lakes are not frozen and you will be tempted to go for a little spin… we always have some terrible stats come in this time of year. People (generally younger) smoking a parked vehicle or a tree, sometimes no helmet, often a wobbly pop (or six) involved… please be extra careful. Also with no base your chances of breaking expensive hardware is very good… easy does it… cheers cr

cheers cr

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16 Responses to “A Few Updates as the Season Begins”

  1. DNR says:

    My Baby is safe in the rafters.
    The young fellow, Highonboost, is out in 4 feet of “no bottom” powder with Uncle Gord.
    Now both are just going for a spin with newly aquired upgrades.
    We are a part of Snowest so check it out on monday.

  2. Tom says:

    I have a question about the use of ethanol. How will the phazer and new nitro handle it?I understand that all fuel in Ont. will have ethanol content in the near future.

    Tom, there already is a percentage of ethanol in most Ontario fuels and the plan is to increase into the future. Our 4-strokes get along quite well with the ethanol fuels not unlike motorcycles and automobiles. We had a lot more concern about the 2-strokes, which need to be re calibrated for oxygenated gas and there is also some concern on how 2-stroke oil will mix with the stuff… but we’re past that now… cheers cr

  3. Dustin says:

    Hey Chris. Few questions for you.

    In your supplement flyer for accessories I see the Phazer rack for the mountain tunnels. I remember seeing one in March for the new FX Nytro MTX. Now, I can’t find out on Yamaha USA’s or Yamaha Canada’s websites. Same thing for the exhaust turnout on Yamaha USA site.

    The racks are on hold at this time, there is concern if the rack is improperly loaded there could be a liability related to heat or bending, I don’t know what the final decision is going to be. These days we can’t employ a sticker that says ‘use common sense’ or some other facsimile.
    A lot of it started with the post over on Totallyamaha where the guys are complaining about no room for a ‘hot dogger’. Our guys are concerned that someone will overload the rack with 90lbs of Oscar Meyers packed around the muffler and bend the tunnel just before the grease catches the sled on fire… hopefully we’ll get this sorted out before long! 😉 cr

  4. Yellowknife says:

    Oops…well…I may be one of the guys who is going to load the rack up like hell…how much does 40 litres of fuel weigh? I removed the rear tail-light and can fit 40 litres of fuel back there. I don’t plan on carrying that much back there but was happy to see it was possible. I will carry 20 litres of fuel back there, most of the time it will only be 12 litres. Now to relocate the tail light…

  5. Andrew says:

    I am a current mechanical engineering college student interested in snowmobiles. What opportunities are there for engineers in power sports, specifically snowmobiling? Thanks for any input.

    Hey Andrew, there is no magic formula but one thing I look for in any new employee, regardless of their position in our industry, is passion for our products… being a rider. When I look inside our company, the people who have gone the distance with years of service all started as enthusiastic riders and made a career of their hobby. Dealership experience is a foot in the door when added to a solid resume and having someone on the ‘inside’ in your corner can also help. After that its tenacity and timing. You can probably make more money in other industries but there aren’t too many that will give you a better reason to get up in the morning and be excited about what you do. I still get jazzed about my work, even after thirty years in the business. And I still feel like a school kid when I look at my sled sitting in the back yard waiting for snow…
    There are always opportunities opening up in the sno-mo biz and I don’t believe climate change or the price of gas is going to change that any time soon. Good luck in your career choice, ‘the world is your oyster’… cheers cr

  6. Mark says:

    Hi Chris,

    Well I am back from Duluth so I thought I would share my thoughts on the weekend. The track was basically the same as it always is at Duluth, which means not a good track for the Nytro at all. Even worse, this year the distance from the start line to the first corner, which is where half the race is either won or lost, was half it’s normal distance. Far too short for the Yammy engine to shine with all it’s torque. Often the Yamaha was mid pack at this point. This area was also very rough which prevented the riders from perhaps holding it to the bar into the corner. Often they will groom this area of the track a bit more to allow for more “to the pin” entry speed into corner one. So aside from that, Duluth is always a short, very rough track with little rythym, and the back stretch was tough for the Yamaha to stretch its legs on. On a positive note, while Steve rode well, hats off the Johan Ericsson who rode his heart out and did us Yamaha fans proud. While team blue did not see themselves in a final, Johan put fourth a heck of an effort and considering how little seat time he had prior to the race, he rode very well. Johan commented the sled ergonomics were great but the seat on his rocket was too low and dished out for his long body, so a new seat was installed to allow him to sit higher making it easier to go from seated to standing positions. It was feedback like this that you could see was working as each heat the blue sleds got better. Expect Yamaha to do much better on tracks with longer straight aways and more rythym. All in all it was a great weekend as always and the fireworks this year were especally fantastic with a special dedication and 21 gun salute to C.J Ramstad.


    Hey Mark, thanks very much for your report, I followed the online results with keen interest. I heard Yuji is looking pretty good as is Steve who suffered a mechanical in the LCQ. Was also interesting to note skidoo didn’t break into the top ten in PRO and only one guy edged into the Semi-pro. Polaris has their stuff working well, which occurs to me they are the only teams using last years machine. Thanks again and keep us posted… cheers cr

  7. Iliya Spanovich says:

    Good day,This is a off the wall question and would be better directed to the H.R dept,I have been applying for the Material Handler(part-time)position for a month now sent in several Resumes and feel that I am qualified for the position,maybe too Qualified?what gives I would love the opportunity to work for YMCL and any help would be greatful.I will also try to get a chance to talk to Mr.Baylis at the upcoming bike show.

    Thank you and keep up the great work.

    Correct Iliya, I don’t do HR but I’ll let em know you’re ‘knocking’… cheers cr

  8. Bob Parsons says:

    Hey Chris,
    I was just down to my dealer and he was showing me a fuel caddy for the Nitro. Looks like a good solid design that will work well. My problem is I have a 2008 Phazer RTX and I want to see a fuel caddy for the Phazer. My dealer tells me there isn’t one available for the Phazer. Is there one being worked on and when will it be available? I feel this is a very important accessory that must be developed. There are no gas stops where I ride!

    Hey Bob, Yamaha doesn’t develop the Tourbuddies or any other fuel tank systems, that is all done in the aftermarket… there are several good reasons for this which I have explained in some earlier posts. You should get in touch with Chris B over at Tourbuddy and see if he has something that might fit or is working on something for the future, Chris is a god guy, let him know your thoughts… cheers cr

  9. KIRK HASTINGS says:

    I would like to commend you on your terrific source of information available at this site. Being a loyal Yamahappy since 1985 I really appreciate the information available. I am currently researching the Nytro Mtx for a run at Cains Quest this March. It would appear that Fuel and Wind protection are my two primary concerns with this new model. I have Emailed tour buddy and Seth at CC for some help in the fuel dept. I am looking for some input on the “high windsceen” and “side kicks” that Yami has in the acc. catalog. Would you feel this option would keep me alive at -40 and speeds in excess of @#$ kms per hour? I am also needing information on rear skid upgrades to accomodate an extra 90 lbs of extra fuel and survival equip.


    Hey Kirk, Cains Quest is a heck of a challenge, you should get talking with Scott as he is setting up a Nytro for the Iron Dog Alaska, I’ll ask a few questions on your behalf, there will be some good info coming out of the snocross effort re: set-up and re-enforcement, suggest you check out the wind deflectors at your dealer and be the judge, you’ll definitely want to add some tunnel braces etc. if you are adding that much weight and pounding the sled at cross-country race pace…keep us posted of your progress… thx cr

  10. Bob Parsons says:

    The fuel caddy my dealer was showing me was a Yamaha product. It is not a Tourbuddy or Kimpex or someother after market product, but made by Yamaha. It consists of two saddle bags with mounting brackets that bolt on to the rear of the tunnel at the sides. In the saddle bags there are 5 liter gas cans. But it is designed for the Nitro. I want to know if Yamaha is developing the same thing for the Phazer?


    Sorry Bob, I misunderstood your question. The soft-bag fuel caddy system we developed started with the Nytro only. Now we are considering developing for other models. What I will do is present this as a question in my next blog post to see how much interest is out there for a ‘universal’ or other model, fuel caddy… stay tuned cheers cr

  11. Peter says:


    Was the reason for the small FX Nytro fuel tank due to the EPA concerns over fuel vent issues polluting the atmosphere ?

    Peter, no that wasn’t the main reason, however if you look closely you’ll find all our tanks are a little bit smaller this year which was precisely due to new EPA regulations. Fuel tank plastic properties and thickness needed to change in order to reduce permeating vapors (not venting) escaping through the plastic into the atmosphere. cr

  12. gregg schmitt says:

    I am thinking about buying the FX Nytro but have some concerns. I’m basically a flat lander (Minnesota) but once in a while head out to the mountains or head off trail boon docking. After a lot of research and study, I am convinced the best sled for my purposes would be a 136″ Nytro, with the new 1-1/2″ Camoplast Ripsaw track, however, such a thing does not exist. Do you know of any after market manufacturers making a bolt on 136″ kit? This would be my second machine as I love my Apex GT but it leaves a little bit to be desired in the powder. I know you can’t answer directly, but do you feel there is a better than 50% chance Yamaha will be coming out with a 136″ version of the Nytro in ’09? I’ve owned 24 Yamaha sleds, the first a ’78 SRX. I would never switch brands, but the Crossfire has caught my attention. Please help! Gregg

    Hi Greg several options available for you, a good place to start is this Totallyamaha link
    To answer your craftily worded inquiry about the 09 model line, all I can say officially is 50/50, we are very aware of the demand for a Nytro cross-over sled which I discussed in a much earlier post but you’ll have to wait until March to see… whats a Crossfire?? 😛 cr

  13. gregg schmitt says:

    Thanks for the reply! I did find a company called Hartman Incorporated in Idaho that offers a 136″ kit for the Nytro, and a lot more for all Yamahas. He is a strictly Yamaha after market manufacturer, he lives and breathes Yamaha. The web site is http://www.hartmaninc.com I went ahead and bought the FX Nytro, and Hartman’s 136″ kit. I’ll report back as to how it performs. Think snow! Gregg

    excellent, Hartman has a good reputation, hope you are pleased with your decision, please drop back and give us an update on your mod… cheers cr

  14. Mark says:

    just wondering where the question I posted ended up – can’t seem to locate it.

    Hey Mark, I decided to answer your question with a PM instead of a public comment. Reason being it was outside of our ‘terms of use’ and I did not have enough background information to make an informed comment (especially regarding your Phazer). Having read your response to my email, I am more comfortable with where you were going but unfortunately the original post was moderated and is gone. Sorry ’bout that. Let me know how you make out with the Nytro. cheers cr

  15. Kirk Hastings says:

    Hey Chris

    I’m not sure how I missed your responce on the nytro mtx but I just received it. Any way here is your update. So far being the only Ontario Flatlanders that are entered is making information a bit of a challange on how to mod a 4-stroke to even consider entering Cains Quest. The current platforms available are not so conducive to crosscountry off trail while carrying fuel and survival gear other than a VK. This platform I beleive is a little difficult in tight tree running which appears to be commen during this event. Note Cains Quest is not as speed influenced as the Iron Dog in alaska. So with some direction from a few experts” Myles Obrien,Roy Jarvis YMC and Andrew Milley-Lab city I am baseing my ride on a 06 rs venture chasis.I have been scrounging various sources incuding my local 5star dealer (who has been very supportive)to create my (labrador Limo). So far I am using the factory (fat boy) rear spring and shock optional kit. Dropping to 8t antiratchet drivers turning a camo 144*1.75*15 backcountry track.Modified reservoir soki front suspention. I revamped the steering and seating position using the 07 attak risser and west marine PFD seat cushion. The Yamaha moutain skis will be added with scratchers for hardpack. A external rear rack is being fabricated to hold an extra 35liters of petro,tent.s bag,arctic stove, spare a-ams-shock-ski and misc tools and survial gear. I have been long winded here explaning the choice in platform and the challenges that I faced in doing so. I will end this explanation with the motor that has earned the reputation as being the most fuel efficient and reliable from Yamaha.


  16. gregg schmitt says:

    Well here is is almost March and as I promised I would report back on the Hartmann manufacturing Bolt on 136″ Kit for the 2008 Nytro. The sled is a blast! I put on a 1-1/2″ Ripsaw and the sled floats in the powder. I did not notice any pushing in the corners as one would expect with a 136″ track, not near what my 2003 Warrior did. There are the cornering issues as with all the Nytros however unless you are racing the cornering is just fine. Incredible sled, over 1800 milers so far. But I will probably order the new 2009 Nytro XTX with the 144″ track that is supposed to corner like a 121″ I do wonder about the HiFax in low snow conditions though. I noticed they really changed the front suspension on the new models. After some tweeking I’d give the sled an 8.5 on a scale of 10!

    Thanks for the update Gregg, sounds like it was a worthy mod… cheers cr

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