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November 20, 2007

Yamaha SX Race Team Update

Yamaha gets ready to race!

This ones hot off the press, I’ll get some pics asap…  cr 

The Yamaha Factory Snocross team is putting the last touches on its fleet of ferocious 4-stroke race sleds in preparation for the season-opening WPSA National in Duluth, Minnesota this weekend. “We’ve been up in extreme northern Manitoba for the past week and our crew is very pleased with the sled’s final pre-race workout,” said Yamaha Race Manager Greg Marier. “Pro racer Steve Taylor is in the best shape of his life and is determined to put himself on the podium early and often this season.”

 The original Factory Snocross plan called for Cory Davis to race in the Semi-Pro Open class this season. “But we had a hiccup to the plan,” said Marier. “Cory had a mishap on a practice lap and hairline fractured his collarbone. He will have to sit out the first national event, but he will be back on his modified FX Nytro race sled in time for the second stop at Canterbury in Minnesota.”

 During Cory’s expected 4-week recovery, Swedish National Snocross Champion Johan Eriksson will drive the #160 sled. “We’re excited to have Johan available to come to the US and compete in Cory’s stead,” Marier said. “He is a tough competitor who has been riding for 13 years.”

 When race fans come to any WPSA National event, they can stop by the new Yamaha Racing Communications Center (YRCC) to have their picture taken on an actual Factory FX Nytro Race sled with the fabulously beautiful Yamaha Snocross girls. Yamaha will turn those photos into high-resolution autograph stock images for download later in the week. Snowmobilers can also find out about the FX Nytro demo rides being held in conjunction with the weekend’s races at YRCC.

 Yamaha Factory Snocross is proudly sponsored by Yamaha, Yamalube, FXR, Camoplast, Fox Racing Shox, Studboy, Fly Racing and GYTR.

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6 Responses to “Yamaha SX Race Team Update”

  1. free-styler says:

    Great to see some snow-x momentum…I always get pumped when Duluth roles around. We’re fortunate here in Northern Sask, been snowing the last two days so I figure we have enough to build a track and put in some motos aboard my new ride.

    CR, thanks for keeping us updated on the team, hate to see riders injured but I’m sure Cory will be back at it soon… and Steve T has promised me to “keep r pinned” and do the team in Blue proud.


  2. Dustin says:

    Awesome! Can’t wait for the Sno-X season! I’ll be getting my first ride in on Friday!

  3. Stephen Burdick says:

    Will they be in West Yellowstone, MT in January for the sno cross event? I am going to be there, and am hoping they will be too…………..



    I assume you’re referring to the reference to the ‘gorgeous Yamaha snocross girls’!! darn-tootin! 😛 cr

  4. DNR says:

    This just in.

    I want a 2 stroke in my V8 pickup.

    help me out here cr.

  5. DNR says:

    I had to laugh out loud at that last post even though I worked on 2 smoke diesels

  6. manitoban says:

    Not much snow in se manitoba.Went out with 5 doo’s and me in my newly aquired 08nytrofx{was traded in at ski-doo dealer} with 800 km.We hit the trails,with my changed ski’s,and 2 stage clutch kit from Turk-put on 99 miles @ -29 temp.Next day checked with the doo boys-all stiff and used more gas-@oil !Machines all ranged from 05 to 08.Ages from 33 to myself being 50.Used less gas,no oil,no stiffness,and still smiling.Thanks Yamaha for coming through for me and my family!p.s. my 05 Warrior will stay in the family forever!!!!

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