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November 16, 2007

Additional Cash Rebates From Yamaha

No applause please… just throw money!

As you know by now, Yamaha Canada took the initiative last month with cashb.jpga cash rebate for customers purchasing new models – a result of the wild fluctuations of our dollar against the US greenback. Many of you applauded what we were attempting to do even though you said it wasn’t enough to close the gap. Well some more good news, today we’re green lighted to add further dollar support on select product groups and models with ‘instant rebate’ at the time of sale. This will apply to the current programs for ATV’s and Rhino’s.
It appears we are also going to increase the amount of the cash rebates for customers who placed early deposits the first go-round. rebate.jpgThey will get an additional chunk of change back to bring them up to the new program level… the 4 cylinder sleds are going to break into the 4 figure zone! So if you thought you were going to receive 799 bucks you shouldn’t be too disappointed to find out its a grand. There is an additional year of warranty (YPP) to give you a total of two years coverage for in-season buyers (three years if you placed an early deposit in the spring). On that note the sleds have all arrived to cover the early deposit customers and are being shipped now, we’ll have everything to our dealers by Nov. 29th, as promised.
We have also extended the offer to upgrade the handlebars and warmers on any remaining 06 hook-bar sleds. Your dealer has all the details.

Okay enough of the economics for today. I just stumbled across this thread over on Totallyamaha in a remote corner where many of you wouldn’t be hanging out but the conversation certainly stirred my old cross country racing blood. Yeah sno-cross is a spectacle, full-on anaerobic, all or nothing, dash for the flag – But terrain racing has soul and requires a whole other level of spirit, grit and determination.

You guys have my utmost respect 🙂 cheers cr

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11 Responses to “Additional Cash Rebates From Yamaha”

  1. DITCHBANGER says:

    great job of yamaha stepping up again,but i can seem to find any info on what it means for my snow-checked(canada) fx nytro mtx(blue)does this mean 4 yrs of warranty instead of 3?and reabate$$?thnx kevin

    Hey DB, our web-site is not fully updated as we just confirmed the program late Friday, we’ll have it up on Monday. The bulletin has gone out to our dealers on the YDS dealer web-site, maybe check in with your dealer… cheers cr

  2. Yellowknife says:

    More good news. 🙂

  3. DNR says:

    Ah……. was the night before Kelowna’s X country that I lost all my sleep on the floor of a Best Western Motel on Hwy 33. Next day,
    lined up for a hopeful 1st place finish in the stock cross-country class and ended up with 3rd place in the big iron open mod class, ’cause of a PSI pipe on the exhaust.
    Yamaha doesn’t need to give rebates.
    Just ride the mother-‘edit’. lol

    hey cr … love you 😛

    If that’s the race I’m thinking of. I still have your 1st place ‘stock-class’ trophy sitting proudly in my office (and sleep wasn’t the only thing you left on the floor of that cheesy motel!!!) … love ya back 😉 cr

  4. Yellowknife says:

    Yes, I walked in and picked up my new MTX today and received an instant price reduction on the unit. Talk about timing!

  5. Larry D Lagergren says:


    What can I possibly add to that other than, Now You Why I have Riden a YAMAHA since 1969. A company that I’m So Proud of with their Product & Service, Way to go Yamaha Canada!!!

    Again Nothing Short Of Being 1st Class & A Leader.

    Thank You

    ….Larry D Lagergren

  6. Terry says:

    Hey Chris

    I appreciate the cash back being offered, it is a nice gesture and I appreciate it,(although, US customers are getting cash back as well from what I understand so we have not really gained anything as far as pricing) also there is still quite a large difference in accessory prices between US and Canada (i.e. the FX Nytro miirror kit is 40% more expensive in Canada which seems to be the norm with the rest of the accessories). Are there any plans to address this in the near future? …. Thanks

    Hey Terry, we are working on this as inventory turns, for example the Nytro mirrors you refer to are cheaper in Canada than in the USA
    8HBW26280000 MIRROR KIT :SM Canada MSRP 100.05 USA MSRP 115.52.
    The Mirrors for Apex Vector are more… 8CRW26280000 Canada MSRP 121.52 v.s. US MSRP 76.95 as they are a result of our weak dollar.
    We’ll get there – eventually… cheers cr

  7. Don Lucas says:

    My dealer won’t give me all the rebate’s I am entitled to 2007 ER
    Every dealer I have called would give the rebate’s no question’s asked, however not my dealer. I am sorry to say that the joy and excitment is gone, and I wished I did not purchase one of your new 4 strokes.

    Hello Don, I am sorry to hear this. My experience has taught me that often matters such as this can be interpreted in more than one way. Sled Talk is not the best place to find your solution. I would strongly urge you to contact our customer relations department (you’ll find the link ‘customer service’ at the top of the page) have your model serial number (last six digits is fine) ready and explain your situation to them. Often we can mediate given the correct info and a bit of time. Hope things work out for you… cheers cr

  8. al chalanchuk says:

    just want to add that what the banana maker did to stop int’ shopping divides us even more.I would like to see a loyalty rebate for additional parts etc. purchased.e.g. mirrors,bearings,clothing,carbides,yamaha stuff-rather then purchasing after market=thanks

    interesting idea, I’ll pass it along to our guys who write the programs…cr

  9. Don Lucas says:

    I sat down with my dealer, and we hammered things out. I ended up buying a new 07 Apex GT from him. Thanks Yamaha for the additional cash back. You should really show all the instant rebate money’s available on the 07 / 08’s on your web site as it would save alot of confusion.


    Good news indeed Don, I’ll pass your comments along. One thing however, sales programs are written at two basic levels retail and wholesale or customer and dealer if you will. Our dealers use the wholesale programs when working a deal and considering trade-ins, timing, interest due, curtailments etc… we can’t post everything online for all to see any more than we can publish dealer net prices. It is never clearly ‘cut and dry’… I hope you have a great season with your new Apex, drop back and let me know what you think… cheers cr

  10. big50viper says:

    Hi,I was an early deposit customer,today i received my rebate and only got a check for $785.I thought we were also eligible to receive a $1000 rebate. Thanks

    Best be talking to your dealer, you may still qualify for more, depends on the model…

  11. big50viper says:

    Well i bought a Apex Gt 40th and after already talking to my dealer who talked to there rep who DIDN’T have any answers as to why.And can you explain to me what “may still qualify for more” means as in this blog you state”so if you thought you were going to receive 799 bucks you shouldn’t be too disappointed to find out its a grand.What gives?

    heres a link to the current sales program as it is written, I’ll ask for clarification on Monday. If your dealer or DSM cannot answer your questions, they should also be contacting our office (they have direct channels for the 411) last recourse is our customer relations dept. their contact info is on the landing page (top right) of the blog… It appears to me that when you add up all the benefits, the early deposit program customers got the best deal but the program is getting complicated depending on when you purchased and the choices made. cheers cr

    Hey Big50… I checked this morning. Customers who placed an early deposit on the Apex will be receiving an additional rebate check, This added to the first one will bring your total up to 1000 bucks in rebates plus all the other benefits of the EDP program… cheers cr

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